694 Chapter 694: Spirit Beas

    "Hmm? What is it?" Mi Liayi inquired.

    "I want to leave this kingdom. This place is not right for us," Long Chen said as he sat beside her.

    "I can understand. Everyone in this kingdom hates us, but it's impossible to leave. Without money, we can't even leave this city, let alone the Kingdom. Even if we have money and hire a carriage, the people of this kingdom won't let us leave," Mi Liayi said as she sighed.

    "We don't need to worry about them. I have a way. We are leaving tonight after dinner. We will go to a nearby kingdom and live a better life away from all this," Long Chen told her as he patted her shoulder.

    "I-i can't," Mi Liayi shook her head after the initial struggle.

    "Why not?" Long Chen asked her in confusion.

    " Your father. If he ever returns, he can easily find us here, but if we leave, he wouldn't be able to find us," Mi Liayi let out as she sighed.

    "But he..." Long Chen was about to blurt out that the man she's waiting for is already dead, but he stopped himself before he could say anything that couldn't be taken back.

    "Don't worry. He will know where we are if he ever comes here. I made sure of that. We're leaving this place tonight, though," he said, trying to convince her to leave.

    " W-why do you look in such a hurry? Did something happen? Did someone find out that you killed the people?" Mi Liayi asked with a concerned look on her face as she stood up.

    Long Chen heard her words and realized that it was an excellent opportunity. He could use this as an excuse.

    "Ah, yes. That's exactly it. Today, I went to the city and found out that some people were looking for the missing people. It won't be long before they reach this place. We must leave tonight," He told Mi Liayi.

    "But how? There are guards in the entry and exit of the city. We need a lot of money for this, and even if we had money, it's almost impossible to find a carriage driver who would be willing to take us. How about... We stay here? I'll take the blame for killing those people if anyone finds us?" Mi Liayi said as she stepped forward and placed her hand on Long Chen's head.

    " You don't need to do that. As for leaving, I have a way for that. I managed to get a Spirit Beast Summoning Flute. It can summon a Spirit Eagle to take us away. In less than no time, well be out of the city," Long Chen told her, trying to calm her worries.

    "Let's eat first, though. I'm getting really hungry. We can start our journey after we finish eating," he added as he smiled.


    Two hours passed away in the blink of an eye. Long Chen and Mi Liayi had finished the dinner, and they even packed the stuff from the house that they needed to take.

    Both of them left the hut and arrived under the bright moonlight.

    Long Chen pulled out the Beast Summoning Flute that was given to him by Vermilion and played it. He played a random tune since he didn't have anything specific.

    As Long Chen played the flute, nothing happened. Even after five minutes, nothing happened.

    He was expecting a Summoning Portal to appear in front of him where the Spirit Eagle was to come out, but it didn't happen.

    "What's wrong with this thing?" He muttered as he looked at the flow weirdly.

    Just as Long Chen was looking at the flute, wondering if this thing was broken, he heard a screeching sound coming from the distance.

    He looked to the side and saw a Fifteen feet long eagle flying towards him. Each of the wings of the eagle was around ten feet long.

    " Ah, so that's the Summoning. It doesn't actually summon the eagle, but it calls a Spirit Eagle from the surroundings," Long Chen muttered as he watched the Spirit Eagle landing in front of him.

    "Let's go," He said as he caught the hand of Mi Liayi and walked on top of the Spirit Eagle.

    The Spirit Eagle started high into the air as it flew away. The wings of the eagle flapped against the wind, pushing it forward.

    Long Chen opened the scroll that had the map and directed the Spirit Eagle accordingly.


    Somewhere inside the city, a man was sitting inside a room, looking at a piece of paper. He folded the paper as he sighed.

    " He must've heard everything by now. I hope he understood and left already. Should I go check once to make sure?" He muttered as he started frowning.

    The man ultimately couldn't take it anymore as he stood up. He started walking towards the exit, but as he opened the door to leave, his frown deepened.

    "What are you doing here?" the man said as he looked at another man standing outside the door. It was a red-haired man.

    The man looked like he was in his early 40s. There was an aura of ruthlessness around the man.

    " Why? Are we not invited to the house of Master Vermillion?" the red-haired man asked Vermillion as he smiled.

    " You're the General of the Royal Army. You can come, but you never come without any reason. Did the Royal Tutor send you?" Vermilion inquired as he turned back and walked back to his seat.

    "Yes. Royal Tutor sent me to talk to you and something," the red-haired man said as he entered the room, closing the door behind him.

    "I want to talk to you about our defense formation on the northern border and how we could improve it. The Royal Tutor said that I should consult you," the Red-haired man told Vermilion.

    "The Royal Tutor sent you here for something so minor? This doesn't make sense," Vermilion let out as his frown deepened.

    "Hahaha, you know that Royal Tutor takes even minor things seriously. That's nothing wrong here. Anyway, back to the topic, Right now we have this formation, but we want to make some changes," the red-haired man known as General Wal said as he unfolded the map of the southern border.


    Far away from that mansion, a few people had appeared outside the small hut of Mi Liayi and Long Chen. They had surrounded it.

    They were dressed in entire black clothes. Even their faces were covered in masks that made them blend with the darkness. They seemed to be blending with the night.
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