695 Chapter 695: Royal Tutors Orders

    "Master Wal said that we need to be swift. Kill the woman and take the kid with us. It's really important. Nothing should go wrong, or he would kill us all," one of the masked men said as he pulled out his sword.


    There were around ten men around the place where Long Chen was staying with Mi Liayi.

    Even though the place was already empty now, the men had no idea about it. They moved towards the hut and stopped before the door.

    "I'll break the door; you guys barge inside. Catch the kid and kill the woman. I'm giving you two minutes for doing it and leaving. Master Wal said that if we delay too much, someone might come to help them. Be fast," The man in the lead told the others as he stared at the door.

    He kicked the door open. The others barged inside the small hut.

    The inside of the hut was very small, so the man didn't have a hard time searching inside. They came out after checking the surroundings.

    "Where's the boy?" the leader asked the others.

    "There's no boy there. This whole place is empty," the men replied as they shook their heads.

    "What?" The masked leader pushed the others to the side as he barged inside. He looked around and realized that his men were right. The entire place was completely empty.

    " How is that possible? It's after midnight. Those people should be inside sleeping. Where did they run off too?" the leader muttered as he frowned.

    "Send a communication to Master Wal. Tell him that the boy and his mother are not inside," he told his men as he sighed. "I'll look for clues."

    While one of the ten people tried to contact General Wal, who was keeping Vermilion occupied, the others were searching around for clues.

    " Here! I found something," one of the men called out suddenly. The orders ran up to him.

    "What did you find?" The leader asked the man as he reached there.

    "Look at the footsteps," the man told their leader as he pointed towards the ground.

    The leader of the masked people looked down at the ground and noticed the footsteps of the beast.

    "These peculiar marks... These are the marks of the claws of the Spirit Eagle. How did it get here?" the man muttered as he frowned. "These marks look fresh too. The Spirit Eagle landed here not more than an hour ago," the man muttered as he touched the footprints on the ground.

    "The main question is, how did two people like them that lived in such a bad way get a Spirit Eagle? They shouldn't be strong enough to catch one, and I don't think they have enough money to buy one. Someone definitely helped them. Tell Master Wal that as well. I'll go chase after them," he said as he stood up and looked in the direction Long Chen had gone in.

    Surprisingly, just from the footprints of the Spirit Eagle, he has managed to recognize the direction it flew in.


    Vermilion was discussing something with General Wal when the ring in General Wal's fingers started shining.

    "Excuse me for a moment. It seems like something urgent," General Wal let out as he smiled.

    He gazed at the ring on his finger and closed his eyes.

    After staying silent for a few minutes, he opened his eyes. He started staring at Vermilion.

    "What happened?" Vermilion inquired as he frowned. He could feel something was wrong from Wal's expressions.

    "You arranged a Spirit Eagle for them, didn't you?" General Wal asked with an interested smile on his face.


    Vermilion was surprised as he heard this. He finally understood what was happening.

    'So he already started moving. Why is he in such a hurry? From Wal's expressions, it seems like they managed to escape successfully and even used the Spirit Eagle like I suggested,' Vermillion thought.

    "You know what I'm talking about. I had the orders of bringing the boy and his mother to his highness, but my men are trying me that they escaped on a Spirit Eagle. It's clear that you helped them. You're the only one that is close enough to them to help them," Wal said as he sighed.

    " Seriously, though. If you think that they can leave this kingdom, then you're wrong. A Spirit Eagle is fast, but it's not fast enough," General Wal said as he stood up and started waiting towards the exit.

    Vermilion moved and appeared in front of the door, blocking his path.

    "What's the hurry to leave? Weren't you here to discuss the formation of Royal Tutor's orders? You can't leave now. That would be like failing to follow Royal Tutor's commands. I can't let anyone do that in front of me," Vermilion said with an amused smile on his face.

    " You know what's happening here. I was just here to keep you busy so that you don't pull any trick, but now I don't need to worry. That boy ran away with his mother. Now he's a criminal that broke the law. I don't need to be sneaky anymore. I have enough reaction to catch them and to break them," General Wal said as he glared at Vermilion.

    A strange, suffocating aura appeared around Vermillion.

    " That's not going to scare me, Vermilion. I know you won't touch me. You care about her too much. If you touch me, you know what will happen," General Wal said as he placed his hand on Vermilion's shoulders.

    Vermilion couldn't help but clench his teeth, but he didn't do anything else. He watched Vermilion walk past him.

    "I wanted it to be over easily without you finding out anything. That's why I came here to keep you company, but now that's impossible. Whatever, it doesn't matter anymore. I'm leaving my men outside your mansion, though. It would be best if you stayed inside this Mansion until I caught them. If you tried to leave... I don't think I need to explain," General Wal chuckled as he left the place.

    Vermilion Was left standing behind, with his fists clenched hard.

    He turned back and faced the wall, punching it hard in his frustration.

    After getting his anger out on the wall for quite some time, he walked back to the seat and sat down.


    The border security of the city was pretty lax. The guards only guarded the ground and the people coming inside the city through air. They didn't even check the people that were leaving the city through the air since anyone from the city that has enough wealth to afford a flying beast and wanted to leave was allowed to leave.
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