711 Chopter 711: Dragon Tower

    "Eunuch, take him to the guest room and arrange for some guards outside the door to protect him," The King told the Eunuch to take Long Chen back.

    Even though he said that he wanted the guards arranged to protect him, Long Chen knew that it was actually to keep an eye on him.

    It was obvious that the King didn't want him to leave, and he wanted the guards to keep an eye on Long Chen.

    Long Chen was escorted out of the place by the Eunuch, leaving the Ministers and the Dragon Squad Members inside, discussing amongst themselves.


    The Eunuch escorted Long Chen to one of the rooms inside the Palace. He made Long Chen enter the room and arranged for guards all around the room as per the King's instruction.

    He had been in the room, and he had seen Long Chen showing his powers before everyone. Even though the King didn't say it explicitly, he understood the King's intention in asking him to have guards arranged. He made it so that the guards were standing fifty meters away from Long Chen's room, surrounding it so that even if Long Chen teleported outside, he would not be able to escape or cause any harm inside the Palace.

    Long Chen's power was scary, so they had to keep a strict eye on him.

    Long Chen sat on the luxurious bed inside the room as he used his Divine Sense to see outside. He saw the guard formation surrounding his room and smiled.

    'Those idiots, they really fell for it. They think I can only leave Teleport within a fifty-meter range. Also, they don't know the limitations of my power. That should be good enough for now,' Long Chen thought as he laid on the bed.

    Xun appeared beside Long Chen and sat on the bed.

    " What are you thinking? I don't understand how you plan to finish this trial like this. You've arranged for the Aksha King assassination. How would that result in you becoming the King?" she asked Long Chen.

    "Hah, sometimes even I wonder how everything will happen. If things go according to my plan, then I would be the King, and everyone would treat me as the King. I'll finish this trial within four months," Long Chen muttered as he sighed.

    "Within four months? I'm quite curious about what you're thinking. Can you tell me? Don't keep me in suspense," Xun inquired as she glared at Long Chen.

    "You will know when the time comes. It's just the beginning. I'm only borrowing the Sunai Kingdom's hand to achieve my goal for now," Long Chen replied to Xun.

    Xun didn't say anything as she glared at Long Chen.

    "Did you just use my line on me?" she asked Long Chen.

    "Hahaha, you noticed. Yeah. You always hide things and say that I'll know when the right time comes. I thought I did give you the taste of the same medicine," Long Chen said as he smiled.

    "You're so bad," Xun snorted as she started looking elsewhere.

    "I still need to continue getting stronger, though. I can't be content with the strength I have," Long Chen let out as he stood up.

    He stretched his arms as he yawned.

    He sat in a meditative position and started Cultivating.


    Two days passed. Long Chen had received no information during these two days. He was surprised that the King was delaying so much despite Long Chen insisting that it was an urgent matter. He wondered if they were starting to find plot holes in his stories.

    He kept waiting as he spent most of his time Cultivating.

    It was the evening of the third day when Long Chen finally heard a knock on his door.

    He stopped his Cultivation as he stood up.

    He walked up to the door and opened it.

    He was greeted by the Eunuch, who stood in front of him.

    " His Majesty wishes to meet you. Come with me," he told Long Chen as he turned away.

    Long Chen followed after the man who escorted him back to the Chambers of the King, where Long Chen had met the king three days ago.

    The same people that stood there three days ago were still there. The only person who was not here this time was Duan Lifeng, who had gone back to his City to manage it. He had brought Long Chen here.

    "Long Live Your Majesty," Long Chen muttered as he got down on one knee.

    "You man stand," the king told Long Chen.

    " We have come to a decision after discussing it with everyone," The King told Long Chen in a grim tone.

    " We agree with your suggestion. We can't wage a full war. We don't have enough time. We can only send our Dragon Squad to assassinate their king," the King said to Long Chen.

    " I will lead Twenty of Our Dragon Squad Members personally," The Dragon Squad Leader told Long Chen.

    " Also, we have decided that you would go with them to help them. Your ability to Teleport will come really handy to them," the King added.

    Long Chen heard the King's words and felt elated. He wanted to laugh out loud. The next part of his plan was to ask the King to let him join the Dragon Squad on this mission, but the king had already done that.

    The Dragon Squad Leader walked up to Long Chen and gave him a white robe, which had a dragon symbol on it.

    "Wear it now. From today on, you're a member of our squad," He said to Long Chen as he patted his shoulders.

    Long Chen smiled as he wore the spotless white Dragon Squad Robe.

    " Including you, we will have twenty Dragon Squad Members that will be going on this mission. You guys will leave early morning tomorrow," The King told Long Chen.

    "You can leave now. I expect success from all of you. Millions of lives might depend on your single mission," he added as he permitted everyone to leave.

    "Little Guy, you're coming with me. I'll show you around our Dragon Squad Base since you're a member now," The Dragon Squad Leader Wu Xun told Long Chen as he patted his shoulders.

    Long Chen followed after the man. The other people in White Dragon Robes also left.

    Wu Xun took  Long Chen with him to the Base of the Dragon Squad, which was a tall tower that seemed to be made of white marbles. There was a pattern of a giant Dragon wrapped around the tower.

    Wu Xun took Long Chen inside and showed him the Tower. He showed him all the places of significance like the training hall, the quarters of members, and many more places.

    The whole trip lasted for three hours. Long Chen was also introduced to the other Dragon Squad Members, who gave him a warm welcome.

    After getting to know everyone, Wu Xun took Long Chen out of the Dragon Tower.

    Just as Long Chen stepped out of the tower, he saw a handsome green-haired young man walking towards the tower entrance. The young man looked to be in his mid-twenties.

    He was wearing a White Dragon Robe as well, but his robe was covered in dirt.

    The young man had long green hair. And beautiful blue eyes.

    The Young man stopped before Wu Xun and greeted him.

    "Ah, right. I forgot to introduce you to him. He is Wu Lan, my son," Wu Xun introduced Long Chen to the young man.

    " Lan'er, This is our New member, Long Chen," Wu Xun introduced Long Chen to his son.

    Long Chen was quite amused as he looked at Wu Lan. He remembered that he had heard Xun say that if he had chosen a different door for the third Trial, he would be Dragon Squad Leader's son.
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