704 Chapter 704: Entering Sunai

    After making her sleep, he left the establishment in the darkness of the night.

    The night was his time. It was the time where he was at his best. It was when he was in his element since Long Chen had the law of Darkness, which made him like an assassin of the night.

    After leaving the hotel, Long Chen left the small town without letting anyone see him.

    After leaving the small town, he ran towards the border of the Sunai Kingdom.

    He knew that he couldn't directly take Mi Liayi there since there was going to be a big fight there, which might be bad for her as she might get injured in the crossfire. That was why he realized that his only option was to use the tricks that he had at his back.

    His plan was to go alone, kill the enemies using his Law of Darkness, and then enter their land.

    The next part of his plan was to use his Law of Space to bring her into the land of Sunai. It was the plan which he thought to be the best for him since he could fight freely without having to worry about protecting anyone. That was when he fought best when his entire mind was focused on one thing only-slaughter.

    The border where the forces of Sunai Kingdom were situated was only two kilometers away from the border town of Aksha Kingdom.

    Long Chen used his Shadow Transformation as he reached near the border of Sunai Kingdom.

    He sneakily appeared behind one of the guards and inserted his hands in his clothes to bring out his knife, but he stopped.

    He stopped honestly, and he stepped back. Instead of killing anyone or doing anything, Long Chen started walking deeper and deeper inside the Kingdom of Sunai.

    He walked for hours and got deeper and deeper into the Kingdom of Sunai.

    "Why didn't you kill them? Why did you stop at the last minute?" Xun asked Long Chen after a long time.

    Long Chen had already walked fifty kilometers inside the Sunai Kingdom by now.

    "Because I didn't have any need to. I was so close to killing them when I realized something," Long Chen muttered.

    "What did you realize?" Xun asked Long Chen in confusion.

    "I realized that I didn't need to kill them because it didn't benefit me at all. Previously, I could at least increase my slaughter aura by killing enemies, but I'm in the new body now. I don't have a slaughter aura here. I can't use that, and I can't harvest the life energy of the people I kill. If I killed them, I would simply be wasting my time for no reason at all," Long Chen replied to Xun.

    " Not only that, That would instead be bad for me. If I killed them, sooner or later, the other guards would find out. That would make them suspicious, and they might know that someone infiltrated their Kingdom, which might make them increase their search efforts, making it difficult for me," Long Chen said as he sighed.

    " Moreover, that might make them wage a war on the Aksha Kingdom. It would be too soon. I still need time to set everything up before there can be a war that would benefit me," Long Chen muttered as he smirked.

    He looked back at Xun and noticed that she was smiling.

    "Why are you smiling?" he asked Xun.

    "Nothing, it's just good to see you thinking with your brain after so long," Xun let out as she burst into laughter.

    "You little idiot, I always think from the brain. I can use Spatial Portal within a range of two hundred kilometers if it's to a location I have seen. As long as I can find a city within this range, I can get a room there and then use Spatial Portal to go back to the Border Town and bring Fu Chen's mother back here. That makes it so comfortable for me," Long Chen let out in an annoyed tone.

    "That's true, indeed. Now you're really thinking with your brain and utilizing your laws to your advantage instead of just using them for slaughter. That's good in this situation since killing won't benefit this body in the form of slaughter aura unless you cultivate that skill again with this body and start from scratch here," Xun said as she nodded her head.

    Long Chen was about to reply when he noticed something in the distance. He could see a small city there.

    Long Chen had already reached near one of the cities of the Sunai Kingdom.

    The City was much bigger than the border town of Aksha Kingdom. There were no walls surrounding the city. He couldn't see any guards either. Did they not have any protection? He wondered.

    "Are they that overconfident in their army that they didn't even think about reinforcing their city that's just sixty kilometers away from the border? Are they confident in their strength or overconfident after the victory in the last war?" Long Chen muttered as he frowned.

    Long Chen didn't think about this much and entered inside the city, which only had two guards near the entrance. He still used his Shadow Transformation to sneak inside undetected.

    He removed his cover after he entered and mixed in with the crowd.

    The city seemed just like the cities of Aksha Kingdom, but it was more relaxed. There were no guards patrolling the city or anything. Back in the Aksha Kingdom, Guards could be seen on every street. They patrolled regularly, but here, there seemed to be nothing like that. People seemed to be free to do anything; still, everyone was so civil. He could see no chaos in the city despite no guarding.

    "This is good for me. I can mix in better without any guards," Long Chen muttered as he smiled.

    He looked to his side of the shop and saw a person paying the shop owner with a bronze coin.

    Even though the bronze coins were made from the same material as the bronze coins that were made in the Aksha Kingdom, the coins here had a different shape. It seemed to be of triangular shape.

    ' First, I'll need to get some money for spending and hotel expenses,' Long Chen thought as he frowned.

    "After staying here for a week and getting some information, I can put my plan in motion. I will go straight to the King of Sunai Kingdom to get my answers," Long Chen muttered as he smiled. "That's when the game will begin."
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