726 Chapter 726: Chase

    A Vermilion Shadow started taking shape behind Vermilion as the air in his surroundings started getting hot.

    The man that had helped him stepped back to protect himself from the heat.

    "I'll catch them myself," Vermilion muttered as he started forming flaming wings, but before the wings could form successfully, he coughed out a mouthful of blood as he dropped down to his knees.

    "Master Vermilion," The Phoenix Organization member ran up to him and helped him up again.

    "Are you injured?" he asked.

    "That seems to be the case. I can't use my War Spirit for now," Vermilion muttered as he gazed into the distant horizon.

    He knew that he couldn't chase after them.

    "Ah, right. Was their leader with them when they fled, or had he died in my attacks?" Vermilion inquired.

    "Ah, he came out fine after the attack. He's the one that took the others away," the man replied.

    "He shouldn't be fine. He's probably injured as well, but he's hiding it. Still, even an injured lion can kill. It's going to be tough for our men to catch them," Vermilion muttered as he frowned.

    Just as he had expected, his men were indeed having a hard time catching up to the Dragon Squad.

    The flying speed of Wu Xun was almost as fast as the speed of their flying mounts. They weren't getting any success in closing the distance between them and Wu Xun.

    They kept trying to harm Wu Xun and his man through their attacks, but the defense of Wu Xun was also pretty good. Wu Xun was fully utilizing the War Spirits of his men to protect themselves.

    Soon, Wu Xun managed to cross the boundary of the city, but his speed seemed to be slowing down.

    "Call your mounts! I can't hold on for longer! It's time to leave on them!" Wu Xun told his men.

    Everyone called out the names of their Dark Spirit Horses that they had left in the nearby forest as they flew above it.

    Ten Dark Spirit Horses came out of the forest and flew upward.

    All of the Dragon Squad Members left each other's hands as they jumped down on top of their winged Horses.

    Wu Xun also landed on his Dark Spirit Horse with Long Chen.

    The Phoenix Organization Members faced another problem now. At first, they were thinking that Wu Xun would eventually run out of strength and they would catch him, but they didn't know that their Spirit Horses were hiding nearby.

    With the appearance of the Dark Spirit Horses, catching the enemy that was running away was even more difficult. That seemed to be the problem as the speed of all the mounts was almost the same, and moreover, the Dark Spirit Horses were only slightly faster, so they were the best mounts when it came to running away.

    No matter what they tried, their attacks didn't seem to be working, and the distance between the two sides only kept increasing with time.

    It was much better for Dragon Squad when it was a face to face fight, but they weren't as good when it came to running away and chasing.

    "Time to lose their trail. Little guy, you take the lead. I'll be right back," Wu Xun said as he jumped off the Dark Spirit Horse, leaving Long Chen alone on it.

    Wu Xun flew back in the direction of the Phoenix Organization Members.

    "Careful! He's coming here!" The Phoenix Organization members said as they stopped their beasts.

    Wu Xun didn't get close to them, though. He just stopped mid-air as he raised his hands towards the sky.

    A Shadow of White-Winged Angel started appearing behind him. The Shadow was twice his size now.

    A whirlwind started forming around Wu Xun that kept spreading and spreading. It kept getting bigger and soon, split into many small whirlwinds.

    The intense whirlwinds made entirely of dense wings started moving towards the people that were chasing after the Dragon Squad.

    "Have fun with these, little men. I'm running," Wu Xun said as he started flying away, into the direction of the Dark Spirit Horses that were waiting for him at some distance.

    He took his position in front of Long Chen as he started flying ahead again.

    Long Chen glanced back to see if someone was following them or not.

    "Don't worry. It'll take them a lot of time to deal with my attack. I had to use whatever little bit of strength I had to use that. They can't deal with that in a short time unless Vermilion comes to help that. By the time they deal with it, we'll be far away from their reach," Wu Xun told Long Chen as he smiled.

    Long Chen nodded his head.

    "Anyway, give me the ring. Let me see what's special about it," Wu Xun told Long Chen as he reached out his hand.

    Long Chen gave the Royal Tutor's ring to Wu Xun.

    "Hmm," Wu Xun started observing the time carefully.

    "I see nothing special about it. It's just a little bit pretty, but it doesn't seem like a powerful artifact," Wu Xun let out in confusion.

    " I don't think we can see the specialty. From what I heard, only the person this ring is bound to will see its specialty, and only that person can use it. It was bound to the King, so I thought he'd keep it with himself, but the king gave the ring to the Royal Tutor for whatever reason," Long Chen replied as he frowned.

    "Now the main question is, why would the King give such a powerful artifact to the Royal Tutor? It must be because he knew that the ring was bound to him, and the Royal Tutor can't use it. As for the ring, he gave it to the Royal Tutor; maybe it was to safeguard it?" Long Chen let out, making up a story as he went along.

    " That sounds a little far-fetched, but that does make sense," Wu Xun muttered as he looked at the ring.

    "Yeah," Long Chen let out as he nodded his head with an innocent smile on his face.

    " Things are going to get complicated now," Wu Xun muttered as he loved towards the sky.

    "Why?" Long Chen asked in confusion.

    "I wanted to take the time and sneak out without leaving any proof, but now, everyone knows that we entered the Aksha Kingdom and assassinated their Royal Tutor. Everyone knows that it was the Dragon Squad who did it," Wu Xun said.

    "What do you think the Aksha Kingdom will do now?" He asked Long Chen.

    "That will declare a war and try to take the ring back?" Long Chen replied. He was smiling on the inside since even if they had managed to sneak inside, it was going to happen. That's what he wanted, after all.

    "Yes. If they did nothing despite all this, they would be called a coward by the entire world. To save whatever reputation they have, they will declare war. War is pretty close now. At Least they can't use this dangerous artifact now. Without them using this, we can easily win the war," Wu Xun replied.

    "Many innocent lives of our Spirit Warriors will be lost in the war, though," He added.

    "Are you concerned about their lives?" Long Chen asked Wu Xun. He didn't think that someone like Wu Xun, who had seen so many wars, would be concerned about lives after all he went through.

    "Why? Can't I be concerned about lives? My own son will be taking part in the war. Not only the life of my son but the life of all my men are precious to me. If even a single life is lost, then that's already too much," Wu Xun said as he sighed.
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