731 Chapter 731: never learn

    "I agree. It's either that or the Dragon Squad really selected a trash," Another man muttered.

    "I want another battle," Wu Lan told the men in a serious tone.

    "Oh? Does the Baby want to be beaten again? Go away. I'm not in the mood to get my hands dirty. Come tomorrow," one of the men told Wu Lan.

    "Young man, are you the friend of that guy?"

    While Long Chen was standing at the back, watching everything transpire, a waitress of the bar asked him as she stood near him.

    "Ah, you can say that," Long Chen replied as he glanced at the woman.

    "He's really pitiful. Always trying to fight that group of people from the Earthly Snake War Spirit College. I can't tell you how many times I've asked people to carry him home when he's beaten up. Why don't the Dragon Squad stop him or do anything? I understand that they probably don't want to be involved in the matters of kids and bring conflict for the Earthly Snake Spirit Warrior College, but still. They can at least stop this man from coming here to get beaten," the Waitress said as she sighed.

    " Maybe because they respect his wishes?" Long Chen let out as he smiled wryly.

    "Anyway, A man needs his fair share of troubles to get stronger. I'm sure there will come a day when Wu Lan would win," Long Chen muttered.

    He had just said this when he got shocked as he saw a fist landing on Wu Lan's face. Wu Lan crashed on the ground.

    One of the men in Green robes stood up as he walked towards Wu Lan, who was lying on the ground.

    He held Wu Lan's hand and dragged him outside. The other nine men followed after them, including a lot of people from the bar that wanted to see a person getting thrashed.

    "Here, we go again. It'll be the same as last time. If it keeps going on like this, that guy will die one day," the waitress said as she sighed and walked towards the door as well.

    " It's a dog eat dog world. If you're not stronger, you'll die. This guy is an idiot. He's born in such a powerful family. His father is like one of the strongest people in this kingdom. I know he doesn't have the strength to win, but his family is a part of his strength. There should be no shame in taking the help. At Least one should not actively look for death like this," Long Chen muttered as he sighed.

    "He's unlucky as well. If the Phoenix Blood Robe were active, he would've been somewhat protected," he let out as he walked towards the exit as well.

    He stepped out of the bar and saw Wu Lan facing the man that had punched him. Both of them seemed to be fighting. In Fact, it seemed like the man was toying with Wu Lan instead. Wu Lan kept getting punched while he wasn't able to land even a single fist. His lips were bleeding as well.

    Long Chen saw the shadow of a Black Panther behind the man that was fighting him.

    "He's pretty fast. Most probably because he's already using his War Spirit; Wu Lan, on the other hand, doesn't have a War Spirit, and he can only use his Martial Arts. There's simply no competition unless Wu Lan manages to land a few hits, but that seems impossible after looking at Wu Lan's fight.

    Long Chen watched the fight, which was just as he had expected. It was less of a fight and more of a thrashing for Wu Lan, who was lying on the ground now. He was bleeding badly.

    "This trash. He has no strength, yet he dares to annoy us!" the man let out as he walked closer to Wu Lan. He kicked Wu Lan, making him fly back. Wu Lan crashed on the ground with his back facing the sky.

    "Hmm? That's an interesting looking robe," the man said as he noticed the robe of Wu Lan and the beautiful phoenix symbol on it.

    He stepped closer to Wu Lan and reached out his hand to take the robe off of Wu Lan. Just as the man's hand was about to touch the robe, his hand stopped. His hand was caught by someone.

    The man was shocked to see that someone dared to stop his hands. He looked at the person who was holding his hand with a frown on his hand.

    As he looked to the side, he saw the face of a young boy. The boy was wearing a white robe that had a dragon symbol on it.

    The person was no other than Long Chen, who couldn't bear to see the Robe being taken by someone else right in front of his eyes.

    "That's not yours to take," Long Chen said to the man, without releasing his hand.

    "Another Dragon Squad member? Are you a real member or just another useless person like him?" The man let out as he snorted and tried to free his hand.

    "Oh, you'll find me quite different from others," Long Chen said as he smirked.

    No matter how much the man tried, he couldn't free himself.

    "You! Release my hand! You caught me by cheating, and now you're using your War Spirit not to let me go!" The Red-haired man said to Long Chen.

    " Hey! Stop it! Release our friend! Have a fair fight if you're looking for one! What's with catching him sneakily!" One of the man's friends said as he took a step forward towards Long Chen.

    "Look fellas; you beat up my friend. I didn't interfere since it was the fight he wanted, but you tried to steal his things too. That I can't see. Now that I involved myself, you better stop if you don't want to go back with broken bones," Long Chen said as he sighed.

    " You should really not take Dragon Squad lightly, or you won't even know how you died," he continued.

    "Hah, you're just a kid who's even younger than that guy. Do you really think you can scare us? That guy talked big as well before he was thrashed on the ground for the first time. You seem the same. A big mouth," the friends of the red-haired man said as they laughed.

    "Doesn't matter what you think. I'm leaving with my friend here, and you should leave as well," Long Chen said as he released the hand of the red-haired man.

    He stepped closer to Wu Lan to pick him up, but that's when he saw a kick coming towards him.

    "You bastard, you think I'll forgive you if you get scared after talking so big?" the Red-haired man let out as he laughed. Just when his kick was about to land on Long Chen, he saw Long Chen disappear from his position.

    "I warned you, little man. You're not the only one with a War Spirit," Long Chen let out as he appeared behind the man.

    He kicked the side of the red-haired man, making his fly away.

    The Red-haired man felt like his ribs were broken as he crashed on the ground. He was having difficulty standing up.

    "Y-you attacked him!" The other friends of the red-haired man let out as they ran towards Long Chen.

    "Sigh, some idiots never learn," Long Chen muttered as he sighed. He cracked his knuckles before he disappeared again.

    Only a few minutes had passed since that moment before every single one of those guys was lying on the ground, crying in pain.

    Everyone who wasn't a part of the Earthly Snake Spirit Warrior College watched Long Chen in amazement from the side.

    Even the waitress was shocked as she saw Long Chen beat everyone so easily.

    "Is this the real strength of the legendary Dragon Squad?" She said in amazement.
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