696 Chapter 696: War of the Wind

    It was only different for the ones that let the city in carriages as they were checked.

    The guards on the border of the city watched a Spirit Eagle flying out of the city, but they didn't even bother to check. If they had checked, they would have found Long Chen and Mi Liayi flying away on the Spirit Eagle.

    After some time, a few more flying beasts came to the same place.

    The guards that were guarding the place were surprised as they watched nine flying beasts coming towards them.

    "Strange. So many rich people are leaving this city tonight," the Boundary Guards muttered as they watched the flying beasts. They were thinking that the beasts would leave straight away, but the beasts didn't. Instead, they came in their direction.

    All the guards stood up.

    Nine Beasts landed before the boundary guards, and nine men stepped down from the beasts.

    "Did you see a Spirit Eagle pass through this place?" the leader of the nine men asked the guards.

    "Ah, yeah. That beast went in that direction around twenty minutes ago," one of the guards let out as he pointed towards a certain direction.

    " So, I was right. There's Twenty minutes ahead of us. We should be able to catch them pretty soon," the leader of the nine men muttered as he climbed his flying beast again.

    All nine of the flying beasts continued flying in the direction Long Chen went in.


    Long Chen had left the city on his Spirit Eagle while Mi Liayi sat behind him. He had placed the map back in his clothes as he had already memorized most of the map.

    He sat comfortably as he felt the wing brush against his cheeks. He had no awareness about the fact that a group of people was trying to get to him.

    He looked back at Mi Liayi, who was sitting with her hands wrapped around her knees.

    "Don't worry, mother. We will be there in no time. According to my estimates, we would be out of this Kingdom in just two weeks," Long Chen told Mi Liayi as he glanced back at her.

    Mi Liayi nodded her head.

    "Can I ask you something?" Mi Liayi asked Long Chen.

    "Yeah, you can ask me anything," Long Chen replied with an innocent smile on her face.

    " Where did you get this Spirit Eagle from? That Beast Summoning Flute, not many people have something like this. Only the High ranking soldiers and other High Ranking officials have something like this. How did you get this?" Mi Liayi asked Long Chen. She didn't sound suspicious, but she seemed curious and sad.

    "This was given to me by someone as a gift," Long Chen replied.

    "Who gave you such an expensive gift? And why?" Mi Liayi inquired as she sighed.

    " Someone close to father. That person said that he was apologetic for not being able to help us and that they still believe that father was innocent. They gave me this Flute to use for travel in case I ever need to leave the Kingdom," Long Chen said as he smiled innocently.

    " His friend? Which friend?" Mi Liayi asked again.

    " You'll meet them later, most probably. They'll come to meet us when we get outside safely," Long Chen said, lying a little in between.

    Mi Liayi tried to ask again, but Long Chen once again changed the topic as he started diverting her mind by talking about the place they were going to.

    "And that kingdom had never been at war with any big kingdoms. We can have a peaceful and normal life there where no one would judge us-a normal and honest life. Soon, we will be out of this prison," he told her, looking a bit emotional.

    Mi Liayi forgot the question she was about to ask as she saw her son sad. She hugged Long Chen firmly.

    Long Chen hugged her back as he rested his head on her shoulders, but as he looked behind her, he was stunned to see a bunch of flying beasts chasing after them.

    'Fuck, why are they chasing after us,' Long Chen thought as he released Mi Liayi.

    "Stop right there, you traitorous family! You have broken the laws of this Kingdom by leaving this city without the permission of His Majesty! That's a big enough crime to arrest you! Stop right there if you don't want to be killed! We will follow the legal process and follow you before his Majesty for your punishment," the leader of 9 let out loud. His voice was loud enough to reach Long Chen and Mi Liayi.

    'How can they find us so fast? Do they even know who we are? There's definitely not the city guards. The city guards didn't see who was on the Spirit Eagle! These people are specifically looking after us as if they knew we were going to leave tonight! Did Vermilion scheme against me? To use this as an excuse to punish the family of Demon in front of the whole city?!'

    A deep frown appeared on Long Chen's face as he found it suspicious that these people found him so easily and so soon. This felt like a big scheme.

    " They... I had a feeling. That person who gave you that flute, he certainly had a scheme. If he were your father's friend, he would have helped us long ago. Stop the beast. Let's get down. You don't say anything. Give me that flute as well. I was the one that used the flute and forced you to come with me. They wouldn't punish you," Mi Liayi said as she stood up.

    She pulled out the Flute from Long Chen and stood in front of him. "Get the Eagle Down," she said.

    "Sigh, why is your first thought to always sacrifice yourself. Have faith in me, just for a little bit. I know what I'm doing," Long Chen said as he tapped on her shoulders.

    He walked before her and stood casually as he watched the enemies get close.

    "Mother, you know the most dangerous thing about flying is?" He asked Mi Liayi.

    He didn't wait for her answer, though. He answered, instead.

    "The fall. The higher you are, the more you fall. It's similar about the battles in the air. You not only fight the enemy, but you fight the height as well," Long Chen said as he smiled.

    "Now, Just imagine, what if the beast they're flying on dies suddenly. What do you think will happen then?" He inquired without looking back.

    "T-they will fall. Do you mean?" Mi Liayi was stunned as she understood his meaning.
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