720 Chapter 720:No Consequences?

    "To sneak inside the palace and steal my robe from right under my nose without getting caught, that person is definitely not someone simple! I need to catch him!" the Royal Tutor muttered as he stepped out of the room after getting dressed.

    He looked around the hallway, trying to find any clues.

    "The Thief wouldn't stay inside after getting what he wanted," he muttered as he went towards the exit of the Palace. He stopped in front of a maid that he happened to come across along the way.

    "Did you see a stranger here?" the Royal Tutor asked the maid as he frowned.

    "Ah, No," the maid said, shaking her head.

    The Royal Tutor moved the girl to the side as he continued advancing towards the nearest window.

    He looked outside, only seeing the guards protecting the palace under the beautiful moonlight. It was obvious that they hadn't seen any intruder since there was no commotion.

    "That **ing thief! It's impossible to find him now. But if he thinks he can escape this city after taking my robe, he's an Idiot. He might not have known about my War Spirit and my men!" the Royal Tutor muttered as he smirked. "Unfortunately, I still need a few things before I can find him."

    He was sure that he was soon going to find Long Chen.

    He opened the window and flew outside. He went back to his Palace.

    He knew that there was one way the thief could understand where he was, and that was if he asked the guards of his Palace or the Guards of this place. The first suspicion he had was his own Palace, and he wanted to check things out before making further decisions.


    After stealing the red robe, Long Chen flew straight to the hotel where the Dragon Squad was staying. He covered his face with a mask as he entered inside the Palace.

    He entered the room and, after searching around for a while, concluded that the room was completely empty. Wu Xun probably went outside to do what he wanted to.

    Long Chen sat on the bed and looked at the Phoenix Symbol on the robe in his hand.

    He could see how amazing the symbol looked. It seemed as if the flames were alive and moving.

    "So beautiful," Long Chen muttered as he smiled.

    "It certainly is. It was made using the blood drop of a real Phoenix. That's why it was called Phoenix Blood Robe. It can increase your defense, and it can increase your healing abilities," Xun told Long Chen as she smiled.

    "Not only that, it can do much more as it's a Saint Grade Artifact," she continued.

    "Defence is all I need, but what else can it do?" Long Chen asked Xun in confusion.

    " You know the biggest ability of a Phoenix?" Xun asked Long Chen with an amused smile on her face.

    "Rebirth through fire?" Long Chen replied as he smiled.

    "Yes," Xun nodded her head.

    "Do you mean that it can help me revive after I die?" Long Chen inquired as he frowned.

    Xun looked at Long Chen for quite some time before she ultimately opened her lips.

    "It can't," Xun said, shaking her head.

    "Then it's just a defensive artifact," Long Chen responded as he rolled his eyes.

    "What I meant by that is that the robe has the specialty of a phoenix since it was made with Phoenix Blood. It can be destroyed if someone more powerful attacks again and again, but it will recover itself. It can do that nine times," Xun told Long Chen.

    "Ah, so you mean that way. That's the same. For me, it's just a defensive artifact that should be able to protect me. I'm not saying it isn't good. I'm just saying it is what it is. I'm more of an attack first type of guy, but Defence of a good thing to have too. I appreciate this gift from Tian Shen," Long Chen replied as he laughed.

    He wore the Phoenix Robe, but he did not stop with that. He wore a cloak on top since that Flaming Phoenix Symbol was too prominent. He was sure that if anyone in public saw this robe, they were going to recognize it easily, and this was going to be a problem. He thought it was better to keep it hidden while still using it.

    "I wonder how long Royal Tutor will take before realizing that the robe is missing and if he'll order a citywide search," Long Chen muttered as he laid on the bed.

    'I'm sure Wu Xun must have thought of it. I wonder how he plans to deal with the aftermath of this theft without letting it affect his main mission,' he thought as he laid down on the bed and wondered if everything was going to go according to the plan or if he needed to change it accordingly.

    After a few minutes of deep thinking, he sat up and decided that he would adjust according to the situation's demand, but the more important thing to do now was to increase his strength. If he gained enough strength faster than the speed of his Plan, then he could just stop everything and make a hostile takeover.

    He was about to cultivate, but he stopped as he thought about something.

    "Xun, I have a question. What if I used the Dark Sacrifice? The Law of Darkness will make me lose my mind for some time, but I can gain incredible strength for a short time. As for the side effects of Dark Sacrifice, so what if there are any? Since I'm going to leave this body and go back to my real body anyway, it wouldn't matter," he asked Xun.

    "Just like the effect that of the last time isn't affecting this body, the effect of Dark Sacrifice here shouldn't affect my real body. Doesn't that mean I'm free of the consequences here?" he continued.

    "That's true, but still, I suggest that you don't do it. Don't ruin the possible future prospects of this body," Xun muttered as she shook her head.

    "Future Prospects of the body? What do you mean?" Long Chen inquired in confusion.

    "Nothing. Just remember that using it should always be the last resort," Xun continued.

    "Fine. There's a long path ahead anyway. I don't want to be this short-sighted. I'm going to become a hero for everyone in this Kingdom that blamed Mi Liayi's family. After I leave, no problem should arise for her. I'll finish this trial, and I'll do it in a way that she would have a good life even after I leave," Long Chen said, nodding his head.
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