714 Chapter 714: Controlling both sides

    Wu Xun had plenty of missions and information collecting tasks that he needed to assign others, but he wanted to have them rest first since they had been continuously traveling. None of them had rested for even an hour in the last two days.

    There were twenty people and ten rooms.

    Long Chen was wondering who he would be told to share the room with when he heard Wu Xun calling him out.

    "Long Chen, come. You'll be staying in my room," He told Long Chen as he walked over to one of the rooms and entered inside.

    'This guy, is he that suspicious. Staying with Dragon Squad Leader directly. I'll constantly be under watch,' Long Chen thought as he started walking towards the room as well. He entered the room and closed the door behind him.

    The room had a single bed, but the bed was big enough for two people to share.

    As Long Chen entered the room, he saw Wu Xun sitting on the bed.

    " Come sit," He told Long Chen as he patted the bed beside him.

    "Do you have something to talk about?" Long Chen walked over as he wondered why Wu Xun suddenly felt so severe.

    " Do I have something to talk to you about? I guess you can say that," Wu Xun said as he nodded his head.

    " I want to ask a few things about your War Spirit," he let out.

    Long Chen sat beside Wu Xun.

    "When did you wake up your War Spirit?" he asked Long Chen with a curious gaze.

    "Three years ago," Long Chen replied casually. He just made up a random number.

    "Interesting. You woke up your War Spirit three years ago and gained such mastery in it. You were able to sneak inside the Aksha Kingdom stronghold alone and come out alive. Did you have a teacher that taught you how to use it?" Wu Xun asked Long Chen casually.

    The deeper he tried to dig, the more Long Chen felt something was wrong. He had no idea how things with Spirit Warriors worked. He didn't even know how a War Spirit woke up or how one learned its powers.

    The most accurate answer in a situation like this would be to say that he had a teacher who taught him since it wouldn't be easy to learn things alone, but he knew that he couldn't say that since he was supposed to be the most hated person in this kingdom. No one would have taught him, and if he said he had a teacher, that would make Wu Xun ask more questions about that, which would only make his story more suspicious.

    " I didn't tell anything that my War Spirit had woken up. I wasn't naive enough to tell that to the people that hated my very existence and tortured me for no reason.  There was no way someone would be willing to teach me. I learned on my own," Long Chen replied, shaking his head.

    "Interesting. You learned everything alone. That should've been impossible without any help. You must be really talented or really lucky to find out the power of your War Spirit and to control it. What was your Awakening Dream? Did it tell you about your powers and helped you?" Wu Xun asked Long Chen again.

    'Awakening Dream? What's that? Xun, do you know anything about it?' Long Chen thought while maintaining his calm expression on the exterior.

    "I heard a few things about it, but I didn't bother knowing about it, so I don't know. All I know is that it's a dream that people have the night their War Spirit Awakens. It's mostly a vague dream that reflects on the War Spirit of the person and sometimes shows the powers of the War Spirit. That's all I know about it," Xun replied to Long Chen with what she knew regarding this topic.

    'Ah, so something like that. My Awakening Dream should be related to space then. That makes it easier to make up,' Long Chen thought as he nodded his head.

    " Don't you remember your Awakening Dream?" Wu Xun asked Long Chen as he saw him taking some time to think.

    "I remember that Vaguely. I found myself floating in empty space. I was disappearing and appearing in different places. I don't remember many of the details, but this was about it," Long Chen told Wu Xun.

    " Ah, so that's why. Most Awakening Dreams are way more Vague about the powers, but your dream was much more easier to understand. Maybe that's why you didn't have a hard time understanding it and mastering your strengths," Wu Xun muttered as he nodded his head.

    "Can you bring your War Spirit out of your body to increase your strength?" he asked Long Chen.

    "Bringing War Spirit out of the body?" Long Chen muttered as he remembered the bear that he had fought when he woke up in this world.

    The Bear seemed much normal, and it was easier to fight until a Dark Bear-like shadow appeared behind the bear. It seemed like the bear was much stronger at that time. He wondered if that was what Wu Xun was talking about.

    " I can't do that. As I said, I had no master. I don't know half the things that should be common sense regarding this.  I can't bring out any War Spirit," Long Chen replied as he sighed, making up an excuse.

    "That's true as well. Since you're a part of the Dragon Squad member now, you can read our books and learn anything you want to learn after we go back," Wu Xun told Long Chen as he nodded his head.

    "You can sleep and rest. After you wake up, I have a mission for you and your War Spirit as well. Go sleep," He told Long Chen as he stood up and went into the Washroom.

    'Sleep? After breaking through to the gold core realm, I can go on without sleep for much longer. I don't need sleep, and even if I did, I wouldn't sleep near an enemy, dropping all my defenses,' Long Chen thought as he stretched his arms.

    'It sucks that I can't Cultivate in front of him. Such a waste of time,' he thought as he laid down on the bed.

    "You're already in the Capital City of Aksha Kingdom; at least tell me now what you want to do? What's your plan?" Xun told Long Chen as she appeared beside him.

    ' What I want to do? Fine, I'll tell you a little portion of my plan. Watch as I have the Dragon Squad assassinate the Royal Tutor that schemed against Fu Chen's family,' Long Chen told Xun through his thoughts.

    " Hmm? Are you doing this to get Fu Chen's revenge? Why do you even care about them? Just focus on your mission," Xun told Long Chen as she shook her head.

    'I'm not doing this for revenge. Revenge for them will just be a side dish,' Long Chen replied to Xun as he sighed.

    "What's your plan then? Why have them kill the Royal Tutor?" Xun asked Long Chen.

    'Because he would be an obstruction in my path. According to Vermilion's message, the Royal Tutor had schemed against Demon and his family. I need to become the king as Fu Chen, and as long as he's alive, I feel like that would be tough,' Long Chen told Xun.

    'It's not that I trust Vermillion's words entirely, but the Royal Tutor is still the most Suspicious person here. It's better to be safe and take him out. As for the king, I have a different plan for him,' he added.

    "Why do I feel like you're playing chess, and both the black and the white side is being controlled by you?" Xun asked Long Chen as she frowned.
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