708 Chapter 708: Suspicions

    Long Chen looked at the man in the white robe. There was a dragon symbol in the robe of that man. The man seemed to be Middle-aged. He had dark eyes and red hair that came down to his shoulders.

    There were a few more people with the White Dragon Symbol robes in this room, but the red-haired man stood out amongst them. There was a powerful aura surrounding the man.

    The man was also standing closer to the King compared to the others, which also made it clear that his position was much higher.

    'The White Robes should be the members of Sunai Kingdom's strongest force, the Dragon Squad. As for the red-haired man, he must be the leader or someone in a high authority in the Dragon Squad. The others should be ministers of this Kingdom since they're all old looking,' Long Chen thought as he roamed his gaze on everyone briefly.

    He didn't want to be seen as rude for staring at them.

    " Long Live Your Majesty!" Duan Lifeng got down on one knee as he greeted the man that was sitting on a throne.

    Long Chen did the same as he sat down as well.

    "Long Live His Majesty!" he said as he greeted the White Haired Man who sat on the throne.

    The man seemed to be in his late sixties. He had a long white beard and a head full of white hair.

    Long Chen did not doubt that the man sitting before him was the King of Sunai Kingdom, Wang Zifen. The King who had been at the helm when the Sunai Kingdom worn the last great war, ending decades of battle with s single victory.

    "Stand," the King said in a casual tone.

    Long Chen and Duan Lifeng stood up.

    "Lifeng told me that you are Demon's son, and you came here to provide us some great information. Tell us this information, and depending on it, we may decide on your reward for giving us the information," Wang Zifen told Long Chen.

    "Your Majesty, It is true that I have something important to tell you. In fact, it might be the single most important piece of information for you. The Aksha Kingdom had long been planning to attack the Sunai Kingdom and get their revenge," Long Chen told Wang Zifen.

    "Oh? They plan to attack us now? What gives them confidence that the outcome can be different now? Why is that information important for us? We have long suspected that they want to do something like this. Even if you hadn't told us, we still would have been on alert. We don't find that information useful in the least. Now, if you have anything else that you can tell us, then do it now, or you can go," Wang Zifen told Long Chen as if he was talking to someone insignificant like an ant.

    " I'm sure you suspected it because they wanted to do it for a long time, but they didn't do anything because they weren't sure of their chances of victory. Now, however, they have something that they believe can make them bring you to your knees. If you still take them lightly, it would be bad for you and your Kingdom," Long Chen told them as he sighed.


    As Wang Zifen heard it, a frown appeared on his face. Not only him but everyone present in the chambers was shocked at Long Chen's words.

    "Interesting. Tell us what they received. What gives them the confidence of defeating us?" The King asked Long Chen.

    " I won't tell you that!" Long Chen replied, shaking his head.

    "You! What are you talking about! Hurry and tell his Majesty!" Duan Lifeng was shocked as he saw Long Chen talking like that to the king. He also noticed the king getting looking angry.

    He didn't want to be implicated if Long Chen did something wrong since he brought him here.

    "The Son of that man is just as stupid as him. Duan Lifeng, did you not teach him manners before bringing him here?"

    The Red-haired man in a dragon robe took a step forward as he glared at Duan Lifeng.

    He shifted his gaze towards Long Chen.

    "Kid, are you looking to die? You dare talk to his Majesty like that?" the man asked Long Chen.

    "I know what I am saying, but you didn't let me finish my sentence," Long Chen said as he raised his hand innocently.

    " What I meant was that I wouldn't tell you until I get one of my demands fulfilled. I came here, facing all these dangers because I hated the Aksha Kingdom but also because I wanted something here. As long as you can fulfill my demand, I can answer you," he said.

    " You really think you have any say in what happens here?" The Red-haired man said to Long Chen as he started walking towards him.

    "Wait, Zu Lanxiang, Let me listen to his demands firsts. If they're not too overboard, I can agree to make that happen. I want to listen to what he has to say right now," the king stopped the red-haired man casually.

    He was the king, and he had everything. He didn't mind giving something to Long Chen in exchange for this information if the price wasn't something crazy. He also wanted to hear what Long Chen's demand was. What did he want-money, fame, or power? He was curious.

    "Speak Kid, what do you desire?" the King asked Long Chen work curiosity on his face.

    "I want an answer. Just a single answer," Long Chen replied.

    "You want an answer? Answer to what?" The King asked curiously.

    "I want to know the answer about the last great war and about my father. I want to know what actually happened to him from you," Long Chen asked the king.

    "Oh? So you want to hear our side of the story about what happened to your father. It's normal. I know what's the story going around in your kingdom, and I must say, it's pretty funny," The King said as he smiled with an amused smile on his face.

    "Yes. The story going around there is so stupid that it makes me laugh. That's why I want to know what actually happened from you. In exchange, I'm willing to give you all the secrets of that place. I'll even help you destroy them in the war," Long Chen said.

    "Help us destroy them? Hah, big words, kid. You can only give us the information and borrow our strength. Also, I have a question. Why should we even believe a single word you say? You're probably one of the most hated people there after the story they made up. There's no way you can get any information of this importance and still manage to escape that place without any help," The Red-haired man chimed in suddenly.

    "Exactly. It might be their plan. They sent you here to give us false information, so we make a mistake by believing that," another person in the chambers said who seemed like a minister of the King.

    " Say kid, did the Phoenix Organisation scheme this? Did they help you can inside our kingdom, undetected?" the Red-haired man asked Long Chen as he smiled.

    "No one helped me. I came alone," Long Chen said, shaking his head.

    " Kid, I don't think anyone inside the room will believe it until you show some ability," The Dragon Squad Leader Wu Xun told Long Chen as he shook his head.

    " I was able to do it because of my War Spirit. As for showing it, let me show you right now," Long Chen said as he clenched his fist.

    He disappeared from his position as he appeared behind the red-haired man, Wu Xun.
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