717 Chapter 717: Entering Royal Tutors Palace

    " It's nothing. I came here to see the Royal City. It's my first time here, and I thought about seeing the Palace of our King, but I only got more confused at the sight of two palaces," Long Chen replied innocently.

    "Ah, I can understand. Both the Palaces look the same, so it can be confusing. The Palace on the right belongs to his Majesty where he stays, whereas the Palace on the left is the Palace where his Majesty's Hundred and Twenty Three Wives stay," The man replied to Long Chen.

    "Ah," Long Chen was stunned as he heard this. He was expecting that one of the palaces should belong to the Royal Tutor, but to know that the King made a separate palace for his Harem? If this was the case, where did the Royal Tutor stay then? He couldn't help but wonder.

    " Do you know where the Royal Tutor lives?" Long Chen asked the man.

    "The Royal Tutor? You can't see it from here, but if you go further, you'll be able to see his palace. It's being hidden by that palace," The man said as he pointed towards the Palace of the King's Harem.

    'Oh, so there are three Palaces here. One is hidden from the view,' Long Chen thought as he nodded his head.

    " Thanks for telling me," he thanked the man for answering him before he started walking ahead in the direction of the Palace.

    "Hey, you idiot! Don't get too close to the Palaces. There's a rule that no commoner should get within Five Hundred meters of the Palaces!" the man called out as he saw Long Chen walking towards the palace.

    "Oh?" Long Chen let out as he turned back with a curious look on his face.

    "Don't worry. I will not get that close. I'll stay outside that range," he said as he started walking away.

    "Your wish. You'll die if you forget this and if you're not careful," the man muttered as he shook his head.


    As Long Chen got closer and closer, he could finally see the Third Palace that was hidden behind the other Palace.

    "Royal Tutor's Palace. There are so many guards there. I guess this is as far as I can go without using my Cultivation," he muttered as he sighed.

    His pupils turned pitch black from their usual golden color as he turned into a shadow and disappeared. He had used Shadow Transformation. His Aura had disappeared as well, along with his life force. No one was able to locate him even if they were standing right beside him as long as they didn't have a significant difference in cultivation.

    "Heavenly Demon Wings," Long Chen muttered as four beautiful Wings appeared behind his back- Two black and Two Golden. As he was still using Shadow Transformation and he had gained significant control over it, he was able to make his Heavenly Demon Wings invisible as well.

    The Extraordinary shine of their Heavenly Demon Wings was being hidden by the Shadow Transformation of the Supreme Law of Darkness.

    The wings started moving, lifting him in the air.

    He started flying in the direction of the Third Palace, which was said to belong to the Royal Tutor.

    As he flew through the sky, he was able to see how heavily all the Palaces were guarded, which surprised him. It was as if the guards had encircled the entire palace without leaving any gap in security.

    Strangely enough, only two of the Three Palaces had windows and Balconies. The Royal Tutor's Palace had no windows, and it didn't have any Balcony. Long Chen encircled around the whole palace and only found one way to enter, and that was the main entrance.

    " This place seems to be even harder to Break inside than the Royal Palace. I can't Teleport inside without having see-through windows.

    He landed on the entrance of the Palace as there was no other way to enter.

    There was one guard standing right in front of the massive doors of the Palace, separately from the other guards. The guard seemed to be wearing Steel Armor. Long Chen couldn't feel any Cultivation from the guard, which made him believe that the guard was a Spirit Warrior.

    He landed ten meters away from the guards. His Heavenly Demon Wings disappeared, but his Shadow Transformation was still active.

    He wondered if he should simply kill the guard to enter since he didn't otherwise. To open the door, he needed to have the guard move away but killing a guard wasn't something he wanted to do here since that would make the Royal Tutor increase his Security or go into hiding.

    After thinking for a few seconds, he did come up with a good idea.

    He walked behind the guard and stood between him and the door. He didn't open the door as the sound of the door opening would alert the guards that were just in front of him. Instead, he looked at the back of the guard.

    "What the heck! Intruder!" The guard suddenly called out as he started running away from Long Chen and from the palace. A smile appeared on Long Chen's face as he watched the man get farther and farther from him.

    Only when he thought the man was sufficient distance away from him, he turned back with a sneaky smile.

    The guard who was running away from Long Chen wasn't actually running away from him, but he was running towards a man that was running away from him. He didn't know that the man he was following wasn't real but just an illusion that Long Chen had created using his Law of Illusion.

    As Long Chen turned back, the illusion was broken. The guard saw the man he was chasing disappear. While Long Chen opened the door of the Palace and stepped inside, he stood there confused, looking blankly in the direction the man had disappeared.

    By the time he turned back, Long Chen had already closed the door of the palace.

    The guard didn't find anything suspicious as he turned back. He walked over to the fellow guard who were standing in the circle some distance away from him to ask if they saw a man running towards them.


    Long Chen entered the palace that seemed as empty as it could. It was pitch black inside the Palace. No speck of light could be seen here, but Long Chen didn't have any difficulty seeing inside since his Law specialized in darkness.

    He also canceled his Shadow Transformation. The Palace was already dark enough where no one would be able to see anything, so he didn't see any benefit in keeping himself invisible. Also, as far as his eyes could see, this place was empty.

    He also used his Divine Sense to see if there was anyone, but the place was completely empty. There was no one on the ground floor.

    He walked up the stairs onto the first floor and walked around, using his Divine Sense. Soon, he was done with the entire palace. He found not a single person inside.

    "The Royal Tutor is not inside. Where did he go this late at night?" He muttered as he frowned.

    'Whatever. I have this palace to myself, at least. I can search without having to worry about anything. Hopefully, he didn't take the Phoenix Blood Robe when he left,' Long Chen thought as he entered one of the palace rooms that he thought to belong to the Royal Tutor. He started his search.

    He searched the entire room, but he didn't find anything. Nothing of value was inside the room. There at only some clothes in this room. He thought that maybe it was not the Royal Tutor's room and moved over to the next room to search, but the result was the same. The next room didn't have the Artifact he was looking for either.
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