698 Chapter 698: Not Tha

    He looked to his side and saw that the arm which was holding his sword was cut off.

    "You get complacent too fast," the man heard a voice from nearby.

    He could see Long Chen standing at some distance, but the voice appeared as if he was standing just nearby.

    That was exactly what was happening. Long Chen had used his Law of Illusion to make the man see the illusion of him surrendering and standing still while, in reality, he walked near the man casually.

    The first thing he did was cut the hand of the man so he couldn't kill the Spirit Eagle. Then he pulled out the sword.

    The man was screaming in pain as his hand was cut off, but he was also looking around, wondering who hurt him. Long Chen was standing away. He didn't even move, so he cut his hand.

    " You don't have to look around too much. Your death is standing right before you," Long Chen said as he stopped the illusion.

    The man saw the Long Chen, who was standing at some distance, turn into a shadow and a sword flashing right before his eyes. His head was separated from his body.

    "This Law of Illusion is still so effective. It's really versatile," Long Chen muttered as he smiled.

    He kicked the body of the man down from the beast along with his head.

    He had the Spirit Eagle change its direction again so that it was flying in the right direction towards their destination.

    Long Chen turned back only to find a shivering Mi Liayi.

    He walked towards her and hugged her firmly.

    "Everything's fine," he said as he patted her back gently.


    The City Guards had seen ten people leave the city of their flying beasts running and they were surprised, thinking what was happening today.

    They wondered if something big was taking place tonight. Nothing happened for the next twenty minutes, and they again started getting loose.

    They talked amongst themselves, but that's when one of the men pointed towards the back.

    "Stand up! Look there!" The guard said with a stunned look on his face.

    The others also looked back to see what he was so shocked about.

    As the others saw it, their mouths opened success as well.

    They saw around fifty flying beasts coming in their direction from inside the city.

    "Wait! Isn't that the Dark Shadow Bird?! That's the beast of General Wal!"

    "That's right! That's his beast! The others are from his army as well! This is General Wal's entourage! Everyone, get alert!"

    The guards instantly got alert as they started performing their duty with even more determination.

    Fortunately, the entourage of General Wal didn't stop there and left the city.


    Long Chen was flying on the Spirit Eagle, and after some thinking, he had decided to change the path he was taking.

    He was starting to believe that Vermilion had schemed against him. It was not good to have Vermilion know where they actually were going. He had also left a trail of bodies behind, and the others could catch up to him in no time. The distance was of 14 days after all.

    He decided to go in a different direction. The trail of Bodies might lead the others towards the place he was going to, and Vermillion was a big factor as well, but that's what he wanted now. While others went in the direction they thought he was going in; he would go the other way.

    He made his Spirit Eagle turn to the left and continue flying.

    "There should be the Kingdom of Sunai in that direction. That should be a better place to infiltrate for now. It also plays right into my plan of creating a War between the Kingdom of Aksha and the Kingdom of Sunai. I can perform better in enemy territory," Long Chen muttered as he gazed at the map towards the border between the Aksha Kingdom and the Sunai Kingdom. He knew that it wasn't going to be easy to sneak inside that Kingdom, but once he did, he would have a much easier time.

    Also, the ones that were following him would surely think that he would go to a peaceful kingdom looking at the direction he left in. By the time they realized that Long Chen wasn't going in that direction, it would be too late for them to catch him.


    A week passed away in the blink of an Eye. The Spirit Eagle kept flying continuously. Surprisingly, it didn't need rest or food.

    Long Chen didn't know about it, so he was told by Mi Liayi that the Spirit Eagles don't eat food. They received their energy from the moonlight every night, and they could continuously fly.

    That was better for Long Chen, and it made him happier since he didn't have to take the risk of stopping midway to give the beast any rest.

    Also, he could feel that his plan had worked. It had been seven days already, and no one had managed to catch up to him. He was having a very relaxed journey.

    He even cultivated during most of the journey, which surprised Mi Liayi once again, who didn't know that Long Chen was a Cultivator.

    She was amazed to know that Long Chen was a Spirit Warrior as well as a Cultivator. What she didn't realize was that Long Chen wasn't a Spirit Warrior yet. He was only a Cultivator; it's just that his knowledge about cultivation was much better than the knowledge of cultivation that was spread in this World.

    Also, he wasn't able to just powers because of his War Spirit but because of his Law Seeds.

    During these seven days of cultivation, not only had he broken through to the Spirit Establishment Realm, but he had also jumped three more stages.

    Just in seven days of cultivation, he had become a Fourth Stage Spirit Establishment Realm Cultivator.

    ' Cultivating smaller realms once again after cultivating them before seems like a child's play. This body is also specially made for faster cultivation. I was getting worried for nothing. If I maintained this speed, I would be able to kill people left and right in this world, worrying about anything. I can also use my Skills since I can store Qi inside my body,' he thought as he smiled.

    'It doesn't matter that this body has a useless Purple Mist War Spirit. I can finish this trial even without waking it up. As a Cultivator, I don't put my focus on Cultivation. This world's people are stupid to think that Cultivators are weak just because they didn't have the necessary knowledge about what an actual cultivator can do,' He thought as he stretched his arms and yawned.
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