735 Chapter 735: Sword of Time Location

    When Long Chen had picked up so many books, he had enough that Long Chen was not aware of his abilities and choosing more than he could read, but by the next day, he had realized how wrong he was. Long Chen was already on the second last book now.

    He finished the book and moved it to the side.

    He placed his head on the table and sighed.

    "Seriously. If I had read this much, I would've been a millionaire at some big firm," Long Chen muttered as he sighed.

    "So many books and not a single thing of use that I was looking for. Like seriously! Who even wrote these books? An entire book about the missing underwear in a town? What the heck is with that mystery. It's obviously a stupid thief doing that. Put your focus on things of real value. Such a waste of paper," he let out in an annoyed tone.

    " Hahaha, that was indeed funny," Xun said as she laughed.

    "What was funny with that stupid mystery! I wasted so much of my time thinking I'll find something useful in the second last book, but it was useless," Long Chen muttered as he sighed.

    "I didn't say the book was funny. The real doing things were your expressions when you were reading the book," Xun muttered as she laughed.

    Long Chen looked at Xun blankly before he caught her hand and pulled her closer. He made Xun sit in his lap.

    "Since you already made fun of me, you might as well make up for it as I read the last book," he said as he wrapped one of his arms around Xun's slim waist.

    He used his other hand to open the last book, which was the last remaining book that was to decide if the 24 hours he didn't were useful or just a big waste of time.

    Long Chen opened the last book and started reading it.

    "The Mystery of a kid from the future?" Long Chen muttered as he read the first page.

    "This looks like something interesting. If it's about the future, it can be related to time and the Sword of Time. Finally, something to be hopeful about," Long Chen muttered as he smiled.

    "Don't get too optimistic. You were excited about the Mystery of the Disappearing Woman as well. It turned out to be useless. Learn from this and finish reading the book before you get excited," Xun said to Long Chen.

    "You always have to be a killjoy, don't you?" Long Chen let out with a wry smile on his face as he pulled the cheeks of Xun.

    "Mehhh, Stop that," Xun cried out cutely.

    "Hahaha. You're cute," Long Chen laughed as he released her cheeks and continued reading the book.

    "The Mystery of the Kid from the future. Today, I went to the City of Keila as I heard rumors about a mysterious event taking place there..."

    Long Chen started reading the book.

    "... I reached the city of Keila and talked to the citizens about this in detail. They said that I was in the right place and told me to go to the house of the person who was directly involved in it..."

    "... the old man told me about the event that took place three years ago. He said that his grandson suddenly started talking about coming from the future to save the life of his father. He told me that his Grandson talked about the bandit attacks on the caravan of his father that was going to leave the next day..."

    "... They both thought that the kid was just messing around. The father of the kid ignored the warning and left the city. The Grandparent didn't believe him..."

    "... The news came that what the boy had said turned out to be true. The bandits had attacked the caravan. The son of the old man was dead. As for the kid that talked about coming from the future had disappeared..."

    "...It's so strange! The man I talked to, remembers the kid so perfectly as if it was real and he existed, but the neighbors and the other says that the old man never had a grandkid, and it didn't exist. Could this be possible for a person to come to the past from the future? Is this possible that a person's entire existence can be wiped? Or is it that the old man was lying and nothing like this happened?"

    Long Chen closed the book as he finished reading it.

    "This is it. The Sword of Time. You said it brings people's consciousness to the past into their old self also, after 24 hours, that person, his past and his future, all his wiped from existence. This seems to be the case. Everything matches!" Long Chen said excitedly.

    " It does match up. The only thing I don't understand is why the grandfather didn't forget the existence of his grandson like the others? In a normal situation, he should've forgotten as well," he continued as his smile turned to a frown with uncertainty.

    "There seems to be an explanation for that. The old man probably had the Sword of Time after his grandson disappeared," Xun said as he sighed.

    "What does that have to do with him remembering something that didn't exist?" Long Chen inquired.

    "It's the effect of the Sword of Time. The current owner of the Sword of Time is always immune to its effects. The grandfather became the owner, and it became immune to the effects and remembered the alternate timeline where it actually happened," Xun explained.

    "Based on that, it's clear. The Sword of Time is in Keia City in the Gaeson Kingdom. Now all I need is a map," Long Chen muttered as he smirked.

    "It's not that easy. You still need to search an entire city to find it. That's almost impossible without spending a lot of the time here. Are you ready to delay your Trial for years?" Xun said as she shook her head.

    "Come on! Stop being so pessimistic. At Least we have narrowed down the search parameters from the entire world to just a city. We can worry about the rest later. It's time to be happy for now," Long Chen muttered as he pulled Xun's cheeks again.

    "You're right. You did well. Let's leave this place and go look for the sword," Xun told Long Chen as she raised her hand innocently.

    "Not so soon. I'm not delaying any mission for anything. I'll arrange for both," Long Chen said as he smiled. He stood up and placed the book back at its original position.

    After he finished that, he left the Library.

    He stepped out of the Dragon Tower. The sun was right above his head. It was afternoon as he stepped out of the Dragon Tower.

    Long Chen walked back towards the Royal Palace.

    He entered the Royal Palace. As the guards recognized Long Chen as the person who was staying inside the tower, they didn't stop him from entering.

    Long Chen walked in the direction of the Royal Hall, where the King stayed, and met with his ministers.

    Along the way, he found the Royal Eunuch.

    "What are you doing here? Your room is on the other side of the palace," The Eunuch said to Long Chen.

    "I'm here to meet his Majesty. I have something really important to discuss with him. Can you take me to him?" Long Chen asked the Eunuch.

    "You and something important?" The Eunuch said as he suspiciously looked at Long Chen.

    "Of course. Wasn't I the one that came with the information that made his Majesty send the Dragon Squad with me? Stop wasting my time and take me to His Majesty. You don't know how crucial time is for us," Long Chen said.

    "Hmph, come with me," the Eunuch snorted as he started walking back.
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