713 Chapter 713: Three Eyes War Spiri

    The Dragon Squad continued moving forward as fast as it could. According to them, the time was of the essence. They only had a limited amount of time to kill the King of Aksha Kingdom. The faster they reached there, the better their chances of success were going to be.

    It also meant that the more time they saved in the journey, the more time they were going to have to collect some solid information to help them in their mission.

    The Dragon Squad flew for thousands of miles as days of travel turned into weeks of travel.

    After flying for a little over twenty-five days, Long Chen and the Dragon Squad reached near the Royal capital of the Aksha Kingdom.

    " Everyone wear masks. Don't let anyone see your face. We'll sneak inside the city, but we're leaving our beast behind," Wu Xun told everyone as he started lowering his Dark Spirit Horses some distance away from the Royal City.

    "That's a good idea. Everyone in the Capital should know that the Dark Spirit Horse is the mount of the Dragon Squad. The Phoenix Organization operates in the Royal City. They would instantly recognize us if we enter on the dark Spirit Horses," Another Dragon Squad Member said as he nodded his head.

    Everyone lowered their beasts inside the dense forest that was just outside the Royal Capital.

    This was also the forest where Long Chen had woken up when he had arrived in this world. It was a forest filled with Spirit Beasts. He had woken up right beside Fu Chen's blood-covered body right near the edge of the forest. It was also a Forest where he was attacked by that giant Beast that could use fire attacks that had forced Long Chen to leave without killing it.

    This was an excellent place to hide their beasts. Long Chen was the one that told the Dragon Squad Members about this place where they could hide their beasts when the Dragon Squad Members were wondering about where they would keep their beasts after reaching the Capital City.

    The Dark Spirit Horses were powerful Spirit Beasts, so the Dragon Squad Members didn't need to worry about them getting killed by the Native Spirit Beasts of this forest. They could simply come here and leave on their Dark Spirit Horses when it was time for them to leave.

    Dragon Squad Members left their Spirit Horses to wander around the forest, but they didn't leave this place.

    Wu Xun had stopped them here to discuss the next part of the plan.

    "Everyone, As you all know, we have faced the Phoenix Organization in the last great war. Vermilion is also in this city, along with many other Phoenix Organization members that have seen us before. We would need to hide our faces, especially when we're near the Phoenix Organization Members. To achieve it more effectively, I suggest you all wear these masks for the rest of the duration you're inside the city," Dragon Squad Leader Wu Xun gave everyone different masks to cover their faces.

    All of them had already changed their clothes long ago. They were wearing random Colors of clothing articles.

    Long Chen was wearing a blue scarf and a green robe. He was given a half-faced mask that covered the top half of his face.

    "I'll take the lead. You guys follow behind me. Keep your distance, so we don't arouse suspicions. We'll spend the day in a hotel. The story will be that we're from the Greyson city in the south, if anyone asks. We're here to see the Capital City," Wu Xun explained to everyone before he waved his robe and started walking towards the walls of the Capital City.

    He didn't go towards the main entrance. Instead, he walked towards the city's walls far away from the main entrance since he didn't want to go through strict checking.

    They would have no answers if anyone asked how they arrived here without carriages if they tried to go through the main entrance.

    ' Wu Xun is treading pretty carefully. He's taking all the safety measures I would've taken,' Long Chen thought as he looked at Wu Xun and nodded his head in appreciation.

    While the Eighteen of the Dragon Squad Members jumped through the fifteen feet tall boundary wall of the Capital City, Wu Xun stayed behind.

    "Give me your hand," Wu Xun said to Long Chen as he reached out his hand.

    Long Chen looked at him, wondering what he was trying to do.

    "Give me your hand. I'll help you get through," he said to Long Chen in a hurry.

    'Ah, right. He doesn't know I am a Cultivator, and I can jump that height easily,' Long Chen muttered as he realized what that man was trying to do.

    He held Wu Xun's hand and let him carry him to the other side of the wall.

    All twenty of them managed to enter the city.

    "How did you all know that this place was safe? What if it had people?" Long Chen asked Wu Xun curiously.

    He had his Spiritual Sense so he could see the other side of the wall, but he was curious why they all knew it. All he knew was that one of the Dragon Squad Members pointed towards this spot of the wall. No one said anything after that and started jumping to the other side.

    According to his assumption, it was most probably the War Spirit of that guy that had something to do with it. He was curious about it, and he decided to ask since it could affect his plan if he had something like a Spiritual Sense.

    "Oh, it's Wang's War Spirit. It's called Triple Eyes War Spirit," Wu Xun told Long Chen.

    "Triple Eyes War Spirit? What can it do?" Long Chen asked Wu Xun.

    "It gives him the ability to see through the day, see in the darkest of night and see through any obstruction. That's why it's called Three Eyes War Spirit. He saw through the walls and knew that it was safe," Wu Xun explained to Long Chen.

    "Anyway, let's continue. We shouldn't waste any time," He added as he glanced at Long Chen.

    "Long Chen, you have been to this city before. Lead us to a hotel. After that, we can start the rest of the work on our own," he told Long Chen, allowing him to take the lead.

    Long Chen nodded his head as he started walking ahead. Even though he didn't know most of the locations of the Capital City, he did know a hotel that he had seen when he was here. It was near the Torture Hall where Mi Liayi worked.


    While Long Chen walked in the lead, the others followed closely behind.

    They looked through their surroundings as they followed Long Chen, acting like guests that were looking around the city casually.

    They did see a few of the city guards along the way, but fortunately, they managed to walk past them without arousing suspicions.

    Long Chen took them to a hotel and booked Ten rooms for the twenty of them. They had brought plenty of money with them.

    Even though the Sunai Kingdom didn't use the Aksha Kingdom's currency, they still had plenty of Aksha Kingdom's coins in their treasury, which the King gave to Wu Xun for this mission.

    Wu Xun and the others were escorted to their rooms. Each room was shared by two of them.

    Wu Xun told everyone to stay in their rooms for the rest of the day and to give rest to their bodies before coming to his room in the night for a discussion about how they were going to deal with the rest of their mission.
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