710 Chapter 710: Ring if Death

    "Their Secret Weapon?" The King asked Long Chen as he frowned.

    "Yes.Their Secret Weapon. A weapon that is strong enough to end the war in an instant. A weapon that means your defeat and their victory without you having even a single chance to counterattack," Long Chen said to the King in a grim tone.

    The King sat straight as he listened with more interest. The way Long Chen talked made it seem like the weapon was really fierce. It sounded devastating.

    'What could it be? A weapon that can end the war in an instant?' He wondered as he waited for Long Chen's answer.

    "They call it the Death Star," Long Chen told the King.

    "Death Star? Is this a weapon?" the King asked.

    " Yes. The Death Star is a weapon of mass destruction, and according to the information I collected, the King of Aksha Kingdom keeps the Death Star with himself," Long Chen explained.

    "What exactly is it?" The King asked as his frown deepened.

    " It is the Ring in the hands of the Aksha King," Long Chen said as he sighed.

    "A king? You mean to say that a ring can destroy our kingdom and end the war in an instant? What nonsense is this?" The King let out as he refused to believe it.

    "Your Majesty, I'm not lying. Only a few people in the Kingdom know about this. I had managed to hear one of them talking about them when I had sneaked inside the Palace of the Royal Tutor," Long Chen insisted as if he was actually talking about something serious.

    "What can that ring do?" The King asked as he calmed down and gave Long Chen an opportunity to explain.

    "They mentioned the Death Star as the ring of Death. According to them, it could bring a devastating Miles long ball of flame right above your kingdom and smash it down, destroying everything," Long Chen explained.

    "That..." The King was stunned as he heard about this.

    Even the others present in the room were shocked. If what Long Chen was saying was true, then it was a weapon of mass destruction that took countless lives and destroyed everything.

    " If they really have such a powerful weapon, why didn't they use it in the last war and accepted defeat?" The Dragon Squad Leader asked Long Chen.

    "They didn't because they couldn't. They didn't have the Death Star at that time. I heard that the King discovered it inside the Palace nine years ago," Long Chen answered the Dragon Squad Leader.

    " Even if I believe that, your story still has many holes. Why didn't the King use it in the last nine years and wipe us! Why is he still not using it? That doesn't make sense?" The Dragon Squad Leader asked Long Chen.

    " He isn't using it because he can't. The ring needs to collect a massive amount of natural energy. It had been collecting that energy from nature during the last nine years. The only reason those people were even talking about this was because that ring was going to be fully charged and ready to be used in five Months of time," Long Chen told the King as he sighed.

    " I heard that information three months ago, so according to my estimates, you still have two months to stop them, or it would be over for this Kingdom. That's all the information I had for you. As for the Dragon Squad's Position, I will happily accept it as long as you can take that ring back from the Aksha King. If you can't, then there's no benefit in staying in this kingdom since it would be destroyed," he continued.

    "What you said is really serious. I still can't believe it entirely," the King muttered as he frowned.

    "I know it is serious, but think of it this way. You have been creating trouble for them at the border for months, yet they didn't bring reinforcements. Did you ever wonder why?" Long Chen asked the King.

    Even though he knew that it was because the King probably didn't want to help the banished Prince, Long Chen would give a different excuse to make it fit his story about that mystical weapon.

    " Why didn't they?" The King asked Long Chen instead of guessing.

    "It's not because they are scared of you, but because they want to show that they are scared of you and they aren't going to do anything to antagonize you. It's because they're waiting. Waiting for the right time when the Death Star is ready. To them, your small attacks are nothing but a rat trying to create some trouble." Long Chen explained, making up a lie.

    "They know that the rat will be dead at the right time, so they don't do anything," he continued.

    The King looked at Long Chen in full seriousness for quite some time.

    " Even though whatever you said sounds impossible, I'm still going to believe you," he muttered ultimately.

    "What do you think?" He asked the Dragon Squad Leader.

    " It doesn't seem like he's lying," the Dragon Squad Leader answered the King.

    " We believe so as well. This is a serious matter. We only have two months left to stop them. Even if we wage war right now, it seems impossible to get to their capital in two months and stop their King," the King muttered as he frowned.

    "Your Majesty, I know that the time is what you lack the most. So I have a suggestion about how you could still stop the Aksha King," Long Chen suddenly chimed in.

    "Oh? How?" the King asked Long Chen.

    " If you make your army attack them, it's impossible to get to the capital within two months. Their armies will definitely get alert and delay your army along the way," Long Chen said to the King.

    "So I want to utilize their overconfidence. They still believe that you don't know the truth, and they had kept the security at their border pretty low. My suggestion is that you send a small team of your Dragon Squad's brave warriors. They will sneak inside the Kingdom and fly straight to the Royal capital without any obstruction."

    "The Aksha Kingdom won't know if this attack so they won't have any measures in place. After they reach there, they can find an opportunity to assassinate the King and bring back his ring. That's the only way to success, but that would need you to put all your strength into this one single assault," Long Chen said as he sighed.

    "It is a big risk, and the chances of failure are just as much as the chances of victory. On the other hand, if you don't do anything, the chances of the Sunai Kingdom being saved are almost negligible. My suggestion is an assassination of their King," he further explained.

    "Hah, you're telling us to use such sneaky tactics despite our Kingdom being stronger?" The King let out as he glared at Long Chen.

    "I wish there were any other way, but this seems to be the only way. If you don't wish to do it, I can understand that as well. I would just leave, and you can result for the two months to pass and the inevitable destruction," Long Chen replied as he sighed.

    " We need some time to think about this. Till then, you stay inside our Palace. We will call you when we have come to a decision," the King said to Long Chen as he nodded his head.

    "Time is of the Essence, Your Majesty. I hope you don't delay too much. It takes three weeks to fly there from the border and even more from here. Your Warriors will also need some time to collect the information there and understand their surroundings before attempting the assassination. The more time they have, the better," Long Chen said to the King in full seriousness.
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