705 Chapter 705: Mysterious Invitation

    Long Chen was standing in the market of the unknown city inside the Kingdom of Sunai.

    He had money, but that money wasn't valid here. In fact, if he tried using that money here, he was sure that the people would come after him since that money was from a different Kingdom. He couldn't get a hotel room without money to bring Mi Liayi there.

    "The first thing I need is to get some money to get a place to stay for some time. The main question is how to get it. Should I steal money from some shop? Or sound I go a more extreme route," Long Chen muttered as he walked through the street.

    " Do you want to be a thief or a killer? I personally feel the thief sounds too cheap," Xun said to Long Chen as she appeared beside him.

    "Yeah, thief makes it seem like some small-time criminal," Long Chen let out as he nodded his head.

    "But killing someone here is not good either. I don't have my Storage Ring here to keep the bodies, and I can't leave bodies lying around casually. The less chaos I create along the way, the better it would be for me," he continued.

    He was walking around, looking at the people around him, trying to find an opportunity to do something, but he couldn't. The streets were just too crowded for him to do something without attracting attention.

    "Alright, that's enough. I'm breaking inside some rich looking house," he let out in an annoyed tone as he shook his head.

    It was ready for him to steal money, but for that, he needed to find out the person that had the money and then steal without getting found out. He didn't feel like doing that was worth it in this crowd.

    He didn't know why, but the lack of guards in this place gave him a strange feeling as if this place was not as normal as it seemed.

    He was about to leave the marketplace in search of a wealthy house when he saw a carriage stopping beside him.

    "Hey you, stop right there!" Someone called out.

    Long Chen looked back only to see that it was the carriage driver that was talking to him.

    " Someone wants to talk to you! Come with me," the carriage driver said to Long Chen.

    "Who wants to talk to me?" Long Chen asked in confusion.

    "Don't ask unnecessary questions! Just sit inside the carriage if you don't want to get in trouble," The carriage driver told Long Chen.

    "Oh? So I'll get in trouble if I don't get inside? Even though I want to see what trouble I can get into, I do agree to come with you. I'm curious as to who wants to meet me," Long Chen said as he nodded his head.

    He walked inside the carriage.

    ' I'm new here, so no one should know me, yet someone sent the carriage to fetch me. Also, the lack of guards in this city. As I expected, someone is keeping an eye on the city, and that eye is what's scaring everyone, stopping them from committing a crime in fear of getting caught,' Long Chen thought as he sat in the carriage while the carriage started moving.

    ' I didn't commit any crime after coming here, so the only reason someone wants to meet me is that they saw me enter through the North entrance of the city. There's only border in that direction and no city, so obviously, it aroused suspicions,' Long Chen thought as he started putting the pieces together.

    'The Person that wants to meet me should be the City Master or someone High in authority. I wanted to wait a week and collect some information before putting my plan in motion, but I guess it's not half bad. I can start faster now," Long Chen muttered.

    The carriage drove through the city for half an hour before or stopped.

    "You can come out."

    Long Chen heard the voice from outside.

    He opened the door of the carriage and stepped outside.

    " Follow after me," the carriage driver told Long Chen as he started walking in a certain direction.

    Long Chen looked ahead and saw a beautiful white mansion in front of him.

    "Finally, some guards," Long Chen muttered as he noticed some guards around the mansion.

    The Carriage Driver looked back and noticed that Long Chen hadn't started following after him.

    "Come! Don't waste time," the Carriage Driver told Long Chen in an annoyed tone.

    Long Chen followed after the Carriage Driver, who escorted him to a small garden inside the mansion.

    There was green grass everywhere in the garden. In the middle of the garden, a small white table was placed.

    There were two chairs around that table, and in one of those chairs, a person could be seen sitting. The other chair was completely empty.

    The person who was sitting on the chair looked to be in his fifties. He had a clean face and long white hair that was tied to a ponytail.

    "You're here. Please have a seat," The middle-aged man said as he looked at Long Chen.

    Long Chen walked ahead and sat on the second chair.

    "Why did you call me here?" Long Chen asked, straight away.

    "What's the hurry? Drink some tea first," The man said as he pointed towards the cup of tea that was placed on the table.

    "Sorry, but I don't drink tea," Long Chen said, shaking his head.

    He remembered a similar situation happening once before when his soul had just transmigrated to this world.

    He was offered tea by Long Su, who was supposed to be his cousin. The tea turned out to be drugged. If he weren't lucky, he would have been dead. He didn't want to take the risk in this place.

    "As you wish. Anyway, let me introduce myself. I'm Duan Lifeng. I'm the City Master of this beautiful city. Oh right. I'm also a Spirit Warrior. You know what my War Spirit is?" the man asked Long Chen.

    "Something to do with spying?" Long Chen replied casually. It was evident that the man had seen Long Chen. He was probably the one keeping an eye on the city, and the way he did this was with the help of his War Spirit.

    "You're very clever, little guy," the man said as he nodded his head.

    "I have the Thousand Eyes Spectre War Spirit. It helps me see anything that happens in my city. Guess what I see and why I called you here? I'm sure you're clever enough to do that too," The man asked Long Chen with an amused smile on his face.
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