729 Chapter 729: Didnt return

    "Ah, Your Majesty..." the Dragon General said with uncertainty.

    "Speak," The Dragon King said as he smiled.

    " Everyone is back from their missions except one person," The Dragon General said.

    "Who?" The Dragon King inquired in a grim tone.

    "General Lai. He was sent to the White Tiger Realm to place the orb, but he didn't return yet. I have a feeling that something went wrong. Should I go and check?" The Dragon General inquired.

    "Hmm? the White Tiger Realm? Alright. Go and check. Come back and report me as soon as you find something," The Dragon King said as he nodded his head.

    The Dragon General turned back and left the throne room.

    The Dragon King was the only one left behind.

    "I wonder if they caught my men. Things will be complicated. I didn't want them to know what I was going to do. They'll think of the same method; otherwise. I'll wait and see. They wouldn't dare kill my General," The Dragon King muttered as he looked towards the door.


    A group of Dark Spirit Horses flew inside the Sunai Kingdom, the same way it had left.

    The Dark Spirit Horses were carrying the  Dragon Squad Members that were coming back after finishing their missions.

    Long Chen was with them as well. He was sitting behind Wu Xun.

    'Ah, this guy is going to take away the Phoenix Blood Robe after we get back, isn't he? I'll have to go on without the robe for the rest of the mission, but that doesn't matter. I will get it back from his son,' Long Chen thought as he looked at Wu Xun.

    'Xun? I forgot to ask for something. If I finish this mission, can I still stay in this world for some more time?' Long Chen asked Xun.

    "No, you can't. As long as this trial is finished, you'll be taken back home. You can't stay here for over an hour," Xun replied, shaking his head.

    'So I need to find the fourth Law Orb before finishing this mission?' Long Chen asked as he frowned.

    "Yes," Xun answered Long Chen.

    'Do you have any way to find where it might be? Could you give me a little clue? Where will I find that in this big world?' Long Chen asked Xun as he sighed.

    "I can't. I don't know where it is either. All I know is that it's in this world. I can feel it if we're closer to it, but that's the only help I can give you," Xun said.

    " That's good and all, but I need to know something even to get close to it, otherwise isn't it just luck?" Long Chen asked her.

    "It is luck. Or you can call it your destiny, just like you found the Phoenix Blood Robe that was left behind in this world by him. You can find the Law Orb as well," Xun told Long Chen.

    " If it's meant to be, you'll find it. If it's not, you won't get it. If it was that easy to find them, don't you think Tian Shen would have all of them already?" Xun inquired as she rolled her eyes.

    " I don't have much time. I don't want to spend any more time here than I have to.  In that limited time, I need to become the Beloved King of Aksha and find a Law Orb along with the Sword of Time. This is..." Long Chen said as he frowned.

    "...Too much?" Xun finished his sentence.

    "What did you expect? It's never easy to become the ruler of this world. What you need to do right now is still simple. There are worse things you might need to do in the future. Don't feel defeated at the start. Just take it as a challenge. A challenge that you can overcome instantly," Xun said as she sighed.

    Long Chen shook her head and didn't reply.

    He couldn't help but think about Mi Liayi, who was still in the Border Town. He wanted to go back to the Royal Palace before leaving to take her away. He didn't want her to be in the Border Town when the war began.

    Even though the chances of the town being destroyed or the mortals being attacked were almost negligible, he still didn't want her to be there and become a collateral damage when the war did begin.

    He couldn't ask Wu Xun to help him with this since he didn't want anyone knowing about her. If anyone did, it would have just become a hostage situation.

    The Dark Spirit Beasts kept flying for days before they finally managed to reach the Royal City of Sunai Kingdom.

    They landed in front of the Royal Palace.

    Wu Xun got off the horse with Long Chen.

    "You guys go back and rest. I'll go have a talk with his Majesty and inform him of our success," Wu Xun told his men.

    The Other Dragon Squad Members nodded their heads before they turned back and left.

    "You will stay in the Royal Palace in the meanwhile until we get some arrangement for you to stay at. I'm sure you'll get some good places as a reward for finishing this mission.  For now, you will stay at the place you used to stay at," Wu Xun said as he walked inside the Palace with Long Chen.

    He met up with the Eunuch outside the King's Hall and told him to escort Long Chen to his room before he stepped inside the hall and closed the door.

    The Eunuch escorted Long Chen to his room and closed the door from outside.

    "Back at this place, huh," Long Chen muttered as he fell down on the bed. "It's only a matter of time before things fall into place."

    "Also, Wu Xun will soon be here to take this robe," he added as he looked at the blood-red robe with the Phoenix Symbol that was still not taken by Wu Xun.


    "Your Majesty," Wu Xun greeted the king as he got down on one knee.

    "Stand," the King said.

    "You're back. You completed the mission, right?" the King asked Wu Xun.

    "Yes, Your Majesty. I got the ring," Wu Xun said as he showed the ring to the King.

    "Give it to me," the King said as he reached out his hand.

    Wu Xun stepped forward and gave the ring to the king.

    "This ring. It doesn't feel any special. Are you sure this is the right ring?" the King asked.

    "Yes. This is the right ring. We can't feel anything from it because it's bound to the Aksha King. Only he can use it and feel it's power," Wu Xun gave the same excuse that was given to him by Long Chen.

    "Interesting. Why is it still bound? Didn't you kill their King to take this ring?" The King asked as he frowned.

    "No. The Aksha King had given the ring to the Royal Tutor. We had to get this ring from him, and he is dead," Wu Xun answered as he explained.

    "Also, I don't think it's confirmed that killing the king would allow others to use it. According to Long Chen, the ring is bound by bloodline. Only the Aksha King's bloodline can use it after his death," Wu Xun said. It was another lie told to him by Long Chen.

    "Interesting. I'll keep it with me. So, the King is still alive?" the King asked Wu Xun.

    "Yes. I believe he'll attack us to take revenge soon since he knows that we were involved in the death of the Royal Tutor. We should prepare for war," Wu Xun said.

    "Yes. It's about time we finish everything. Last time, we didn't do anything even after we won, but it's time the Aksha Kingdom disappears from the face of this world," The King said in a serious tone.
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