719 Chapter 719: Thef

    Long Chen flew towards the Palace of the Queens. He was somewhat relaxed this time since he could see a few windows and Balconies in the Palace of the Queens. He was glad that he wouldn't have to work as much as he did to get entry inside the Royal Tutor's Palace.

    He soon reached the Place of the Queens and landed in one of the balconies. There was a glass door, the other side of which was covered with a curtain.

    He moved to the corner of the door to find some gap through which he could see the other side of the hall. As the curtain wasn't covering the corners properly, he didn't have to work much hard to get a view of the inside, which he needed to Teleport inside. He was glad that he didn't need to break the windows to get inside.

    After getting a view of the inside, he managed to Teleport inside.

    Long Chen found himself inside a hallway that led to the balcony. He walked inwards while keeping his Divine Sense active, which he was using to see inside the various rooms of the Place.

    Most of the rooms had beautiful wives of the King sleeping peacefully. All of the women he saw were beautiful, which was to be expected since all of them were the wives of the King.

    He kept walking through the hallway and searching the places. He only used Shadow Transformation whenever he was near a maid, but most of the time, he kept the Shadow Transformation off.

    After searching through most of the rooms, he finally ended up outside a room. He could hear a few sounds coming from inside the room.

    Through his Divine Sense, he saw a man lying on the bed. The man seemed like he was in his late sixties. He had long white hair and a white beard.

    The man was entirely without clothes. A woman was standing on the man's waist, moving up and down. The woman's back was facing the door, which blocked the Royal Tutor's view of the door.

    Long Chen was somewhat glad that it was like this. There was not only one woman inside, though. There were three women inside the room. One of the women was kissing the old man. The Third woman was just lying near the old man, getting her body touched by the Royal Tutor. None of the people inside the room were wearing any clothes.

    'It's good. Since he's not wearing the robe, it should be easier to take it,' Long Chen thought as he saw the man's clothes placed on the table that was far away from the Royal Tutor. The table was near the door inside.

    He hadn't entered the room, but he was sure that when he did, it could take the robe within a second.

    The only doubt he had was if his Shadow Transformation Strong enough to keep himself from being found out by Royal Tutor.

    He did not know the real strength of the Royal Tutor, but he was almost certain that he wouldn't be found out since the Royal Tutor wasn't a Cultivator and the table was far away from him. He didn't think that there was any risk unless he was standing immediately beside the Royal Tutor.

    He slowly walked over to the door of the room and gently tried to open it, hoping that it wasn't going to be closed.

    Unfortunately, the door just happened to be locked.

    There were no windows to see inside, and he couldn't Teleport without being caught.

    Ultimately, he could only sigh in frustration.

    He wanted to curse out loud.

    'Whatever, looks like I'll have to take some risk anyway,' he thought as he sighed.

    He stepped closer to the door and knocked on it gently.

    The Royal Tutor heard the noise. He moved the woman he was kissing to the side to free his lips.

    "Who is it?" The Royal Tutor asked.

    "Go, see who is at the door."

    After not hearing any responsibility, he told the woman he was kissing to open the door while he placed both his hands on the first woman's waist, who was sitting on his waist.

    "Move Faster, you idiot woman!" the Royal Tutor cursed as he started helping her move up and down.

    The third woman walked over to the door and opened it. She didn't find anyone, though.

    She even stepped out of the room to look around without caring for the fact that she wasn't wearing anything. She didn't know that as she stepped outside the room, leaving the door completely open, Long Chen had snuck inside. He was still using his Shadow Transformation.

    "Who was it?" the Royal Tutor asked.

    "There's no one," The woman replied as she walked back.

    "There's no one? Are you saying wind knocked on the door?" the Royal Tutor asked as he frowned.

    "Maybe someone mistook this room for someone else's, and when they realized that they were wrong, they left?" The woman said innocently as she walked back inside and closed the door.

    She walked over to the men as she laid beside the Royal Tutor and started kissing him.

    Long Chen stood inside the room, near the table. He was trying to make as little sound as possible. He didn't want to get caught, so he was even holding his breath.

    He was staring at the red robe that was lying on the table.

    He reached out his hand and gently picked up the robe before he Teleported outside.

    "I have a strange feeling. No one would mistake this room for someone else's and run away without apologizing. Something is wrong," The Royal Tutor said as he moved the women aside and got off the bed.

    "I'll look outside," he said as he walked over to the table to get dressed, but his face turned pale as he realized that his red robe was missing.

    "Where is my robe!" he thundered as he turned back and looked towards the women.

    "Ah? Isn't it where you placed it?" the women asked in confusion as they looked at him.

    "It's not here, you dumb idiots! Tell me where it is! You don't know how important that robe is!" the Royal Tutor said as he glared at the women.

    He walked over to the woman, grabbed one of the women by her neck, and raised her in the air.

    It was the same woman who had opened the door to see you were outside.

    "You were the only one to step outside the room after I took my robe off! Tell me, who did you give it to! Don't you dare to play around with me!" the Royal Tutor said as he tightened his grip.

    "I-i did see something red on the table when I opened the door to look outside. It was there after I closed the door and came back to the bed as well. I-i don't know what happened. How did it disappear," the woman replied as she struggled to breathe.

    "Mysterious knocking and missing robe! Either it was your plan to have someone knock and give the person outside my robe, or someone snuck inside and took the robe!" The Royal Tutor muttered in a grim tone.

    "I can still forgive you if you tell me now. Even if it's your plan, I will let you live as long as you tell me, but if you lied, no one would be worse than me for you," the Royal Tutor said in a threatening tone.

    "I-i swear on my life! I didn't do it. I don't know what happened," the woman replied.

    The Royal Tutor looked deep in her eyes as she answered. After receiving her answer, he released her.

    "Someone came here and stole my robe,"  the Royal Tutor muttered as he started getting dressed.
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