716 Chapter 716: The Precious Artifac

    "I've not heard about any robe like that. Can you tell me more about it? How it looks and what it's actually like. Without that, it would be difficult to find it," Long Chen replied as he looked at Wu Xun curiously.

    'I don't know much about it either, but according to the information I received, it's a blood-red robe that the Royal Tutor keeps near him, most probably in his room. There is a Flame Bird pattern on the back of the robe. You would recognize it easily. It's a pretty special robe. It would be a great help if you can manage to steal that robe and bring it back to me," Wu Xun explained.

    " A blood-red robe with a flaming bird pattern on it's back? It's that!" Xun suddenly called out excitedly in Long Chen's head.

    'What is it? Wait a minute, I remember now. Could this be the Phoenix Blood robe you talked about before? The Defensive Artifact of Tian Shen?' Long Chen thought as he remembered Xun's words. Xun had told him that this planet had three important artifacts.

    The Most Important of these was the God Grade Artifact, Sword of Time. After that, there was the Saint Grade Artifact, Phoenix Blood Robe. And lastly, there was a Law Orb here. As Xun acted so excitedly, Long Chen managed to put the pieces together. The Flaming Bird Symbol should be a Phoenix, he thought.

    "That's right. It sounds like the Phoenix Blood Robe that Tian Shen had given to a family member of his opponent after the draw. The girl that Royal Tutor married must be a descendant of that Spirit Warrior," Xun told Long Chen.

    'A Saint Grade Defensive Artifact? That would be of great use in this world. I'm happy that I got the information about it, but it's not good. Wu Xun wants the robe. If I had a Storage Ring, I could keep the Phoenix Blood Robe in it to hide it from his eyes, but if I came back with the Phoenix Blood Robe, that would be taken by Wu Xun,' Long Chen fell into deep thought as he frowned.

    He knew that he could only do one thing, and that was to not come back with the Phoenix Blood Robe and run away after getting that.

    'No, I can't screw my plan for a Saint Grade Artifact,' he thought as he shook his head. ' I can either steal it and hide that somewhere before coming back or just not even take it.'

    'No. I'll have them kill Royal Tutor later. If I leave the Phoenix Blood Robe behind, they'll take it later. I can steal it, hide it somewhere before I come back, and lie to them that I didn't find it, but then again, I'll get caught when Royal Tutor declares that someone stole his Robe. Wu Xun wouldn't be stupid enough to know what happened.'

    He kept coming up with various conclusions in his head before ultimately sighing. The only possible action he could take was to come back with the Robe and hand it over to Wu Xun. He could later steal that robe from Wu Xun when his plan was finished.

    "What are you thinking about? I know that it is hard, but you should be the only one that can do it at the moment. I don't want to move out and take any action before I finish our main mission. Your War Spirit allows you to do it," Wu Xun again said as he saw Long Chen being lost in deep thought.

    " Alright, I will do it. But I have a request," Long Chen said suddenly as he came up with an idea.

    " What request?" Wu Xun asked Long Chen.

    " You said that it is a defensive artifact. I'm the youngest and the weakest of all of you. I want to keep that item to protect myself. I'll return them when we're on our way back after completing the mission here," Long Chen said innocently.

    "It's a dangerous mission, and I want to stay alive to watch the Aksha Kingdom fall. I'm not going to die here, and that robe can be an additional help if it's as good in defense as you claim," he added.

    " That? You can keep that while we're here. I want that for my son, not for me after all. But I'll take it back when we get out of this kingdom," Wu Xun said, nodding his head.

    "Alright," Long Chen said, nodding his head.

    "Good. You can leave now," Wu Xun told Long Chen, permitting him to leave to finish his mission.

    Long Chen stood up and started walking towards the door, but he stopped just as few meters away from the door as he turned back.

    "You gave us all our missions. What will you be doing?" he asked Wu Xun.

    "I have a mission of my own. You don't need to worry about it. Be swift and don't get caught," he told Long Chen, gesturing to him to go.

    Long Chen sighed as he turned back and left the room. He knew that he wasn't going to get any answers. He had covered his face with a mask even though he didn't need any since he could change his face with the Mask of Mischief, but he didn't want anyone to see.


    Long Chen stepped out of the hotel and wandered through the streets. Now that he was out of the hotel, he could focus on the main problem he had. It was that he didn't know anything about this city. He didn't know where the King stayed, let alone the Palace of the Royal Tutor. He had only stayed near the outer edge of the city, which was used by commoners.

    The Nobles didn't stay here either. According to his assumptions, the Palace should be somewhere near the Northern Edge of the City, but that was all he could come up with. He wasn't certain if he was right.

    "Should I ask someone?" he muttered as he started walking towards the North.

    After walking for over two hours, he reached the inner parts of the city, where he finally saw the taller buildings. He could even see Two Palaces. The only difference was that one of the Palace was on the left side while the other was on the right.

    "One of these two palaces should be the one where the Royal Tutor stays, which one is his Palace though. Both of these are similar in size," he muttered as he looked at both of the palaces.

    He hadn't used his Shadow Transformation as he wanted to save it for when he was breaking inside the Palace. Everyone could see him, but Since he wasn't near the Palaces, he didn't worry. He had taken his wooden mask off and changed his face again since the mask was going to be suspicious if he roamed in this place so openly.

    "Let's try finding someone to ask," he muttered as he looked around, trying to find a person to ask questions.

    He did find a person nearby. He walked up to the person.

    "Excuse me, sir, but it's my first time in this city.  Can you tell me which of the two Palaces belong to his Majesty?" He asked a young man.

    The man looked at Long Chen suspiciously.

    "Why do you want to know?" he asked Long Chen.
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