699 Chapter 699: Tian Shens Defea

    "Don't underestimate Spirit Warriors. He made the same mistake," Xun chimed in as she sighed.

    "What do you mean? Are you talking about Tian Shen? Did he lose to a Spirit Warrior in this world?" Long Chen let out as he grinned. "This is interesting. Someone that sounds like an invincible person when you talk about them was defeated here?"

    "Yes, he was defeated, and no, he wasn't defeated," Xun replied as she sighed.

    "As for being invincible, No one is invincible," she added.

    "What do you mean by saying that he was defeated yet he wasn't? Was it a draw when he fought someone here?" Long Chen inquired.

    "He was kind of arrogant like you in some situations. He fought a Spirit Warrior of this world. The battle seemed like it was going to be a hard draw for Tian Shen."

    "Even though he didn't use his Treasures or his Laws in this battle, Tian Shen was still surprised that someone was able to get close to a draw with him.  Unfortunately, that was when the battle was interrupted by someone sneak attacking Tian Shen's opponent. Tian Shen killed the person that interrupted his battle, but he couldn't save the Spirit Warrior he was fighting with," Xun told Long Chen.

    Tian Shen took it as his defeat since the battle was already a draw in his eyes and a draw was a defeat for him," She added.

    " A draw as a defeat, interesting. I should have the same mentality," Long Chen muttered jokingly.

    "Oh, right, that reminds me. It must be in this world as well," Xun let out suddenly.

    "It? What is it?" Long Chen inquired in surprise.

    "The Phoenix Blood Armor," Xun said.

    "Phoenix Blood Armor? Sounds like a Treasure," Long Chen responded.

    " Yeah, it's a really powerful defensive artifact. You would be a lot stronger if you can get your hands on it. At that time, Tian Shen owned this Armor. After he watched his opponent die, after drawing with him, he gave his Armor to the man's wife. It was a long time ago, so I don't know where that Armor would be now, but it shouldn't be much weaker than a Saint Grade Artifact," Xun muttered as she nodded her head.

    "A Saint Grade Artifact? Isn't that one grade higher than Heaven Grade? Are you saying that he was only a Saint Realm Cultivator when he sneaked inside this planet that was sealed by the Emperor of Heavens? And still, a person from this world managed to draw with him? What the heck! If this works had Spirit Warriors who are as strong as real Saint Realm Cultivators?! Just what is the difficulty level of this Third Freaking Trial!" Long Chen let out in annoyance as he looked at Xun.

    "No, he wasn't a Saint Realm Cultivator at that time. He was only an Earth Realm Cultivator," Xun said, shaking her head.

    As Long Chen heard her words, his mind went blank. He looked at Xun with a blank look on her face.

    "Earth Realm? You mean to say that he was weaker than I was back home when he was traveling between worlds and sneaking inside sealed planets? Also, while being an Earth Realm Cultivator, he had Saint Realm weapons while I only have Earth Grade Weapons?" Long Chen let out in frustration.

    "What's so shocking about it. If you managed to find the Sword of Time, you'd have a God Grade Weapon while being only a Sky Realm cultivator," Xun told Long Chen as she smiled. "It's all about luck and the adventure."

    "Sigh, I can only hope to find the Sword of Time. Even he wasn't able to find it. As for the Phoenix Blood Armor, even you don't know where it is, let alone being able to find it. I guess luck is indeed important," Long Chen muttered as he sighed.


    While Long Chen was going towards the Kingdom of Sunai, Generally Wal was going in an entirely different direction.

    He was flying in the direction where Long Chen was last seen going towards, but he didn't know that Long Chen had already changed his direction along with his destination.

    He flew for seven days straight, but he still didn't catch up to Long Chen.

    "Where is he? His Spirit Eagle should be this fast. No matter how fast it was, I should've been able to catch up to it in seven days. Are they not flying? I thought they would leave the Kingdom, but did they change their plan to leave? That could be it. After seeing that they were being trailed, they probably decided to get down and hide in some city without the kingdom along the way. Those clever Bastards!" General Wal muttered as he frowned.

    He looked towards his ring and touched it. He closed his eyes and sent the command to all city leaders to comb through the city to find Long Chen and Mi Liayi.


    Another seven days passed away in the blink of an eye. While all the cities were being searched entirely, Long Chen had no idea about it.

    Since the Spirit Eagle didn't need food or rest, they didn't need to stop. As for the food, they already brought plenty of food; still, whenever they saw fruit trees along the way, they picked some fruits for the journey.

    During the last fourteen days, Long Chen didn't pass through even a single city. He had an accurate map of the entire Kingdom, which helped him avoid the cities while still traveling at full speed.

    "We're here; looking at our speed, we should be able to cross the border in three more days," Long Chen muttered as he looked at the map with Mi Liayi.

    "Ah, are you certain that we should enter the Kingdom of Sunai? If anyone finds out, they will say that we were actually traitors and went to the enemy Kingdom," Mi Liayi let out as she sighed.

    "Who cares what those idiots think," Long Chen replied casually, shaking his head.

    "Ah, right," Mi Liayi mumbled as she nodded her head. She still wasn't able to wrap her head around everything. It all seemed like a dream.

    During the last seven days, Long Chen had even more breakthroughs. He had jumped three more minor realms to become a Peak Seventh Stage Spirit Establishment Realm Cultivator. He was just a single step away from the Eighth step.

    'Tonight, I should be able to Breakthrough. The Cultivation speed is just as I expected. No wonder people from rich cultivation families in higher realms are able to become Earth Realm Cultivators at such a young age. '
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