721 Chapter 721: Sealed City

    He stopped talking and began his Cultivation.

    The night passed away in the silence. No Dragon Squad Member returned throughout the night, allowing Long Chen to cultivate in peace.

    Half of the Day also passed away, and no one returned still. Long Chen had stopped cultivating at this moment as he frowned.

    He used his Divine Sense and looked through the other rooms that were booked by the Dragon Squad Members, but those rooms were empty as well.

    "Why is no one back yet? I know all of them had an assigned time to finish their mission, but that didn't mean they can't return," he muttered as he frowned.

    He stood up and got off the bed. He walked up to the window and looked outside, only to be surprised as he saw the streets filled with guards. Guards could be seen everywhere, checking everyone they found.

    Some of them were even entering the hotel where Long Chen was staying in.

    "Looks like it's the Royal Tutor's doing. He must be trying to find his Phoenix Blood Robe. If I'm not wrong, all the paths leaving from this town must have been blocked along with the airspace," he muttered as he walked back to the bed.

    " They're probably taking more time to finish their tasks because of this intense search. Still, it's good. All the guards are searching the city. After they don't find anything from this search, they'll think that the thief left. That would make them relax themselves. As for the Royal Tutor, he should be pretty overconfident too since he knows that whoever the thief was, didn't want his life. He wouldn't bother buffing up his security after that anyway," he muttered as he sat on the bed and resumed Cultivation.

    He did keep using his Divine Sense occasionally to see what was happening outside.

    After a while, he noticed that the guards had arrived on their floor. They were starting to look inside the rooms to see if anyone was inside and to search.

    He stood up and moved to the side as he started waiting for his room to be checked. It was no wonder the hotel staff was helping the guards check the guest's room without their permission. It was the order of the second strongest person in the kingdom, after all.

    Soon, the guards reached his room. The door was opened, and they all barged inside. They searched the whole room and didn't find anyone. After some time, they left the place, unaware that the person they were looking for was standing right beside them as they searched the room.

    After they left, Long Chen went back to his Cultivation.


    The Day passed away, and it was night when Wu Xun finally arrived.

    He entered the room and saw Long Chen.

    "Looks like you were successful in stealing the thing. The whole city is on lockdown. The Royal Tutor has sealed the entry and exit, but that doesn't matter. It'll only last a day or two at most," Wu Xun said as he smiled.

    "Show me the robe," he told Long Chen.

    Long Chen got off the bed and took off the cloak he was wearing, revealing the beautiful red robe with the burning Phoenix Pattern on it's back.

    "That looks just as good as I had heard. Covering that with a cloak is a good idea. You can use it. Keep it safe while we're here," Wu Xun said as he nodded his head while sitting on the bed.

    "Where are the others?" Long Chen inquired.

    "They'll be here soon," Wu Xun answered.

    "I have something to tell you, though," Long Chen suddenly said as he frowned.

    "What?" Wu Xun asked as he glanced back at Long Chen.

    "When I was searching for the robe, I saw a ring on Royal Tutor's finger. It seemed to be the same ring as the one that I heard about. I think the King gave a ring to the Royal Tutor. I don't know why he would do that, but that seems to be the case. We might need to kill the Royal Tutor to succeed in the mission instead," Long Chen said in a grim tone.

    "Yeah, I was about to ask that to you as well. I went to gather some information, and I found out that the King isn't wearing any ring. I was starting to think that you lied. It looks like the King gave a ring to the Royal Tutor to protect," Wu Xun muttered as he frowned. "It's good that the misunderstanding is clear. We can get straight to it."

    " Let everyone get back. Then I'll declare that as soon as this search dies down, we'll attack the Royal Tutor and take back the ring," he added.

    "That's better," Long Chen said as he smiled innocently.

    He didn't know if the King wore a ring or not. His previous plan was to have them attack the king, but not to have them kill the King. If the King wasn't wearing any ring, he could give an excuse that he gave a ring to the Royal Tutor later. If the King was wearing a ring, Long Chen could claim that it didn't match what he heard and it wasn't the real king, getting the Royal Tutor back on target, but he decided to skip the step.

    He knew that it might possibly create a few loopholes in his story, but now he wanted to skip that step and go back to the main course.

    'I guess I'm lucky. This guy already went to see the King. Skipping that unnecessary step turned out to be in my favor since if I had changed the story after his interrogation, it wouldn't be as effective,' Long Chen thought as he nodded his head.

    He was right, though. He did see that Royal Tutor was wearing a ring tonight, so he could claim that it was the same ring after they killed the Royal Tutor.

    Royal Tutor's death would spark an outrage and force the king to start a war. That's when the real fun will begin. A fight for revenge was more effective than a fight to defend. He wanted the citizens of the Aksha Kingdom to be outraged at the Sunai Kingdom so that he could sweep in all obstacles at once. That's what he thought, not knowing if this plan was going to succeed or fail.

    Soon, the other Dragon Squad Members started arriving in the room as well. They had managed to escape the extensive search throughout the city while doing their mission.

    All of them informed Wu Xun of their founding.

    After telling all they found out, they waited for further orders from Wu Xun.
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