725 Chapter 725: Crashing Vermilion

    The Dragon Squad members listened to the commands and tan towards the exit.

    The Phoenix Organization Members chased after them.

    Long Chen and the Royal Tutor stayed behind, but even they felt the heat increase suddenly.

    "That idiot! What is he doing? Does he want to destroy my Palace!" The Royal Tutor roared in a get as he looked at the giant flaming bird that was coming down.

    He raised his hand as a Shadow started forming around him. He wanted to stop Vermilion from destroying his Palace, but before his War Spirit could fully materialize, he coughed out a mouthful of blood.

    He looked down and saw a sword coming out of his chest. His heart was stabbed directly.

    While his attention was diverted because of Vermillion, he hadn't been aware of his surroundings enough to protect himself. By the time he realized, it was already too late as Long Chen had asked behind him and stabbed his heart.

    The Royal Tutor dropped to his knees.

    "You'll die a terrible... death," The Royal Tutor muttered in a weak voice as his body flopped down, lying flat on the ground. The Shadow that was forming behind him disappeared before Long Chen could even have any idea about what his War Spirit was.

    He reached out his hand and took the ring from the Royal Tutor's fingers.

    "I got the ring!" He called out.

    "Nice! Now get out of here fast, you idiot! He's going to burn this palace to ashes!" Wu Xun told Long Chen in an annoyed tone.

    "What about you?" Long Chen inquired.

    "Me? I'm not going. I'm going to have a little more fun here. It's not everyday I get to face the opponents that give their all," Wu Xun said as the White Winged Angel Shadow again appeared behind his back.

    'This crazy guy. What's fun about courting death. I'd stay as far away from here as I can," Long Chen thought as he started running away.

    He had barely managed to get out of the Palace when the flaming bird landed on the palace. Vermilion war inside the flames that seemed to be forming the flaming bird.

    A blast occurred as a big cloud of flame, and dust rose up in the sky.

    Even though Long Chen had left the palace, he couldn't save himself from the blast. He was caught by the flames. Fortunately, he Teleported away right at the moment when he felt the fire touch him.

    Even though he appeared fifty meters away, he wasn't safe from the impact as he was tossed away. Fortunately, he wasn't injured as he crashed on the ground.

    He stood up and looked back in the direction of the Palace.

    All he could see was the fire. There was no sign of Vermillion or Wu Xun.

    As for the other Dragon Squad members, Long Chen found them behind him. But he did see something else as well. What he saw made him frown.

    He was wondering how it all came to this. The initial plan was simple. It was to sneak inside the Royal Tutor's Palace, kill him, take the ring and go back after leaving some clues that it was the work of Dragon Squad but what had happened was much overboard.

    Instead of sneaking inside without being found out, they had managed to successfully blow up the entire palace of the Royal Tutor, painting a big red mark over their head for the entire city and all the guards to see. They even lost the Dragon Squad Leader, and now, they had no hopes of escaping as Long Chen saw over a hundred city guards standing behind the Phoenix Organization members who were facing the Dragon Squad Members.

    "Are you going to surrender, or are you going to die?" one of the Phoenix Organization members asked the Dragon Squad.

    ' I guess this plan was a failure. I should leave myself, leaving them all behind,' Long Chen thought in disappointment as he sighed.

    He couldn't do anything other than leave himself using his various abilities. He knew that he couldn't have the Dragon Squad members. All he could do was continue the next part of the plan without the Dragon Squad members that were going to be arrested here.

    Long Chen was just about to use the Teleport to leave when he heard a voice.

    "Well, that was fun, but it did hurt a little."

    Long Chen heard the voice and glanced back. He recognized the voice.

    He saw the rubbles move and a man flying outside.

    The man landed behind Long Chen.

    "Good work on getting the ring. Bad work on trying to stay undercover. Well, since we're already exposed, what can we do. At Least we got what we came here for. Time to leave," Wu Xun said as he laughed out loud.

    The White Wind Angel War Spirit Shadow again appeared behind him. Fierce wind started flowing around in circles, forcing a whirlwind wall that covered the Dragon Squad Members, hiding them from public view.

    "Well, you guys know the drill. Time to go home. Hold each other's hands," Wu Xun announced.

    A Dragon Squad member came forward and held Long Chen's right hand. Another Dragon Squad Members came forward and held that man's hand.

    Wu Xun held the left hand of Long Chen and held the hand of another Dragon Squad member with his right hand.

    Soon, a human chain was created with Wu Xun in the center. There were nine people on his left side and nine on his right. They were twenty when they had come here, but one of them was already dead in this mission.

    "Hold the hands tight! If you lose your grip, you'll fall down, and I'm not returning to bring you back!" Wu Xun declared.

    "Destroyed the wind wall!" The Phoenix Organization declared as they all got ready to attack, but that's when they saw something shoot out of the whirlwind. They could see Wu Xun flying away. He seemed to be carrying the other Eighteen members of the Dragon Squad.

    "Attack them! Don't let them run!" Someone shouted the command.

    Everyone started attacking in Wu Xun's direction.

    "Ruler! Do your magic!" Wu Xun said as he laughed.

    A Ruler War Spirit appeared behind the man who Wu Xun called as Ruler. The War Spirit changed the perception of space in the surroundings, making it so that the distance between the attacker and them was much more than it actually was. The more distance the attacks traveled, the more energy they lost, and the weaker they became.

    " Fin, create a barrier, and take care of the weakened attack! We'll soon be out of the city boundary!" Wu Xun declared.

    The guy called Fin had a protection type War Spirit that created a transparent barrier between them and the attacks. The attacks that were already weakened weren't able to break the shield even though the attacks were much more in number.

    Most of the Phoenix Organization Members started chasing after the Dragon Squad on their flying beasts.

    Only a few were left behind that seemed to be injured.

    "I hope they catch them," One of the Phoenix Organization members who was left behind muttered when he suddenly heard the sound of cough coming from the rubble.

    He walked over and moved the rubble aside, revealing Vermilion, who still seemed to be alive. Vermilion was injured only lightly.

    "Where are the Dragon Squad Bastards?" Vermilion asked as he was helped out of the rubble.

    "They ran away. Our men are chasing them," the man replied.

    "Hah, they ran away. I'll see how far they can run," Vermilion let out as he clenched his fist.

    The air around him started turning hot as a Vermilion War Spirit Shadow started taking place behind him.
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