734 Chapter 734: King of Spirits

    Long Chen started reading the book, and as soon as he read the first few words, he was surprised. He realized that there was actually no real method of waking up a War Spirits. There were, however, a few methods that helped in the Awakening Process thought.

    The first few pages talked about different types of War Spirits that existed. There were Elemental Animate War Spirits that Wu Xun and Vermillion had. There were Elemental Inanimate War Spirits. There were Animal War Spirits; Strengthening War Spirits, Weapon related War Spirits, and many more.

    "Interesting. I didn't know there were so many types of War Spirit and each War Spirit has a different suggestion to wake up," Long Chen muttered as he continued reading the book.

    In the Aksha Kingdom Spirit Warrior College examination, he was told that he had the Purple Mist War Spirit, and he believed that. He didn't doubt for even a second that the Spirit Judgement Mirror might not have shown the full picture.

    When the Spirit Judgement Mirror looked for his Dormant War Spirit on the day of the examination, it showed a purple mist. Everyone assumed it to be the useless Purple Mist War Spirit, but no one saw shiny red eyes flashing in between the purple mist at the end. Even Long Chen didn't see that at the time.

    He found the section of the Purple Mist War Spirit and started reading about it. It was just as he had expected. From what he read, the Purple Mist War Spirit was said to be useless.

    There were, however, a few ways written that were said to be proven effective in waking up the Purple Mist War Spirit.

    It was said that the Purple Mist War Spirit was known to be a War Spirit related to show off. It helped the Spirit Warriors look cool and show off in front of others. Other than that, there was no use of it.

    As this was a War Spirit associated with Showoff, it was said that a person needed to be arrogant and show off in front of others to stimulate the characteristics of the Purple Mist War Spirit.

    "Showing Off? Hah, who could be better to do it than you," Xun laughed out loud as she pointed her finger at Long Chen.

    "You Idiot, When did I ever show off," Long Chen muttered as he rolled his eyes.

    "Shouldn't the question be when you didn't show off?" Xun chuckled as she looked at Long Chen.

    "Keep bluffing. I know how down to earth I am. I never show off. I'm the most down to earth person in existence," Long Chen let out as he rolled his eyes.

    "Ah, Sure you are," Xun said as if she was talking to a child.

    " I know what you're trying to do. I'm not falling for that," Long Chen let out as he rolled his eyes. He stopped looking at Xun and continued reading the book.

    He wanted to read about all War Spirits while he had a chance, especially about the War Spirits that intrigued him and how they were woken up.

    He kept going through the books. He read about the White Winged Angel War Spirit of Wu Xun. He read about the Vermilion War Spirit of Vermilion. He even read about the Ruler War Spirit.

    The book only had information about the War Spirits but the known limitations of the War Spirits. He wanted to know the weakness of the War Spirits of the people that could have been his biggest obstruction in this world.

    He read the book, and soon, he reached the last page of the book. The last page was somehow different from the rest of the book. While the rest of the book had yellow pages and white letters, the last page was black, and it had red characters.

    Long Chen started reading the black page with great interest as he felt like this had something special.

    The last page was also about a War Spirit. Long Chen could see the image of Red Eyes at the top of the page. Below the eyes, the name of the War Spirit was written.

    "The Mythical Red Eyes War Spirit?" Long Chen muttered as he frowned.

    "Not much is known about this War Spirit. It had only been seen once before at the time immemorial. The First King, who unified the whole world under one banner, was known to be the first and the last person to possess Mythical Red Eyes War Spirit."

    "The Mythical Red Eyes War Spirit is known to be the Strongest War Spirit, but it's abilities are unknown. No one knows what this War Spirit is capable of. According to the Prophecy, the person who has the Red Eyes War Spirit has the strength to unify the whole world and even to break the seal of the Spirit Planet," Long Chen read the words on the black page.

    "Interesting. Not only are the abilities unknown, but even the limitations are unknown. Even the method of waking up the War Spirit is empty," Long Chen muttered as he frowned.

    "This does seem like an overpowered War Spirit. A War Spirit related to the eye. It would've been so amazing to possess something like this," he let out as he sighed.

    "Instead of having a War Spirit like this, I have the useless Purple Mist War Spirit. Whatever. It's better than nothing, I guess. At Least I'll look cool when using it," he continued.

    " Red Eyes War Spirit? I remember something about it," Xun let out suddenly as he remembered something.

    "What do you know about it?" Long Chen asked Xun.

    "You remember that I told you about the Great War of Gods? The Heavenly Emperor had come to destroy this planet for its sins, and the Demon Emperor came to stop him?" Xun asked Long Chen.

    "Yeah, I remember. What about that?" Long Chen inquired.

    "The King of Spirit Creatures at that time was called the Red Eyes King. I don't know much about him. It was said that the Heavenly Emperor sent his Heavenly Warriors at first to destroy this planet, but the Ref Eyes King killed all the Heavenly Warriors alone. That was when the Heavenly Emperor was furious and came himself," Xun said.

    "So it's the War Spirit related to the King of Spirit Creatures of this world?" Long Chen inquired.

    "Yeah. It was said that the Red Eyes King was very powerful, but he couldn't defeat the Heavenly Emperor, and he was killed. According to the rumors, the Red Eyes King was defeated because he couldn't use all his strength. The energy of this world wasn't enough for him to use all his strength, and that's why he was killed. No matter what the actual reason was, the truth is that the Red-Eyes Spirit King was killed," Xun explained.

    "It doesn't matter if he died in the hands of the Heavenly Emperor. To be able to kill the Heavenly Warriors alone, that's enough of a proof of his strength," Long Chen muttered as he closed the book.

    "Why should I even care. I have the Purple Mist War Spirit. The person with the lowest Grade War Spirit shouldn't think about the King of War Spirits," Long Chen muttered as he shook his head.

    He moved the book to the side and moved over to the next book. The rest of the books were more about the various mysteries in this world. Long Chen was surprised when he was picking up the books to know that there were so many books like these.

    He continued reading the books.

    There were seventeen books remaining. He had just finished two books by now.

    He read the entire day and the entire night without resting or eating. His perseverance was enough to surprise even the Elders of the Dragon Tower library. He was amazed that Long Chen was so dedicated to his studying.
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