728 Chapter 728: forces at play

    Yue Fei had seen the disaster of the Dragon City. She cried a lot on the day she found out that her family was destroyed and her city was destroyed.

    The day she saw it, She took an oath to find the person who did it and to kill them. She was filled with anger and hate towards the person who had destroyed everything of her.

    Her house, as well as her city, were left in Ruins. All her family members were killed, including her brother, who was the Second Prince.

    After a few days, she disappeared. No one knew where she went.

    The Eldest Prince became the new king of this Unranked Kingdom and started his efforts to get the Kingdom back on track and to search for his sister, who had disappeared.

    The whole thing was a mystery. No one knew how, in a single day, a Third Ranked Kingdom lost everything.

    Only the Nineteen Major Sects of the Continent had an idea about what might have happened, but they didn't bother telling these lowly people who they considered ants.

    After a month-long search, they had almost given up on hopes of finding the culprit. They lowered their efforts but still didn't completely stop.


    Far away from this place existed the place where the God Beasts lived.

    There were nine God Beast Clans, and one of them was the Black Tortoise Clan.

    They were searching throughout the world to find the young master of the Clan who had left home.

    In their search, they had managed to find the young man they were after, but they lost him.

    After some time, on a different planet, they found something else.

    They found the Warriors of the God Beast Dragon Clan, hiding something on the ground.

    The Black Tortoise Clan Member took the item that was buried in the ground by the Dragon Clan after the Dragon Warrior left, unaware that the Black Tortoise Clan Young Master was nearby and he had escaped before he could be seen by them.

    The Black Tortoise Clan Member took the Artifact that was buried in the ground with him to the Clan to show their Clan Master.


    "Interesting. The Dragon Clan is burying these things in faraway planets? I did hear that they were sending their warriors outside their Realm in large quantities. So it was to bury these things in various places," the Black Tortoise Clan Master muttered as he looked at the circular item that was brought back by one of his men.

    "Yes, Master. I saw him burying this with my own eyes before leaving. I think they are doing this in many worlds," The Black Tortoise Clan member said while keeping his eyes down to follow courtesy.

    "Alright. I'll see what this is. Anyway, did you find my son?" The Black Tortoise Clan Master asked the man.

    " No, Patriarch. We weren't able to find him," the man replied, shaking his head.

    "Sigh, this boy! He's creating so much trouble. He already destroyed two Mortal Worlds and ruined the civilization of five worlds. Those were some weak worlds, so it doesn't matter, but he's creating so much trouble. There are many worlds that have links to other God Beast Clans. If he created trouble there, he's going to bring a lot of trouble for our Black Tortoise Clan. Can't that guy stay in peace and enjoy his long life? It's not like he doesn't have a long life," the Black Tortoise Clan Master muttered as he sighed.

    The Black Tortoise Clan Member looked at the Patriarch, not knowing how to react. He decided to stay silent.

    "Anyway, you can go and resume the search," the Black Tortoise Clan Master said as he waved his hand, gesturing to the Man to leave.

    The Black Tortoise Clan Member left, leaving the old looking Black Tortoise Clan Master alone in the big room.

    "This small thing, huh. Could this be something they're using to find the Tenth God Beast?" The Black Tortoise Clan Master muttered as he started observing the circular item again.


    Far away from the Black Tortoise Clan, existed a unique realm, which was the Dragon Realm. It was a place where the Dragon Clan resided.

    There was a big Palace at the center of the Dragon Realm, and a powerful-looking man was sitting inside the Palace.

    The Man had claws like a dragon and a well-built body.

    He was sitting on a Throne that was made entirely of bones. The Throne was made from the bones of his own son, who was killed. That was the event that made him even more ruthless.

    It was said that amongst the Nine God Beast Kings, the Black Tortoise Clan Master was known for his wisdom. The White Tiger King was known for his arrogance and attitude.  The Ice Phoenix Queen was known for her grace. The Phoenix Queen was known for her Raging Temper. The Nine Tails Fox Queen was known for her Charm. The Golden Crow King was known for his Pride. The True Roc King was known for his impenetrable Defence and his unbreakable will. The Qilin King was known for his beauty and his intelligence. As for the Dragon King, he was known for his Brutal Strength and his ruthlessness.

    Amongst the Nine God Beast Kings, the Dragon King and the White Tiger King were said to be the strongest.

    As for the weakest, it wasn't clear. No one was willing to acknowledge themselves as weaker, and there were many fights for this, but still, according to the other God Beast Kings, the Nine-Tails Fox Queen was said to be the weakest, but her charm could still turn any fight in her favor, so no one tried to test this theory.

    The Dragon King was one of the strongest god Beast Kings, but he wasn't satisfied. He wanted to be even stronger. He wanted to find the tenth God Beast that had just appeared in some unknown corners of the world. He wanted to absorb his strength and become even stronger.

    He wanted to do it especially quickly since the strange phenomenon appeared that formed the Ancient Golden Phoenix in the form of the clouds in the sky.

    The Ancient Golden Phoenix and the Ancient Myriad Beasts were the True God Beasts. They were the first two God Beast Ancestors. From there blood, other God Beasts were born. Both of them had disappeared long ago, but the signal in the sky seemed to show that one of the Two ancient God Beasts, the Ancient Golden Phoenix, could appear soon.

    The Dragon King wanted to gain even more strength before that happened for certain reasons, and he was trying everything he could to find the Tenth God Beast, not knowing that the Tenth God Beast was in a Mortal's storage ring.

    He had no idea that the Tenth God Beast was not actually a God Beast, but it was an Ancestor Beast. It was one of the Two Ancestor Beasts, known as the Ancient Myriad Beasts.

    Long Chen had only recently found out that Little Snow could be the Ancient Myriad Beast through Xun. He and Xun were currently the only two people in this entire universe who knew about this.

    The Dragon King looked at the men standing before him.

    "Did you place the thing we gave you in all worlds?" He asked his men.

    "Yes, Your Majesty. Our men are back, and every orb has been placed at designated locations," the Dragon Generals said.

    "What about you, guys? Did you place them in the Demon Realm and Heavenly Realm?" the Dragon King inquired.

    " We have managed to place the orbs there as well, without getting noticed," the men answered.

    "Good. You can go back," The Dragon King said as he wanted his hand.

    The Dragon Generals left, but one of them stayed behind.
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