709 Chapter 709: Showing Prowess

    While the others took a moment to find where Long Chen had disappeared to, Wu Xun had realized instantly.

    As soon as Long Chen appeared behind him, he moved away.

    "Is that enough? My War Spirit helps me Teleport anywhere within a range of fifty meters. Even though it was tough, but with the help of my War Spirit, I managed to achieve this feat," Long Chen explained.

    He conveniently lied about the range of his Teleport. He could Teleport anywhere within a range of two hundred meters, but he said fifty meters to have a little trick up his sleeve in the future. He also didn't tell them that he could Teleport within long range too.

    Even though he only showed a small portion of his abilities, that was enough to shock most of the people present in the room.

    " A Space related War Spirit? With that power, it seems to be a High-Level War Spirit. This boy does have a lot of potential."

    "I never heard something about a War Spirit like this. It's the first time I'm seeing this."

    "Such an Incredible War Spirit. It can be used for attack by appearing near the enemy instantly. The enemy would be so hard-pressed to find a solution against a war spirit like this. Not only attack, but even defense would also be incredible."

    "Incredible. I heard that Demon had a good War Spirit, but his son has something even better. It looks like the Aksha Kingdom made a big mistake by making him their enemy."

    Most of the Ministers of the King started talking amongst themselves as they praised Long Chen. The Dragon Squad Members and the King, on the other hand, were silent. They simply looked at Long Chen as if they were wondering about something.

    "Alright. You do have some talent. This Skill can definitely help you break inside their strongholds and get some information out of them," the King said to Long Chen, nodding his head.

    "I am convinced as well,  but it still doesn't make me believe that this ability alone made you pass through our defense without being caught. Fifty meters range is too short. Even if you had five hundred meters of range, you still would have been seen by our guards," The Leader of the Dragon Squad said as he looked at Long Chen suspiciously.

    "As I said, it was tough, but I managed to do it. No one helped me, and even if they did want me to help them, I would never take the help of the people that tortured my mother and me for so many reasons despite us being innocent. I want to see their destruction! I want to see their regret! Their happiness is what would pain me the most," Long Chen said in a voice filled with emotion.

    "You're getting good at acting. If I were in their place, I would believe your performance completely."

    While Long Chen was looking at the Dragon Squad Leader after giving his explanation, he heard Xun's voice in his head, praising his acting.

    'Shh! Don't say anything. You'll break the entire emotional mindset I created for myself to get this realistic performance,' Long Chen said to Xun through his thoughts.

    " Alright. I'll tell you about the past and what happened to your father. You can tell us about their secret that you found out. Not only that, but I would also offer you a position in the Dragon Squad if your information is worth it. You do have potential," The King told Long Chen.

    "The Aksha Kingdom made a mistake. They mistreated you. Our Kingdom never does that to our people or their families. If your father had been born here, you would not have to go through the things you did, but you can become our citizen now," he continued.

    " Please tell me. The information I give you will be worth it," Long Chen said as he nodded his head.

    Even though he was curious about what actually happened to Fu Chen's father, that wasn't the reason he was so adamant about getting an answer to this in front of the King. He was doing this to establish himself as a loyal son in front of the King. He wanted to be seen as a son that was out for revenge so that the next part of his own could move smoothly. He also had many more reasons behind asking this one single question.

    "It would be more appropriate if you heard what happened from Wu Xun. He was leading the Dragon Squad force at that time as well," The King said to Long Chen before he shifted his gaze to the Red-haired man in the dragon robe.

    "Wu Xun, tell him," he said to Wu Xun.

    "Yes, Your Majesty," The Red-haired man said as he nodded his head.

    Wu Xun looked at Long Chen as he started reminiscing about the past.

    "It all happened ten years ago. Your father had established his base at the Border Town. The Current Leader of the Phoenix Organization, Vermilion, was guarding the other side. I was more focused on your father since he was more dangerous; thus, I had left my subordinates to face Vermilion and to try to break his Defence while I stayed with my army, ready to face Demon," he started explaining to Long Chen.

    " We had many battles, some between our soldiers while others between our Spirit Warriors. I myself fought your father three times. No conclusion came out of our fight. It always ended in a draw. Your Father was a really stubborn fool. He was heavily injured in our fights so many times, but his freaking War Spirit was so annoying, it didn't let him fall. If he had any other War Spirit, I would have been able to kill him in our first fight itself," He continued.

    "Anyway, After our third fight, both of us were injured, and we had to fall back to our bases. I went to my base while he went to their Border Town," Wu Xun said.

    "That was the last time I saw him. As soon as I healed, I decided to attack the border town. I wanted a conclusion once and for all. I was annoyed by having draws with him. I had decided to fight to the death this time. It was going to be his death or mine. Unfortunately, things didn't happen as we expected."

    "As we reached the border town, we found it unlike we expected. Demon wasn't there. The people that were there were screaming that Demon betrayed them. Obviously, we killed them all. That was a massive victory, but that wasn't satisfying at all since I didn't have the one I wanted to. The Aksha Kingdom surrendered after getting massive defeats in war one after another, and the whole blame fell on your father."

    "It was claimed that he betrayed his kingdom and ran here to join our Dragon Squad. It was a funny rumor, but I was surprised to find out that it was the official story of your kingdom. Anyway, to be honest, he didn't do it. He didn't join hands with us. I believe that something happened to him after he returned injured from our third war. What happened? I don't know. Even I'm curious to know what happened," Wu Xun said, shaking his head.

    "He died," Long Chen said in a grim tone.

    "Hmm?" Wu Xun let out with a frown.

    "When I went to collect information about their secrets, I heard that my father was dead. It had something to do with the Royal Tutor. I couldn't find anything else. But I did find something else. I found out about their secret weapon," Long Chen said.

    "Their Secret Weapon?" The King inquired as he frowned.
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