701 Chapter 701: Banished Prince

    He held Mi Liayi's hand and entered the small hotel, which was called Muwin Palace. The hotel was very normal and looked more like a restaurant than a hotel. The entire bottom floor was like a restaurant with wooden tables and plates on them; unfortunately, there were no customers there.

    He walked to the reception.

    "We would like to have one room for my mother and me," he told the receptionist. He was suspicious if it was actually a hotel after looking around, but he chose to trust the leader of the guards on this

    "Oh, one room? Little Master, a standard room only has one bed. Should I get you a double room? It's a slightly bigger room where two beds will be arranged inside for you and your mother? There's enough space, and it would only cost you a little more," The young receptionist told Long Chen.

    'I don't need an extra bed since I can cultivate on the ground all night, but that might seem suspicious. Might as well spend a little more,' Long Chen thought at the suggestion as he nodded his head.

    "How much would it cost?" he asked the receptionist, wondering if he could afford it. He only had a few bronze coins left.

    "It would cost you one bronze coin for five days of stay for a single room, and the one I suggested will cost you one bronze coin for three days of stay," the receptionist told Long Chen.

    "Alright. We'll take that," Long Chen nodded his head as he gave the bronze coin to the reception. It was affordable for him.

    "Nice. Please take a seat there while I get your room arranged," the male receptionist told Long Chen and Mi Liayi to wait on the seats nearby before he started talking to one of the servants nearby.

    Long Chen walked over and made Mi Liayi sit down, but he didn't. He kept walking back and forth as he gave his body some exercise. He felt like he was getting stiff for sitting on the Spirit Eagle for weeks.

    While Long Chen was walking, he saw a young man come down the stairs. The man was wearing very ordinary clothes, but there was an extraordinary aura surrounding the man that made him seem special.

    The Man seemed like he was in his mid-twenties. His long blonde hair was tied to a ponytail.

    "Ah, Prince Hu, are you leaving for your walk?" The Receptionist asked the young man.

    "Yes," the young man replied with a smile.

    "Have a great day, Your Highness," The receptionist told the young man.

    "You too, Lai," the young man said to the receptionist with a gentle smile on his face before he left.

    Long Chen watched the young man leave the establishment as he frowned. The conversation he heard between them made him realize something. The receptionist called him Prince.

    He walked over to the receptionist.

    "Ah, who was the man that just left?" Long Chen asked the receptionist. The Receptionist had called the man prince, which made him wonder if the man was a Prince of Aksha Kingdom. If that was the case, then he could certainly use that information to his advantage. There was only one Prince that could come so far and live like such an ordinary person, after all, the banished Prince.

    "You don't know him? He's the Eldest Prince Liang Hu," the receptionist informed Long Chen.

    "The Prince who was banished for attempting an assassination on his brothers? Wasn't he sent to the northern border as the General in the form of punishment? What is he doing in the southern border?" Long Chen inquired with a curious look on his face.

    "Hey! Shh! Don't talk like that. You'd be in trouble if anyone heard you. No one believes that he could've done something like this. He was definitely framed by someone. Prince Hu is a really nice man. He helps everyone in this town and protects us as the General of the Army. Also, you are right. He was sent to the North Border, but he was shifted here after the Sunai Kingdom started getting active," the receptionist told Long Chen.

    "Oh? Thanks for the information," Long Chen said as he smiled before he walked back.

    ' I was planning to meet the banished Prince in the North Border. Who knew that he would be here,' he thought as he sat beside Mi Liayi with his hand on his chin.

    Long Chen sat on the seat beside Mi Liayi, waiting for his room to get ready while he thought about the information he had just received.

    The Eldest Prince was schemed against by his own family. He was also banished to the border of the kingdom as a mere General. Not only did he have no hopes of becoming a Prince, but he also had no hopes of living a peaceful life as he was destined to spend most of his life at the edge as a General.

    Strangely enough, Long Chen didn't feel like Prince Hu was filled with hate, though.  The Eldest Prince seemed like he was at peace with himself and not at all distressed about being banished. He couldn't feel any unwillingness or anger.

    ' Maybe it's because it has been a long time since he was banished? I guess I can stay here for a day or so while I prepare myself to enter the Sunai Kingdom,' Long Chen thought as he nodded his head.

    " Little Master, your room is ready. I will lead you to your room."

    While Long Chen was busy in thoughts, a maid came up to him and informed him about his room being ready while offering to escort him to his room.

    Long Chen and Mi Liayi followed behind the maid, who took them to their room.

    Long Chen and Mi Liayi entered the room which was allotted to them.

    Long Chen looked around the room, which seemed pretty basic. There was a small table, two chairs, and two beds.  Other than that, there was nothing in the room.

    "I'm going outside to get some things. It would help if you stayed here. Don't leave the hotel. Oh, right, you can uncover your face. No one is here to see. Just don't forget to cover it again if you open the door for someone," he told Mi Liayi, who had just sat down. After telling her, he left the room.

    He stepped out of the hotel and started walking on the streets to find the Eldest Prince of Aksha Kingdom to have a conversation with him.
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