723 Chapter 723: Phoenix Vs Dragon

    Wu Xun entered the Place, closely followed behind by his fellow members.

    As they entered, they found the bottom floor entirely empty. No one could be seen there.

    "It's just like last time. He should be in his room upstairs or not here at all," Long Chen said in a low voice as he closed the door behind.

    The Dragon Squad Members started walking towards the stairs, trying to minimize the noise made by their feet as they walked. Soon, they reached upstairs.

    They walked towards the room of the Royal Tutor, following behind Long Chen, who had been here before.

    Long Chen slowly pushed the door of the room open.

    The Dragon Squad Members were able to see inside the room. What they saw made them elated.

    The Royal Tutor was lying on the bed with his eyes closed.

    'It might be simpler than I thought,' Wu Xun thought as he pulled out a knife. He was just about to step inside the room when he stopped.

    "Why did you stop? Come inside," The Royal Tutor said as he opened his eyes and sat up.

    "This is a trap. We might need to fight more than we thought. Get ready! Failure is not an option!" Wu Xun said as he gestured for the others to step back.

    "The Leader of the Dragon Squad is here personally. Your King must really hate the Royal Tutor to send you to kill him."

    Another voice was heard as a person walked out of the shadows, standing beside the Royal Tutor.

    " Vermilion," Wu Xun muttered as he frowned.

    Long Chen was also frowning behind his mask. Fortunately, his mask was hiding his face, along with his expressions.

    'Vermillion is here. That must mean they knew we were going to attack. The other Phoenix Organization Members should be here too,' Long Chen thought. His assumption turned out to be true as he heard the sound of footsteps downstairs.

    Except for Wu Xun, everyone else looked back, finding over twenty Phoenix Organization members standing downstairs with a smirk on their faces.

    "The Phoenix Organization is here. It was a trap!" One of the Dragon Squad Members said as he frowned at the sight of the Phoenix Organization Members. Wu Xun kept his eyes on Vermilion and the Royal Tutor, not caring about the other Phoenix Organization Members in the least.

    " How did you find out about our plan," Wu Xun asked in a grim tone.

    "Did you think that you can steal my previous robe and I wouldn't be able to find you all? Did you really think that you wouldn't be found out if you managed to dodge the City Guard's search?" The Royal Tutor smirked as he got off the bed.

    "That search was a scheme to hide the fact that you found us?" Wu Xun asked as he frowned.

    "Haha, I should've expected at least that much from the Dragon Squad Leader. At Least you were able to deduce that. Yes, the search was just a waste of time. I had found out about you all the very next day after you stole my precious Robe. You were really ignorant about mine and my people's war Spirits. It wasn't tough finding you from the scent left behind on my clothes when the thief stole it," The Royal Tutor said as he laughed.

    "As for Spying on you all after that, it was even easier. I know you were targeting me for my ring. I don't know why, but I'll take sweet time interrogating you later, after catching you," he continued.

    "You'll do that after you catch us. As for catching us, that's a far fetched dream. Guys! We're at war. Show them what Dragon Squad is capable of. You handle downstairs. The little guy and I will take care upstairs," Wu Xun said as he flew straight towards Vermilion.

    Long Chen also ran ahead, in the direction of the Royal Tutor. He couldn't back off now. He had to show off in front of Wu Xun and take the ring.

    The man with the Ruler War Spirit again brought out his War Spirit. The Ruler once again started shining, decreasing the distance between the Dragon Squad members and the people downstairs.

    The Dragon Squad member instantly jumped ahead as they started attacking the Spirit Warriors of the Dragon Squad.

    Just as Wu Xun was about to get close to Vermilion, Vermilion waved his hand gently, creating a wall of flame in between him and Wu Xun.

    "Child's Plan!" Wu Xun roared as he clapped his hands gently. A big blast of wind appeared out of nowhere that blew away the raging flames.

    Wu Xun continued ahead as he packet his fist. He punched towards Vermilion's face. A dense force of Wind appeared around Wu Xun's fist.

    Vermilion did the same as he punched out as well. Both the fists collided, creating a blast of wind and fire.

    The blast was enough to force Vermilion ten steps back while Wu Xun only took one step back.

    "Hah, you're the new leader of the Phoenix Organization, but you're nothing in front of Demon! He would've matched my attack easily. As for you, you're a kid!" Wu Xun said as he shook his head in disappointment.

    "Go back if you don't want to die here!" He continued. "You're not strong enough!"

    "You haven't seen half of my strength!" Vermilion thundered as foamed appeared around both his arms, burning the clothing around his arms. His muscles were revealed.

    Vermilion flew towards Wu Xun as he attacked again, but this time, his flames were more intense as a Shadow of a Vermilion Bird appeared behind his back.

    "Already using your War Spirit? Such an immature Little kid. Demon never used his War Spirit first. He always forced me to use my War Spirit first. You're really a kid in front of him. Hah, the Phoenix Organization has really become weaker. Did they expect to match the Phoenix Organization with our Dragon Squad with such a weak leader at its helm?" Wu Xun said as he kept dancing with the winds, dodging all of Vermilion's attacks.

    "Are you a kid? Stop dodging. Or you can just keep dodging and waste time while your team dies," Vermilion replied to Long Chen.

    " My Team? I don't need to worry about them. You should be the one worried instead," Wu Xun said as he smirked.

    Just as he said that, a scream echoed in the palace. The scream brought a smile to Wu Xun's face while bringing a frown to Vermilion's face. The scream that had appeared was the scream of a Phoenix Organization Member.

    "There comes the first one. Get ready to hear more," Wu Xun said as he grinned.

    " If you think that's enough to sway me, you're wrong. The Phoenix is born from blood, and it burns everything. Just like we will burn you all to ashes!" Vermilion roared as he increased the pace of his attacks.

    "Hah, I just wanted to see your skills. That's why I was dodging, trying to see if you can even land one bit, but you're useless. I guess the Vermilion Bird Spirit is just a useless Spirit that's blown out of proportion. It's either that or the Master of this War Spirit is useless who doesn't know how to use it properly," Wu Xun said as he sighed.

    " I guess it's a little bit of both. The War Spirit and the person using it are both useless," he continued as he stopped dodging and caught the fist of Vermillion.

    Vermilion's fist was burning in flames. The flames were fierce enough to burn everything it touched, but it couldn't burn Wu Xun's hand since Wu Xun's hands were surrounded by a dense protective layer formed by the wind. It kept his hands safe, but it didn't prevent the heat from harming Wu Xun.

    Fortunately, a little bit of time was all Wu Xun needed.
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