703 Chapter 703: Betrayal

    " Did you really never think about becoming the King? There must be many people in this kingdom and in the capital that support you. If it was someone else, they might even take outside help to get the crown," he subtly suggested as he walked beside the Prince.

    " What do you mean by taking outside help? Do you mean betraying my kingdom for help in getting the crown? Yeah, that's possible, but that person wouldn't be me. I'll never sell my soul for a useless piece of material and just a little bit of authority," Prince Hu responded, shaking his head.

    "No, don't misunderstand me. I'm not telling you to betray the Kingdom. I'm just saying that I'm in awe at your loyalty to the kingdom despite being betrayed like this. While you're struggling here and being called a bad person in the entire Kingdom for trying to assassinate your brothers, the other people are staying in their rooms, casually enjoying life. It's just incredible how you still maintain that calm," Long Chen told Prince Hu with a praising look on his face.

    "Oh, right. There were talks about the Sunai Kingdom, creating trouble for us. What have they been doing, and how spread out are their forces?" he asked casually.

    "They have been doing everything they could without actually attacking. They try to enter our land to tease the ladies of this town, and after the few skirmishes, they leave. There have been some back and forth battles as well but on small scales. They haven't been declaring a real war, and we're also staying back trying to assess the situation and get some help from the Capital," Prince Hu told Long Chen.

    " Maybe they're just having fun, or maybe they're trying to make our attack first. It can even be that they're just testing us before they actually attack. In any case, we can only give it our best and hold them back if they do something until the reinforcements come," He added.

    "That's true. They could be doing many things. That's the complicated thing about the border of two kingdoms. You may never know what the other might be thinking," Long Chen replied as he sighed.

    "How do you know so much about war? Did you study the Art of War in the Kingdom?" Prince Hu asked Long Chen with an interesting look on his face.

    " Not really, but my friends study. They taught me a few things. All my knowledge and wars stem from what I heard and what I understood so far," Long Chen replied, shaking his head.

    "Oh," Prince Hu casually let out as he continued walking.

    " Prince Hu, if there comes a time if war and both kingdoms wage war on each other, would you defend your land or attack their land?" Long Chen inquired, trying to divert the conversation towards the question he wanted to ask.

    " If I don't have a backup at that time, I can only defend the people of this little town, but if the Capital sent us the Reinforcements, I could leave them back to protect this town and go on assault," Prince Hu said as he looked towards the distant horizon in the direction of the Capital of Aksha Kingdom.

    "Interesting. If you think about the assault, you must know many weaknesses of their defense. What's their defense like? Do they have some kind of barrier made by their Spirit Warriors or Cultivators?" Long Chen asked the main question he wanted to ask.

    "Not really. They don't have any barriers. It's easy to enter their land, given that you manage to break their humane defense," Prince Hu replied.

    "So there's no barrier or something like that. That's good. It means that you can barge inside easily," Long Chen replied as he smiled. He had also received his answer. He didn't have to be careful about that. All he needed was to wipe their guards and then enter their land.

    "That's not as easy as it sounds. They have a guard stationed every five meters of their border, and they also have many Spirit Warriors. If there's a real war, the chances of us being able to defeat them would be really low without getting the help from the Spirit Masters of the Phoenix Organization,"  Prince Hu said, shaking his head.

    " Are their Spirit Warriors spread out as well? You can target the spot where they don't stay," Long Chen suggested.

    "That's a good suggestion, and I also wondered about that, but the Spirit Masters are not located that far from the guards. They can easily get to us. Either way, it's going to be a fight against a Spirit Master, but that doesn't mean I will be afraid. I would have to use the diversion to divert their attention. Anyway, it's all about the future. We don't have to talk about this now," Prince Hu responded, shaking his head.

    "Tell me more about yourself? Why did you specifically choose this place to come to? From what I know, there are many places in this kingdom worth visiting. This place right here should be on the last of that list. Did you have any specific reason to come here?" He asked Ryder.

    "Not any big reason. I've just been really curious about the last great war, and this was the place where history was written, and we lost. I just wanted to see what this place was like," Long Chen replied casually, making up a story.

    "Well, how are you liking it so far then?" Prince Hu inquired.

    "It's a good place. Nothing like the stories talked about. People here seem to live a good and happy life. From what I see, every remnant of the bad past has been removed from this place, which is a good thing," Long Chen said as he nodded his head.

    "Yeah, it's always good to get over the bad past; otherwise, progress will be slow," Prince Hu nodded his head.


    After spending a few hours with Prince Hu, Long Chen walked back to his room.

    The staff of the hotel had already brought food to their room for dinner, which was placed on the table.

    "You're back," Mi Liayi said with a relieved smile on her face as she saw Long Chen back.

    "Yeah, I was trying to get some information, and now I have it. We can leave tonight," Long Chen said to Mi Liayi as he smiled.

    "Let's have dinner and rest. I'll tell you when it's time to leave," Long Chen told Mi Liayi.

    Both of them had dinner. It was only evening by now, so Long Chen told Mi Liayi to get some sleep.
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