706 Chapter 706: Something to Tell

    Duan Lifeng Was the City Master of the Lingua City and the owner of the Thousand Eyes Spectre War Spirit. He sat in front of Long Chen as he asked Long Chen to guess why he was called here.

    Long Chen looked back at the man as a subtle smile appeared on his face.

    "Isn't it obvious? You saw me entering the city, and you called me here," Long Chen replied casually.

    "Oh? You know that as well? Still, you agreed to come peacefully?" Duan Lifeng asked Long Chen with a curious look on his face.

    "I came because I wanted to meet you as well. As for getting caught, I knew that was going to happen. You saw me enter through the North Entrance. There are no cities towards the North. There is only the border between the Sunai Kingdom and the Aksha Kingdom, which is heavily guarded. I'm sure you know the guards there, so I wouldn't be stupid enough to think I would be confused as a guard of the border," Long Chen replied.

    "Brave indeed. That's right. I know that you came from the North Border. I'm quite surprised you were able to sneak inside without getting caught. The guards of that place are not to be taken lightly. As for the Spirit Masters that are assigned to the borders, they are even worse. Despite all that, you managed to sneak inside. Not bad," Duan Lifeng said to Long Chen as if he was praising him.

    " Yeah, it wasn't easy, but it wasn't that tough either. I'm sure you're curious why I sneaked inside and if I did so alone or with a team that did not enter the city, right?" Long Chen asked Duan Lifeng with an amused smile on his face.

    "Hahaha, it somehow feels like I didn't call you here, but you came here yourself to meet me. That's right. I want to know that. Tell me, did you sneak inside the city alone or with a team?" Duan Lifeng inquired as he laughed.

    "I came alone, and yes, it was intentional. I want to meet someone here. I want to give that person some information," Long Chen said to Duan Lifeng.

    "Oh? And who is the person you want to meet?" Duan Lifeng asked Long Chen.

    "I want to meet the King of Sunai Kingdom," Long Chen replied.

    Duan Lifeng looked at Long Chen for quite some time before he burst into laughter.

    "You want to meet our King? I understand that you're clever and you have some talent to be able to sneak inside this Kingdom, but that isn't enough to meet His Majesty," Duan Lifeng said to Long Chen as he shook his head.

    "I want to give him some information about the Aksha Kingdom, something I can only share with him. If you don't help me in meeting him, it will be your loss," Long Chen replied casually as he raised his hand.

    "Oh? What information is it? If it's really worth it, I might consider helping you in meeting him," Duan Lifeng said to Long Chen with an interested look on his face.

    "I can't tell you about it. I can only tell the King," Long Chen said, refusing to answer.

    "Why should I trust you? You're saying that you traveled from the Aksha Kingdom and took so many risks by crossing the border and coming to me just so you could tell our King something?" Duan Lifeng replied with a suspicious look on his face.

    " You might trust me after I tell you who I am," Long Chen said as he sighed.

    " Let me tell you a story first. There was a Spirit Master who was known as Demon ten years ago. He fought in the war against the Sunai Kingdom, but one day, he disappeared. The people of his Kingdom started calling him a traitor, and the Kingdom punished his wife and his son for this reason." he said to Duan Lifeng.

    "The son grew up hating his Kingdom, but as he was talented, he was able to form a plan on how to screw the Kingdom and bring it to its knees. He collected all the information about the Kingdom throughout the years. He even put his life on the line to get some crazy secrets of the Kingdom. Only when he was sure that he had enough, he decided to go to the enemy Kingdom to help them break the Spirits of his Kingdom," he continued.

    "Let me guess, that boy is you?" Duan Lifeng inquired suspiciously.

    "Yes, I'm Long Chen, and I would like to help you guys destroy the Aksha Kingdom," Long Chen said as a smirk appeared on his face.

    "Interested. I didn't expect you to be Demon's son. I remember the war ten years ago. I went to the frontlines. Your father was a really crazy Spirit Warrior. He was so powerful. I think only our Dragon Squad Leader would have been able to face him at that time. I don't know what happened after that since I was called back, but I did hear some rumors," Duan Lifeng let out with an amused look on his face.

    " Fine. That's enough for me to consider your proposal. I will take you to His Majesty. Let's see how you can help us," he continued as he sat up.

    "I have to leave now. You can stay here in this garden or ask the Head Servant. He would take you to the room you'll be assigned. Stay here for some time. I'll tell you when we're ready to leave," He told Long Chen before he left the garden.

    After Duan Lifeng left, only Long Chen was left behind in the garden.

    He sat on his chair as he fell into deep thoughts.

    ' I did plan to go to the King, but that was after getting some more strength. I was left with no choice but to improvise, though. It's still not too bad. It just means that I need to change a few minor details in the plan,' Long Chen thought as he looked at the cup of tea in front of him.

    ' The main problem is Mi Liayi, though. I wanted to bring her here, settle her in some place safe and then go to the King, but with this new development, I can't do that. Now that I know this city is under watch by Duan Lifeng, that wouldn't be a good thing to do. He'll definitely see me bringing Mi Liayi here. He can even keep her as a hostage,'

    ' The room I paid for will last two more days, and she has some money too, but I can't let her stay there for long. I can't bring her here either. This is complicated,'

    The more he thought, the more his frown deepened.

    He couldn't think of any idea. All he could come up with was that he could only bring Mi Liayi to another city when he left this place, but leaving this place wasn't possible either.

    ' Looks like I won't get an opportunity to bring her in this kingdom safely before I meet the King and settle everything,' he thought as he sighed.

    He stood up and started walking towards the exit of the garden as well.

    As he stepped out of the gate, he saw a man standing there. The man had a head full of white here. He seemed to be in his mid-forties.

    "Are you the head servant here?" Long Chen asked the man.

    "Yes. I will be escorting you to your room," the man told Long Chen as he nodded his head.

    Long Chen followed after the man, and he was brought to a room inside the mansion.

    He could see guards in all the hallways, contrary to how the city had been.
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