733 Chapter 733: Origin of the World

    Long Chen was ready to attack Wu Xun.

    After taking a deep breath, he punched Wu Xun. Wu Xun didn't move even an inch backward after being hit. He looked calm, as if he wasn't affected by the attack even a little bit.

    "I did feel your hand. This robe is really useless. If it can't stop me from feeling tickled from this weak attack, there's no way this thing works. It's useless," Wu Xun muttered as he frowned. He took off the robe.

    He didn't know that the robe didn't work for him because nor was he a Cultivator, nor did he know the method to activate the robe with his blood.

    As for the reason he only felt a light tickle from Long Chen's attack, it's because Long Chen didn't use his Cultivation at all. Long Chen simply attacked like how a mortal would attack. He controlled most of his strength even then.

    He knew that if he used all his strength, Wu Xun would fly back and crash on the ground. He didn't want to expose his brute strength in front of Wu Xun.

    "As I said, maybe these were just rumors spread by the Royal Tutor to make himself look invincible. This tone is probably a normal robe," Long Chen said.

    "This useless thing! I worked hard for it, but it was just a normal cloth," Wu Lan muttered as he tore off the robe, shocking Long Chen.

    He threw the two pieces of the robe to the side.

    " It's fine though. I should still thank you for working hard to get the robe and to save my son today. I don't know what you did to make him realize that he didn't need to go outside and fight, but you really helped me with that too. As long as he's in the Dragon Tower, he's safe. Thank you for everything," Wu Xun told Long Chen.

    "It was nothing," Long Chen let out as he shook his head.

    At first, his mind was in chaos at the thought of a Saint Grade Artifact being destroyed, but then he remembered that the Artifact was the Phoenix Blood Robe, which could repair itself nine times, according to Xun.

    He hoped that the nine times of the robe weren't over yet. He wanted to go pick the robe, but he controlled himself.

    "Do you want to look inside the Dragon Tower? Here, this is a Special Badge. You can use it until I get you a new badge with higher authority. This badge should get you inside most of the places inside the tower. You can look around. I'll be on my way now. I have some things to do. Again, Thanks for helping my son," Wu Xun said to Long Chen one last time before he left.

    After making sure that Wu Xun left, Long Chen walked up to the Phoenix Blood robe that was lying on the ground.

    He picked up the robe only to be shocked once again. The robe that was torn in half was back to a single piece. It had healed.

    "Amazing," Long Chen muttered as he smiled.

    He took off his Dragon Squad Robe and wore the Phoenix Robe. On top of the Phoenix Robe, he wore the Dragon Squad Robe to cover it.

    "Right where it belongs. I thought I would have to work harder to get it back," Long Chen muttered as he sighed.

    He continued walking through the hallway. His destination was the Dragon Tower Library. When Wu Xun had brought Long Chen here for the first time, he had shown Long Chen a few important places of the Dragon Tower.

    The Dragon Tower library was one of them. It was said to hold a large number of books regarding almost every possible topic that one could find.

    Long Chen wanted to go there and study a little. He had two main goals in doing that. The most important one was to study about Spirit Warrior and how one could wake up their War Spirits. He wanted to try waking up his own War Spirit that this body was capable of.

    As for the second reason, he wanted to try finding any clues he could about the Sword of Time. The Sword of Time was a God Grade Artifact that was like the King of all Artifacts. It was said to be on this sealed planet somewhere. He wanted to see if he could find any clue about the Sword of Time in the history of this world.

    He soon reached the Dragon Tower library. Even though he had the Dragon Squad Robe, he still needed his member badge to gain entry. He showed the special badge that was given to him by Wu Xun just a few minutes ago.

    He was instantly allowed entry after showing the badge. Not only that, the Elder seemed surprised to see that badge in Long Chen's hand. It seemed like the badge had something special indeed.

    Long Chen entered the library and asked the Elders where he could find the books he was looking for. After getting the information, he walked around the library and selected the books he needed.


    Long Chen had over twenty books in his hand as he sat on a chair in front of a table.

    "Hah, it looks like I will be spending quite some time here. Two days should be enough of I'm fast," Long Chen muttered as he opened the first book.

    He started with the first book that was about the Origin of Spirit Warriors.

    Xun had already told him about the real origin of the Spirit Warriors and that they were the descendants of the extinct Spirit Creatures that kidnapped other species to breed at a time, which angered the Heavenly Emperor who sealed this world from the outside.

    It took Long Chen only an hour to finish this book. He had a weird look on his face as he finished reading it. He couldn't believe the stories these people had made up.

    The book didn't speak any truth at all. Everything inside it was a lie.

    It talked about the Spirit Warriors being the Childrens that were blessed by the gods. It also said that they received power from the Spirit Gods that blessed them. As for a reason for this planet being sealed, it said that the Heavenly Realm was jealous of the progress of the Spirit World.

    They attacked the Spirit World and sealed them.

    'They do have a good imagination; I must say,' Long Chen thought as he smiled.

    " This should be obvious. The ancestors wouldn't want anyone knowing their dark history. They have a fake history to hide their shameful acts of the past. With the passage of time, the ones that knew this shameful truth died of old age. The ones that came after them didn't know the truth. They believed whatever history was told to them in terms of text," Xun told Long Chen as she appeared beside him. She sat on the table in front of him.

    "That's true. It's better to forget shameful history, but that's not the situation. If they just erase the history, how would the future generation learn from the past and know the mistakes they shouldn't repeat?" Long Chen muttered as he sighed.

    He moved the book to the side as he opened the second book.

    The second book was what he was actually interested in reading. This is what he came here for, after all.

    It was where the fun actually began. It was the book that was about Waking up War Spirits. Long Chen wanted to learn how to wake his War Spirit or at least know the basics since he was pretending to be a Spirit Warrior. He didn't want his lies to be exposed because of such basic things.
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