724 Chapter 724: Raging Battle

    A smile appeared on Wu Xun's face as he looked at Vermilion.

    Vermilion knew that he was in danger as he saw a strange shadow appear behind Wu Xun.

    It seemed as if the Shadows of an angel that had beautiful wings.

    Wu Xun was almost done with delaying. He pulled Vermilion closer and punched out with his other hand. Vermilion lowered his head, dodging the fist of Wu Xun, but that's when he felt an incredible force of wing above his body that pinned him down to the ground.

    "We haven't even begun, and you're already on the ground? That's such a shame," Wu Xun muttered as he laughed.

    He raised his hand, forming a wind blade in his hand as he walked closer to Vermillion.

    "You can never take his Place. You're too weak," Wu Xun said.

    "You... Have not won!" Vermilion let out in a grim tone.

    The Vermilion War Spirit shadow behind Vermilion intensified as his flames became even more intense.

    Wu Xun felt something was wrong. He used his Angel of Wind War Spirit as he jumped back, barely dodging the flame blast that had appeared around Vermillion out of thin air.

    The blast was so powerful that it broke the windows nearby. Fortunately, Wu Xun had managed to create some distance and formed a barrier around himself, which helped him protect himself from this attack.

    Wu Xun was frustrated that this was taking so much time. He knew that Long Chen had the ability to protect himself, but he wanted to be there to help him as fast as he could. They needed to take that ring fast and leave before the commotion attracted even more people.

    He glanced in the direction of Long Chen to see how things were going there, but he was shocked to see that Long Chen, both of them were just looking at each other, not doing anything.

    The Royal Tutor's breathing seemed to be faster while Long Chen looked a bit more relaxed.

    "Focus on your own battle!" Vermilion roared as he flew towards Wu Xun like a flaming bird.

    Vermilion's top half of clothes were already burnt, revealing his bare chest and well-built muscles.


    Long Chen had instantly attacked the Royal Tutor right after Wu Xun went to attack Vermilion. He thought that Wu Xun would soon come to give him back up, so he was only delaying Royal Tutor instead of seriously attacking.

    He rarely attacked and mostly dodged the attacks, making the Royal Tutor tired and angrier.

    "You're a good little rat, aren't you? Did the Vermilion Squad only teach you to run away like cowards?" The Royal Tutor mocked Long Chen as he started laughing.

    Long Chen started laughing as well.

    "Why are you laughing?" The Royal Tutor asked Long Chen as he stopped laughing and instead began frowning.

    "I was just thinking how shamelessly one can be so proud of themselves if they can't even catch a little rat. That thought just made me laugh a little," Long Chen said as he smiled.

    "You little Bastard, you really have a big mouth, don't you," the Royal Tutor asked as he frowned.

    " Your mouth seems bigger, though. You're having a hard time breathing, yet you're talking so much. Why don't you just sit back and die in peace? You're already old enough for that," Long Chen replied in a mocking tone as he smiled.

    "You Bastard! You dare talk to me like that?" The Royal Tutor was enraged as he started running towards Long Chen, taking the lead in attacking.

    "Come, old bull," Long Chen laughed as he watched the old man run towards him. Just as the Royal Tutor reached in front of Long Chen, Long Chen disappeared and appeared behind the Royal Tutor's back.

    Long Chen was standing in front of the stairs. The Royal Tutor realized that he would fall if he didn't stop after Long Chen disappeared, but before he could stop, he felt a kick land on his back, pushing him even further.

    The Royal Tutor fell and rolled down the stairs.

    "Hah, looks like I underestimated the kid. He can be pretty sneaky. He annoyed your Royal Tutor so much that he lost his mind," Wu Xun laughed as he glanced at Long Chen again.

    " You're again looking there! Focus on your own battle, Wu Xun. You're underestimating me too much. I haven't used even half my strength yet!" Vermilion said as he attacked Wu Xun again.

    "What are you waiting for then? If it were him, he wouldn't hold anything back except his War Spirit. You're just a kid who's still immature," Wu Xun mocked Vermilion again.

    "Stop comparing me to him! I'm your enemy here, not him!" Vermilion said as he attacked Wu Xun again.

    Wu Xun watched Vermilion with an amused smile on his face. He did not mind Vermilion's anger. Instead, he was somewhat happy that he was succeeding.

    In his years of fighting experience, he had learned one most important thing. It was that a warrior was at their most vulnerable state when they were angry. That's why he always tried to maintain his calm while he faced the opponents. Similarly, he tried to weaken the enemies instead by making them angry.

    That was succeeding, which made him happy as a calm enemy was the worst enemy in his head, just like how Long Chen was calm and used the Royal Tutor's anger. If the Royal Tutor hadn't lost his head in anger, he wouldn't have tasted the ground.


    While Wu Xun and Vermillion were having a battle upstairs, the Dragon Squad Members and the Phoenix Organization members were having a battle of their own downstairs. Their battle had destroyed everything. Even a few of the walls were damaged. The pillars were broken as well.

    Two Phoenix Organization Members and one Dragon Squad member were already dead.

    Still, the Phoenix Organization seemed to be at an advantage in numbers.

    That's when they all saw Royal Tutor come rolling down the stairs.

    A few of the Phoenix Organization Members left the battle to go help the Royal Tutor. As their numbers were already more than the Dragon Squad Members, it didn't affect the battle much when one of them left. The Dragon Squad Members were still busy, fighting to kill.

    "Royal Tutor, are you alright?" The Phoenix Organization member asked as he helped the Royal Tutor up.

    "Stay away! I don't need any help!" The Royal Tutor thundered as he pushed the man away. It was already embarrassing for him to fall down the stairs, and to get help for a lowly Spirit Warrior was making him ashamed of himself. He couldn't help but lash out at the Spirit Warrior that came to help him.

    "Ah, Old Man, are you fine? Should I come help?" Long Chen asked from upstairs.

    "You will pay for this!" The Royal Tutor let out as he started going upstairs again.

    He reached upstairs but realized that Long Chen wasn't there anymore.

    Long Chen was now downstairs, looking at him with a mocking grin on his face.

    While he was about to do something, he heard the noise of something breaking.

    He looked back and noticed that Vermilion wasn't there anymore. Only Wu Xun was standing there. Wu Xun seemed to be looking upwards.

    "Oh, boy, this is going to attract a lot of attention," Wu Xun said.

    The Royal Tutor also looked upwards and noticed that the roof was gone and fire could be seen in the sky. It seemed like a bird of flames was flapping its wings as it looked down in disdain.

    "Guys, leave this Palace right now! Little Kid, take the ring and stop playing. Our time is up! We need to leave!" Wu Xun yelled out in a warning as he watched the bird of flames come down like lightning.
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