697 Chapter 697: Caugh

    "Are you going to use your War Spirit? No! Absolutely not! Those people are professionally experienced Spirit Warriors! If you attack them, there is no going back! I can still take the blame and prove you innocent, but if you do it, there's no excusing it! I won't let you attack them!" Mi Liayi told Long Chen as she refused to allow him.

    "I'm sorry, but I can't wait for your permission this time. There's more at stake than what I think. For your, and for me," Long Chen muttered, shaking his head.

    He looked back and noticed that the people following him were already in the hundred meters range of Long Chen.

    "We are getting down! We surrender!" Long Chen shouted as he looked back at the people in the lead, chasing after him.

    "Hah, he's really a kid. Just a threat, and he got scared. Whatever, it only makes it easier for us. I'll take the kid with me and others will bring the mother. They can kill her along the way. It's a done mission," the leader of the masked men muttered as he grinned.

    "Good decision! Lower the Spirit Eagle and get down from it!" he told Long Chen.

    Long Chen could see that the man had lowered his defenses as he was assured that Long Chen had surrendered.

    While the man was being complacent, he saw Long Chen disappearing from right before his eyes.

    While the man wondered what just happened, he heard a scream from behind him. He turned back to the direction where that Voice came from, only to find one of his men screaming as he fell down. His flying beast was also falling down. The only difference was that the flying beast didn't have a head now. His head was falling down some distance away.

    "Confused about what happened behind you? You should be more concerned about yourself first!"

    While the man was looking behind him, he heard a voice. He looked towards the head of his flying beast and saw Long Chen standing there. Long Chen had a sword in his hand, which he had purchased from a shop of the city while he was in disguise.

    "Ask that question to the devil when you meet him in hell," Long Chen let out as he swung his sword with all his strength, cutting the neck of the beast.

    The flying beast started falling down as well after it died instantly when it's head was cut off. The leader who was standing on top of the beast lost his balance as he started falling down as well. He reached out his hand to catch a Long Chen. He knew that he was able to do it, but he wanted to take Long Chen down with him.

    Unfortunately, before he could even touch Long Chen, Long Chen disappeared again.

    "I'll kill you!" the man's screen echoed in the surroundings as he fell down.

    Long Chen's assault didn't end with that. He kept doing the same trick again and again. While the Spirit Warriors were looking in one direction, he appeared in another and killed their beasts. He didn't want to didn't Spirit Warriors; instead he chose the shortest way out. He used his surroundings to his advantage.

    As they were at a height, he used that against them. Without their beasts, it was easy to kill them. Just the fall enough would be deadly for them. Killing a few beasts that didn't have any fighting prowess was better than fighting the Spirit Warrior in his eyes.

    In no time, he had killed eight of the beasts. He appeared on the ninth flying beast as well and killed it. The ninth beast started falling down the ground with the man Spirit Warrior as well.

    Long Chen Teleported back on his Spirit Eagle. He stretched his arms as he smiled at how easy it was when a shocked look appeared on his face as he heard a screeching sound nearby.

    He instantly looked back only to see a sword being stabbed on the Spirit Eagle's neck. The sword was only lightly pierced, so the Spirit Eagle wasn't killed. It was in pain, but it didn't stop flying b

    There was a man standing in front of Long Chen, who had his hand on the sword. If the man had thrust a sword even a little more, the Spirit Eagle might have died instantly.

    The man was none other than the leader of the nine people that were chasing after him.

    "I can use the same trick too, can't I?" the man said to Long Chen.

    "Just a little more force, and this beast will be dead. You will die the same way you killed my men," he added as a crazy grin formed on his face.

    " Honestly though, did you really think that you can kill a person with a Flying War Spirit using this cheap trick? Unfortunately, my men didn't have a Flying Type War Spirit," he sighed as he shook his head.

    Long Chen didn't move so as to annoy the man. He didn't want the Spirit Eagle to die or their two weeks of travels were going to become months of travel; that too would be filled with difficulties as they would need to pass through checkpoints of various cities.

    "What do you want?" Long Chen asked the man as he frowned.

    "You killed Eight Spirit Warriors of this Kingdom. You're a traitor like your father was, aren't you? I would have killed you if I wasn't told to bring you back alive. I'm going to turn this beast back, and we will go to the Royal City. His Majesty will give you your punishment," The man said as he made the beast change its direction.

    "You for that power you used to appear out of thin air, I guess it must be because of some War Spirit that you woke up. Let me tell you right now, if you use that power again, I'll thrust Mr sword inside. He won't have any place to stand on. Even if you can survive, your mother will definitely die," he added.

    "I won't do anything to you. I'm ready to be taken back and get my Punishment," Long Chen replied in a grim tone.

    "Good boy. I will tell His Majesty that even though you killed our Spirit Warriors, you behaved well after that. He would be lenient in your punishment," the man said as he nodded his head with a complacent look on his face, but his face turned pale as he felt a terrible pain in his arms.
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