715 Chapter 715: Long Chens mission

    'That's a good analogy. Both sides are mine. I'm just waiting for all the pieces to fall into their places. No matter which side wins, it should be my victory in the end,' Long Chen replied to Xun as he smiled.

    "I still don't understand what you're trying to do exactly, but I suppose it will be clear soon. I just hope that you don't get trapped in the middle while trying to play both sides. Both of the sides are pretty strong, and you're still not at your peak. If you were, it would have been much simpler," Xun told Long Chen in a warning manner.

    'I realize that. The chances of failure are definitely there, but I am ready for that scenario as well. It's just that it would take much longer to finish this Trial if this plan fails,' Long Chen told Xun as he closed his eyes since he heard the door of the washroom open.

    He was going to pretend to be sleeping while he let his body absorb the Qi from his surroundings and get stronger.

    Wu Xun stepped out of the washroom and saw Long Chen sleeping on the bed. He nodded his head as he walked over to his side and sat near him.

    Long Chen didn't want to sleep since he didn't want to be defenseless in a room with someone who could be an enemy and kill him. Even though he had his eyes closed, he still used his Divine Sense to see what Wu Xun was doing.

    Wu Xun sat near Long Chen and looked at him for a while before he laid nearby and started resting as well so that he could have the energy to wake up for days if their mission required.


    It was dusk when Wu Xun woke up from his short sleep. Long Chen still pretended to sleep while he absorbed the Qi from the surroundings.


    There was suddenly a knock on the door of their room.

    Wu Xun wore his Mask as he stood up and walked towards the door. He opened the door and saw the people on the other side. He moved aside as he allowed the people to enter who happened to be his Dragon Squad Members. He closed the door.

    Long Chen had found his opportunity to wake up at the sound of the knocks. He had sat up as he yawned while stretching his arms.

    "Looks like you have a good sleep, little guy," one of the Dragon Squad Members said to Long Chen as he heard him yawning.

    " It was good," Long Chen said as he nodded his is head

    There was not enough space for Eighteen People to sit in this room. The bed only allowed half of them to sit while others had to stand up.

    To avoid that situation, all of them kept standing except Wu Xun and Long Chen.

    "Alright. It's night and time for us to get active. I have a mission for all of you," Wu Xun said as he glanced at all of his members.

    "Wang, Li, Duan, Mumu, Kaper, Lima, Dimu, and Fan," He called out eight members of his team.

    "Yes, Leader," all of them responded at the same time.

    " I want all of you to survey the city. Your focus should be on the Phoenix Organization Members. See where they spend most of their time and what we can do to avoid them. Get as much information as you can without getting caught. All of you have expertise in this field, and you are the most experienced here. You would be able to do it. You gave Twenty-four hours to get me all the information I asked for," Wu Xun told them in a solemn tone.

    " We'll do that," All eight of them replied.

    "Good. You can leave and get to work now," Wu Xun said, giving them the permission to leave. "Report your findings to me at the same time tomorrow."

    The Eight Dragon Squad Members nodded their heads as they turned back and left the room.

    There were only ten Dragon Squad members left inside the room, excluding Long Chen and Wu Xun.

    " Cima, Zen, Mu, Niko, and Qin. The five of you need to do the same thing as the previous team, the only difference being that you need to get me the information about the City Guards and about Various Spirit College Elders that might be in the city at the moment. Get going," Wu Xun selected five more members and sent them out as well.

    The five of them left the room as well, leaving only seven people inside the room.

    "The rest of you, I want you to find ways to the Royal Palace and how we can sneak inside without getting caught. I want all the information about the security of the Royal Palace. You have twenty-four hours as well," Wu Xun told the last five Dragon Squad Members that were left inside the room.

    "Yes, Leader," the five of them said as they turned back and left as well.

    Only Long Chen and Wu Xun were left inside the room.

    " Only you are left now," Wu Xun muttered as he looked at Long Chen.

    " What's my mission?" Long Chen asked Wu Xun.

    He couldn't guess what Wu Xun might want him to do. He had already covered all the bases he could with the three teams he made. Long Chen couldn't think of anything else that he might need.

    "What I want you to do is something only you can do. Since you were able to sneak inside the Royal Palace without being caught last time, you should be able to do what I want," Wu Xun muttered as he looked at Long Chen.

    'He wants me to sneak inside the Royal Palace? Does he want me to attempt the assassination myself?' Long Chen wondered as he looked back at Wu Xun.

    " I don't understand. You want me to sneak inside the Royal Palace?" Long Chen asked back.

    "No, I do want you to sneak inside, but I don't want you to sneak inside the Royal Palace," Wu Xun replied, shaking his head.

    "Where then?" Long Chen asked as he frowned.

    "I want you to sneak inside the Palace of Royal Tutor," Wu Xun said, shocking Long Chen.

    Long Chen was shocked as he heard this. It was a part of his later plan to have Wu Xun sneak inside the Royal Tutor's palace, but everything was reversed. Wu Xun was asking him to do it instead. He couldn't understand why Wu Xun would want to have something to do with the Royal Tutor at this point.

    "Why?" Long Chen straight away asked.

    "Because I want you to find something there. It's a special robe that Royal Tutor received after he married a poor lady from the Decila Kingdom in his young days."

    " The poor lady had no money and no power, but she had a beauty that attracted the Royal Tutor,"  Wu Xun told Long Chen.

    "That woman also had something else that Royal Tutor and the World later found out about. It was a Blood Red Robe that the girl probably had in her family for centuries. According to the rumors that I have heard about, that robe is a special treasure that is almost Godly when it comes to defense. I've been wanting it for a long time, but there's no way the Royal Tutor would part with that robe."

    " I want that robe for my son so that he wouldn't come back injured ever again. Since we have some time while others collect information and you have free time and skills needed, I want you to Sneak inside the Royal Tutor's palace and find where he keeps the robe. If possible, I want you to steal the robe," Wu Xun told Long Chen in full seriousness.
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