700 Chapter 700: Vacation

    'They have knowledge and resources. Cultivation can be so easy when you don't have to do everything from scratch without any experience or help,' he thought as he sighed while thinking about how little from his hometown was considered a genius if they break through to the Spirit Establishment Realm in five years. In contrast, most people in the Empires achieved the same Breakthrough in less than two years. It was all about the help, resources, and talent.

    Even though he didn't have resources here, he had help in the form of his experience and talent in the form of his new body specially made for cultivation.


    Long Chen flew throughout the night and day with Mi Liayi. Most of his time was spent in Cultivation, while the rest of his time was spent in talking to Mi Liayi and Xun occasionally.

    Days turned to night, and nights turned to days as three more days passed away.

    After these three more days of travel, he had managed to reach the Southern Border of the Kingdom of Aksha. It was the place where the Kingdom of Aksha and the Kingdom of Sunai shared their border. It was also the place where the last great war had taken place.

    It was also the place which played an important role. This was the place where the supposed betrayal happened.

    Long Chen hadn't stopped in any town along the way, but he decided to stop at the border town as he wanted to know the situation ahead. The Kingdom of Sunai and the Kingdom of Aksha shared borders. Even though the Kingdom of Aksha was defeated in the last war, the Kingdom of Sunai still wouldn't decrease the guarding of their borders. It was obvious.

    The problem was that it wasn't easy to enter a different Kingdom that was the strongest Kingdom of this world.

    Long Chen didn't want to enter that place without knowing anything. The map had information about the kingdom that Vermilion wanted them to go to. Still, other than the location of Sunai Kingdom, it didn't have any important information about their defense.

    He thought about stopping in the border town and collect some information. There was no way people so far away from the Royal Capital would know the face of his or his mother, but he still had to be careful.

    Even though he had almost made up his mind, he still couldn't help but second guess his decision.

    "Should I really stop here to get some information or take the risk of just barging inside? I should be able to take care of myself, but she would be in trouble. I need to know. Information is important since I'm not alone," He muttered as he finally decided to come down.

    "Keep your face covered at all the time. Don't let anyone see your face," he told Mi Liayi as he started lowering the Spirit Eagle near the border town.

    The guards of the Border Town saw a Spirit Beast flying towards them. The leader of the Town's guards flew up on his flying beast to intercept Long Chen.

    "May I ask who you are and what you're here for?" the Leader of the guards asked Long Chen respectfully.

    "We are from the Greili City. We came here on holiday to get the experience of staying in a border town. This is my mother, Li Ganli, and I'm Li Man," Long Chen said as he smiled.

    'Ah, coming so far away on vacation. They can afford a Spirit Eagle, so they must not lack money or authority in that city. No every they could even think about coming so far away on vacation,' The leader thought as he looked at Long Chen.

    "It's good to meet the two of you. I'm Gan Manxiang. I'm the leader of Border Town Guards. I would like to welcome you to our small town. Still, if I may ask, why did you choose to come to this place? You know that it's the border with the Sunai Kingdom. It's a dangerous place," Gan Manxiang told Long Chen with a curious look on his face.

    "What's dangerous about this place? There's no war going on. Also, it's a special place because the last great war was mainly fought here. We wanted to experience the place where such dark history was made," Long Chen muttered as he sighed.

    "Yes. Dark History indeed. All because of that treacherous bastard Demon! If he hadn't betrayed us, we could have won," Gan Manxiang let out in an upset tone.

    Hearing his words, Mi Liayi clenched her fist.

    "Anyway, the past has already passed. We can only learn from it and move on. Our Kingdom has done great in the last ten years. We have regained our strength and gotten over the losses. That's why the Sunai Kingdom is getting restless too. They're probably worried about our growth despite our losses. That's why they had increased their efforts to mess around with us. That's why this place might not be the safest for you now," Gan Manxiang told Long Chen.

    "You can still stay here if you want. We have guards protecting this city, but still, if you were to listen to me, finding a different City might be better," He added.

    'Oh? This is already happening? All I need is a little fuse, and another great war will start. I just have to time things perfectly,' Long Chen thought as he looked at Gan Manxiang.

    "Oh? The Sunai Kingdom is getting active? Don't worry. We have full faith in the brave guards of this town. I'm sure you'll keep this city safe. We won't run away," he said with an innocent smile on his face.

    "If you say so. You can enter the city. You see that small building in the center? That's the small hotel in this town. You would be able to get a place there," Gan Manxiang told Long Chen as he pointed towards a certain building in the town.

    "Ah, right. Thanks for the help."

    Long Chen thanked the guy before he started flying towards the border town on his Spirit Eagle.

    Gan Manxiang followed behind, only separating after both of them entered the town.

    He also got down and went back to his station on his duty.

    Long Chen landed his Spirit Eagle near the small hotel that was suggested to him by Gan Manxiang.

    As he got off the Spirit Eagle, he made it leave. He still had the Summoning Flute, which he could use to summon the Spirit Eagle once again.
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