712 Chapter 712: Crossing the Border

    So, if Long Chen had selected a different door, this Young man would be dead right now, and Long Chen would have pretended to be him.

    " Hello," Long Chen greeted the young Green Haired man.

    "Hello," Wu Lan replied as he greeted Long Chen back.

    "Where are you coming from? Why are your clothes all dirty?" Wu Xun asked his son as he looked at his dirty clothes.

    "It's nothing. I was just practicing with some people. It got messy," Wu Lan let out, shaking his head.

    "Sigh, It was those guys again, am I right? You go there to fight them, but you always come back defeated. I still remember over a month ago when you were discovered all bloody near a river. If those guys hadn't brought you home, you would've been dead. Why do you keep fighting them?" Wu Xun asked the man in frustration.

    'One month ago? That should be the time I came to this world. So he would have died at that time if I had chosen his door, and no one would have brought him home. Is that what Xun said when she told me that the Bloodline Temple wouldn't kill anyone, but it might affect some things, making it so that the candidate I was going to impersonate dies,' Long Chen thought as he observed the Wu Lan.

    "It's nothing. Don't worry. I just want to win once against them. I'm a part of the Dragon Squad, yet I'm the weakest. The first time I was defeated, I realized how I destroyed the reputation of the Dragon Squad. I'm not going to stop until I win and prove to everyone that I'm not trash," Wu Lan said as he shook his head.

    He left his father behind as he walked inside the Dragon Tower.

    "My son doesn't have any War Spirit. All he has is his Martial Arts training and his Fighting Spirit. He wished to join the Dragon Squad, and I helped him join, but I guess that was the worst decision I ever took. As my son got older and realized that his Spirit wasn't waking up, he started feeling the pressure of expectations to maintain the reputation of the Dragon Squad," Wu Xun muttered as he sighed.

    "Last month, when he came home bloodied, I wanted to kill the ones that brought him to this condition, but he made me swear that I wouldn't interfere directly or indirectly. He wants to win on his own without any help. I wonder if that is even possible without a War Spirit," Wu Xun muttered as he glanced back towards the Mansion of the Dragon Squad.

    "Come with me. I'll bring you back to the Palace since I've shown you what I wanted to. After coming back from this mission, I'll show you the city as well as many more things. I'm sure you'll like it here," Wu Xun told Long Chen as he started walking towards the Palace.

    Long Chen followed behind, seemingly lost in some thought.

    He was again brought to the Guest Room in the Palace where he spent the night.

    He cultivated all night long, waiting for the time he needed to leave. He was pretty happy with his progress. The more his Cultivation increased, the more confidence he gained about his chances of success.


    The night passed away in silence as the sun started rising on the distant horizon.

    The world had just started waking up as the sun started spreading its warmth everywhere when Long Chen heard a knock on his door.

    He stood up and started walking towards the door. He already knew who might be, and he was ready for what was about to happen next.

    He had managed to achieve another breakthrough, and he was now a Third Stage Gold Core  Realm Cultivator, which gave him a bigger Qi reserve to use his powerful Skills. He could finally form weapons using his Qi as well.

    He didn't need much weapons. It was because of a Unique Skill he had learned which allowed him to make any weapon from his Qi. The Qi weapon was comparable to a weapon that was one grade lower than the Cultivation of the Cultivation that used this skill.

    Long Chen could create a Qi weapon as strong as a Spirit Grade Artifact anytime he needed, just that his Cultivation was still not High enough to keep that weapon for much longer.

    Long Chen opened the door and saw Wu Xun standing outside the door with eighteen other men in Dragon Robes.

    " It's time to leave," Wu Xun told Long Chen.

    "I'm ready," Long Chen let out as he stepped out of the room.

    "How are we leaving? You gave Spirit Beasts?" Long Chen asked Dragon Squad Leader Wu Xun as he walked beside him.

    "Yeah. It would be impossible to get there within a month otherwise. Each of us Dragon Squad Members have a Spirit Beast. You'll get one of your own after we come back successfully. For now, you'll travel on my Spirit Beast," Wu Xun told Long Chen.

    "Hmm," Long Chen nodded his head.

    All twenty of them left the palace. They didn't even meet the King or any other person before they left. Since the plan to leave was already made long ago, they didn't need to inform the King again.

    As Long Chen left the mansion with Wu Xun, he saw Nineteen beautiful Spirit Beasts standing outside.

    The Beasts looked like horses, but they had eagle-like wings. They had black fur like a cat as well.

    " These are our loyal mounts, the Dark Spirit Horse," Wu Xun told Long Chen as he walked towards the Winged Horse that was standing at the front.

    "This is mine. You can sit at the front," he told Long Chen.

    Long Chen didn't waste any time as he sat on the winged Horse of Wu Xun.

    Wu Xun sat behind him.

    The other Dragon Squad Members also climbed on their Dark Spirit Horses.


    "It's much faster than a Spirit Eagle," Long Chen muttered as he felt the wing brush against his entire body. The Winged Horse was flying at a much faster speed than the Spirit Eagle of Long Chen was able to fly at.

    "Yeah, Spirit Eagles are First-tier flying beasts, but the Dark Spirit Horses are faster than it," Wu Xun replied casually, not explaining any more than that.

    "At this speed, we should be able to get there much faster than I assumed," Long Chen muttered as he nodded his head.

    "Not really. The way you came from was sneaking through the border. You came straight, but since we're sneaking inside, we can't be caught. That's why we would have to go all the way around their formation. That would increase the distance, and we would lose much more time," Wu Xun replied, shaking his head.


    The Entourage of the Dragon Squad traveled through the day and night, only resting for 6 hours every day before continuing their journey again. No one talked much along the way. It was as if they all knew the important bits of information and didn't bother with vague talking without getting the actual information by reaching the actual location.

    The Journey moved along peacefully as they easily managed to pass through the border without getting caught.

    Long Chen was surprised at how easy it was for the Dragon Squad to sneak inside the Aksha Kingdom, but he was happy that it was easy.

    Previously, he had assumed that the Dragon Squad would use the Border Guards to create some disturbed on the border and fight with the Aksha Kingdom army to create a distraction while they snuck inside, but he was happy that it didn't come to that; otherwise, he would have to get involved to stop them if there were chances that the battle could reach the Border Town where Mi Liayi was staying in.
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