727 Chapter 727: Xu Liang

    "True. The lives of your men should be precious to you. Do you hate war?" Long Chen inquired.

    "I like wars. I just don't like losing people," Wu Xun said as he smiled.

    "Anyway, when we go back, you'll get a special reward for your performance in this mission. I'm sure you'll like the rewards. As for the War that's going to be coming, I'm sure we'll handle it as well,"  he continued.

    " Yeah," Long Chen muttered as he stopped talking.

    "So you did all this just to make a war happen between the two kingdoms? Wouldn't spreading a rumor of the Aksha Kingdom preparing to attack the Sunai Kingdom be enough for them to wage a war?" Xun asked Long Chen.

    'No, I wanted the Aksha Kingdom to declare the war. That's what they'll be doing now. This marks the success of the first part of my plan. Now the second part will be seeing up a backup option. Something that I can go back to if things go south later on,' Long Chen told Xun using his thoughts.

    "What will you be doing next?" Xun asked Long Chen.

    'Me? Of course, I'll be fighting in the war. Not only that, I'll be bringing the War to Aksha Kingdom's Royal City again,' Long Chen said as he smirked.

    "Bringing the War to them? If that happens, the Sunai Kingdom's victory is guaranteed. What then? Will you ask the Sunai King to give you the crown of Aksha Kingdom?" Xun asked Long Chen.

    'Hah, no. I won't be doing that. I'll ask the Sunai King to make me the King of Aksha Kingdom before I join the war, so I don't need to ask him again, but becoming the King is not what I want. What I am looking for is the aftermath. I want to do it in such a way that leaves no dangers in the future. They'll die!' Long Chen said.

    ' Both the Kings will die! The Leaders of Dragon Squad and the Leaders of Phoenix Organization will be bowing before me! The Aksha Kingdom citizens will have nothing but love for me in their hearts! Mi Liayi will enjoy eternal peace in the kingdom I'll leave for her,' he said to Xun.

    "Hah, I'm pretty interested to see how you make that happen. If you can manage to do that and succeed, it'll be incredible," Xun said as she laughed.


    While Long Chen was going through the trial on a far away sealed planet, On the planet back home, his real body was still lying inside that dungeon in a dark room near a small pond of water.

    The whole place seemed completely empty. The silence and the emptiness inside that place were somewhat scary.


    In a different part of the same world, a young boy was sitting inside a small house. It was a boy who seemed to be only 5-6 years old. The boy had dark hair and beautiful blue eyes.

    He was the same boy that was released from the ancient tomb inside the Ghost Temple Special Realm. The boy had touched the Rainbow Phoenix Statue that was placed right beside the statue of the Ancient Myriad Beast.

    As he touched the statue, the statue had broken apart, but not before teleporting him far away from that place.

    The boy had arrived in a deserted place, not knowing where he was. The boy had no memories of anything other than spending an eternity in darkness, so he quite liked being in the light.

    He happened to meet the heir and the Young Master of the God Beast Black Tortoise Clan that just happened to arrive there after running away from the clan members that were trying to bring him back to the God Beast Realm.

    Just when the Black Tortoise Clan Young Master was about to attack the young boy to kill him in anger for not getting an answer, he had to stop and leave as he saw his Clan Members there, freeing the young boy.

    The young boy spent a few more days in the desert before he was found by an old lady.

    The old lady saw the young boy standing in the desert on a hot day. She asked him about his family, but it seemed like the boy didn't know about any family. The old lady thought that the boy was an orphan who was either abandoned or lost his way.

    She decided to bring the going boy back to her village.

    She also named the young boy since the boy didn't seem to have a name of his own.

    She named the young boy... Xu Liang.

    That's how the young boy ended up in a small village.

    No one had any idea who this young boy was. They only knew that he was an orphan who was found in a desert by the old lady that brought her to her small house.

    They didn't know that the boy they thought to be a kid was way older than they could have ever imagined. The boy didn't talk much. He only listened and looked at various things as if he was seeing them for the first time. There was always excitement on his face that seemed to make everyone around him happy.

    The villagers had also noticed one more thing. Since the moment this boy was brought to the village, the village seemed to have pleasant weather all around.

    The Village was known to face heavy rainfall that made things difficult for everyone. The agriculture was also affected because of the rains, but since the boy was brought here, there hadn't been rain like that again. The sky was always Sunny as well.

    The young boy was named Xu Liang, who seemed to be having a good time here. The old lady that brought her here taught him about many things. He was taught to write and to read. He was also told to speak more since he already knew how to speak.

    Everything was going well, but no one knew that these good things weren't going to last for much longer.


    Back in the Dark Soul Sect, everything was finally peaceful. None of the Major Righteous or Evil sects had found out that the person who killed so many members of the sects was a part of the Dark Soul Sect.

    After a month-long search, the sects had still failed to find Long Chen and his whereabouts. They did manage to find the place where the Elders had gone to capture Long Chen- the Shui Kingdom, which was the home Kingdom of Long Chen.

    As they got there, they only saw ruins everywhere. It was as if someone had brutally destroyed the Royal City of the Shui Kingdom.

    No one knew what happened here. No one had any idea who destroyed the Royal City, but a few people did report seeing a Giant Snake-like creature flying above the kingdom the day it happened.

    All the big clans of the Kingdom were placed in the Royal City. As they were all wiped out, the Kingdom lost all of its strong warriors. From a third Rank kingdom, it dropped down to an Unranked Kingdom.

    The Royal Family was also wiped. Only two people from the Royal Family were left.

    One of them was the Eldest Prince of the Yue Clan, who was selected as a disciple of a Major Sect in a Second Ranked Kingdom.

    The Second Person was Yue Fei.

    Yue Fei was the Third Princess of the Shui Kingdom. She was also selected in the same sect as her brother, along with Long Xue Ying from Long Chen's clan.

    Long Chen took Long Xue Ying with him since she was a part of his clan, and he knew that the enemies might try to wipe everyone from his clan after not finding him, but he didn't take Yue Fei with him, with whom he had a friendly relationship.
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