707 Chapter 707: Meeting the King

    While the city was free of guards, this mansion was filled with them.

    The Head Servant brought Long Chen inside the room.

    "This will be your room until the Master decides otherwise. Three times of food will be brought to you in the room. You don't need to go outside, and you aren't allowed to go outside.  If you need anything, you can tell the guards outside. Depending on your demand, your request can be granted or denied. That's all. Have fun," the man told Long Chen before he left.

    Long Chen closed the door from the inside and walked back to the bed. He laid down on the bed as he started resting.

    "It's good that I can use my Divine Sense now and see what's happening outside, but being trapped inside doesn't feel good at all. I wonder if Duan Lifeng's Thousand Eyes Spectre War Spirit can help him see inside buildings and rooms?" Long Chen muttered as he frowned.

    "I highly doubt that, though. He wouldn't have so many guards in the mansion if he could see inside. His ability probably works on the places that could be seen from the sky. He should be able only to see outdoors, but I don't want to take a risk," he let out as he sighed.

    " Xun? Is there any skill that can help me with that? Oh wait, I know what can help," he suddenly let out as he stood up.

    "I can not bring Mi Liayi here, but I can leave this place to meet her. I can go back to the Border Town and tell her that I won't be back for quite some time. I can pay in advance for her stay as well. She wouldn't be worried, and she can stay safe. When the war is about to start, I can come back to take her," he muttered as a smile appeared on his face.

    "It would be risky to use Spatial Travel here, but I'm ninety percent sure that Duan Lifeng can't see inside. Even if he can see, it's fine. For my plan to work, I need to show them that I'm a Spirit Warrior with a Spatial Spirit. It's not bad even if he sees me disappear since I'm going to have to show them anyway."

    Long Chen stood right beside the bed as he prepared himself to leave.

    He used Spatial Travel to go back to his room in the hotel. Mi Liayi was waiting in the room.

    Long Chen told her that he was going to leave for some time, and he might take a month at most. He also said that he was going to pay the hotel fee in advance.

    After that, he went to meet the Banished Prince and gave him an excuse that he needed to go back to the city for some reason and that he was leaving his mother behind. He told the Eldest Prince to keep his mother safe.

    After setting up everything, he traveled back using Spatial Travel.

    He was able to use Spatial Travel two times a day, and with this, he was finished. He had no uses left, but he could still use short-range Teleportation in case of trouble.

    Now that he was prepared without any worries, all that was left for him was to wait and cultivate.

    Long Chen spent the next three days in cultivation. He managed to break through to the Gold Core Realm, but he did notice that his Cultivation speed was only starting to increase. There was something really incredible about this body that he felt his real body lacked. This cultivation speed seemed almost impossible to even him.

    Even though he realized that his previous cultivation experience helped him in Cultivation, he gave most of the credit to the body that was created by the Bloodline Temple itself.

    He really felt like it was a waste that this wasn't his real body, but in any case, this body didn't have the bloodline of the Ancestor. No matter how much talent it had, he still preferred his original body over it.

    It had been three days since Long Chen met Duan Lifeng. Long Chen was still wondering how long it was going to be before he could meet the King. On the other hand, he was glad as well since he got more time to prepare himself and get stronger.

    During these three days, he has practiced more of his old skills as well. He already had their comprehension, and he only lacked the sufficient Qi when he had arrived there, but now he had enough Qi as well.


    Long Chen stood up as he heard a knock on the door.

    He walked towards the door and opened it. He noticed the Head Servant of the mansion standing in front of him.

    "Master said that you would be leaving with him tomorrow morning. Stay ready," the Head Servant told Long Chen before he left.

    Long Chen walked back into the room as he closed the door behind him.

    "Finally, it's time," he muttered as he smiled.


    The next day arrived. Long Chen and Duan Lifeng left the mansion together.

    "Are you ready to meet the King? If you're really after revenge, this would be the most important moment of your life when you meet him. I hope the information you have is worth his time, or he would kill you on sight," Duan Lifeng said to Long Chen as he laughed while walking closer to the carriage.

    "Don't worry. The information I have will be good enough for him," Long Chen said casually as he entered the carriage.

    The carriage started driving towards the south exit of the city after both of them sat inside.

    "I'm sure you already know that the Royal City is in the South, but you might not know anything else. It will take us five days to get there, so let me tell you a few things," Duan Lifeng started talking to Long Chen after sitting silently for a few minutes.

    " I don't know how it is within your Kingdom, but our kingdom has a few rules that you must not break. If you break them, you would be killed instantly without mercy. I'll tell you the ones that you should definitely follow if you don't want to die before even getting to take to the king," he continued.

    " First of all, Never look His Majesty in his eyes when you talk to him. You should always keep your head low. Secondly, you need to get on one knee to greet His Majesty when you see him for the first time. Not going that will be considered disrespect, and you will be killed. Third..."

    Duan Lifeng kept telling Long Chen the rules along the way as he was concerned that Long Chen was going to die if he didn't know the rules, and if that happened, he would be blamed by the King for not teaching Long Chen the rules. Their concern made him more meticulous in teaching Long Chen.

    Days turned into nights and nights into days. Soon, five days had passed as the carriage of Duan Lifeng finally reached the Royal City.

    The Carriage stopped right in front of the Royal Palace.

    Long Chan and Duan Lifeng stepped out. Both of them were greeted by the Head Eunuch of the Palace.

    They are escorted inside the Palace and into the King's chambers.

    Long Chen noticed that there were a few more people present in the room. He could instantly recognize the king, but he didn't know who the others were.

    He was able to guess the identity of one more person, though.

    A person that stood there with a white robe that was as pure as snow. It had a dragon symbol on it.
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