718 Chapter 718: Royal Tutors Secre

    One after another, he kept searching the rooms of the Palace.

    He searched all the rooms from top to bottom using his Divine Sense.

    It took him an hour to search the entire palace, but he didn't find the Phoenix Blood Robe. There were a few robes present inside, and some of them were red as well, but none of them had a phoenix pattern on their back.

    Ultimately, Long Chen gave up as he came to a conclusion.

    "The robe is not there. I guess the Royal Tutor took the robe with him when he left. The main question is, where did he go," Long Chen muttered as he frowned.

    "Looks like I'll have to do some killing after all," He muttered as he shook his head.

    He started walking towards the main entrance of the Palace.

    He stopped before the gates of the door as he used his Divine Sense to look outside. He could see a person standing outside the entrance. It was the same guard that Long Chen had sent on a wild chase. The guard had come back from the search, and he had taken his position at the entrance of the palace.

    A smile appeared on Long Chen's face as he saw the guard. He stepped closer to the door and knocked on it gently.


    The guard that stood outside the door heard a sound behind him. He turned back and looked towards the door, but the door seemed to be closed, and there was no one behind him.

    While the guard was wondering if it was his misconception, he heard the noise again.

    "It's coming from inside?" he muttered in confusion as he walked towards the door. He opened the door and looked inside, but he didn't find anything.

    Just when he was about to close the door, he heard another noise, but this time it seemed to be coming from upstairs.

    He entered the Palace and walked upstairs. He started searching the rooms to see if someone was inside.

    As he was looking inside the rooms on the first floor when he heard a sound coming from downstairs. He left the room and looked down the stairs only to see that the door was closed.

    "What?" he was confused as to what was happening. He couldn't see anyone inside the palace, but these strange things kept happening. He was starting to wonder if there was some Spirit inside the palace.

    He was able to go downstairs when his face turned pale as he felt something sharp stab his back. He turned back but found no one there. He could still feel pain in his back, though. It was bleeding too. It seemed like something short, like a knife was stabbed in his back before it was instantly taken out.

    "Who is here! Come out right now!" The Guard roared as he pulled his sword out.

    A shadow of the Fox appeared behind the guard's back.

    He moved towards the door. Long Chen was about to attack the man when he saw him moving like lightning. It seemed as if the fox shadow that appeared behind him had increased his speed by multiple times.

    'That must be his War Spirit. A Fox War Spirit that increases his speed,' Long Chen thought as he hurriedly reacted. He knew he couldn't match the man's speed, but there was something that he could do. All speed was useless before space as space was supreme. No matter how fast one's speed was, it was always going to be slower than Teleportation.

    He Teleported right before the entrance while still keeping his Shadow Transformation acting. Instead of attacking the man and killing him, he threw his knife towards the man's legs. The knife stabbed the man's knees, making him fall. As the man was running so fast, even after falling down, he didn't stop, and he kept sliding forward. He was only stopped when Long Chen used his feet to stop the man.

    Long Chen canceled his Shadow Transformation and finally appeared before the man as he formed a Qi sword that he placed on the man's neck.

    "If you try doing anything, you'll be dead. If you don't want to be a real dead body, then you better be like a dead body and don't do anything. Just answer me," Long Chen said, warning the man.

    " Who are you?" the man asked without moving. He had decided to listen to Long Chen since his life was in Long Chen's hand.

    "Who I am doesn't matter. What matters is that you are going to answer my questions. You are, aren't you?" Long Chen asked in a threatening tone.

    "I-i will,"  the man said after thinking for a few seconds.

    "Good boy. Tell me where the Royal Tutor went," Long Chen asked the man.

    "T-that... We are not allowed to tell anyone. If the Master finds out that we told someone about this, he will kill us all," The man said in a frightened tone.

    " If you tell me, no one will know. You'll be left alive; I'll get my answers. It'll be a win-win situation for both of us," Long Chen said as he smiled.

    " Also, you're right. If you don't tell me, the Royal Tutor won't kill you because I'll be the one killing you right now. Think carefully. You want to live, or you want to die. The choice is yours," he continued.

    "L-live! I want to live!" the man replied.

    "Good. Tell me where he went then," Long Chen said, nodding his head.

    "T-the Royal Tutor went to the Queen's Palace," The man replied.

    "Queens Palace? Do you mean the Palace where the King keeps his harem and all his wives?" Long Chen asked with a weird look on his face.

    "Y-yes," the man said, affirming his statement.

    "What the actual heck? Why should he go to the King's Harem?" Long Chen asked again.

    "I-it's because he always does it. Master goes to the Queen's Palace every night to have some fun with the beautiful ladies of the King," The man replied.

    Long Chen just looked blankly for a few seconds, not knowing his to react.

    " Does the King know about this, or is he making the King wear a green hat without him knowing?" Long Chen inquired.

    "T-the king doesn't know. His Majesty had, ah, lost his manhood in an accident. He can't do anything, so he doesn't go to his Harem anymore. Since that moment, Master started going to his Harem instead to enjoy the ladies," The man replied.

    "This Royal Tutor, he's really cucking the King," Long Chen didn't know whether to laugh or cry for the useless King. It was as if the King had made the palace for the ladies so he could have fun, but in the same palace, the Royal Tutor was making him wear a green hat.

    "Was he wearing a red robe when he left?" he asked the man.

    "Ah, Yes, he was. How do you know?" The man inquired in confusion.

    "Was there a flaming bird symbol on the back of the robe?" Long Chen asked again.

    "Y-yes. I did remember seeing a flaming bird symbol on his robe," the man replied, nodding his head.

    "Good. That's enough for me." Long Chen said as he smiled.

    "You helped me a lot. I'm sure you can die in peace knowing that," He added as he abruptly lowered his sword, slicing the head of the man.

    He picked up the body and placed it in the underground cellar of the Palace that seems like it wasn't opened in decades. He was sure when he placed the body here. It was certain that no one was going to find the body here for quite some time.

    After dealing with the body, he left the Palace and started flying towards the Palace of the Queens.
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