737 Chapter 737: Leader

    "Interesting. Interesting indeed. We'll think about it," the King told Long Chen as he nodded his head. He rested his back on the throne.

    "You can leave now. I'll arrange for the armies to be split into two parts and discuss this plan with others," he told Long Chen, gesturing to him to leave.

    Long Chen bowed his head lightly before he turned back to leave.

    He stepped out of the great hall and walked towards his room.

    "That was amazing. So this was your plan. You got close to the Sunai King, won his trust, caused the war between the two kingdoms, gave him the idea to win the war easily, and asked for the Aksha Kingdom. If he agrees, and the plan goes through, you'll be made the King of Aksha Kingdom, officially," Xun said as she praised Long Chen.

    " That's not really what I'm after. I told you I want to become a king in such a way that won't leave any trouble for Mi Liayi in the future. That can only happen if there are no enemies and the citizens accept her. This is just the backup plan in case the real plan goes wrong," Long Chen muttered as he smiled.

    Xun grew more confused the more she thought about how words. She had thought that she finally understood what Long Chen was going to do, but as she heard his words, she realized how wrong she was.

    Soon, Long Chen reached his room. He opened the door and entered inside and straight fell on the bed.

    He had spent all his time, either cultivating or working. He hadn't slept in a long time. He was somewhat sleepy already.

    "Xun, I still don't want to put my guard down. Can you stay near me and wake me up if you see something?" Long Chen asked Xun as he laid on the bed with his eyes closed.

    "Alright," Xun replied as she gazed at Long Chen's face.

    "Good girl," Long Chen muttered. Soon, he fell asleep.


    Long Chen woke up the next day as he heard the knock on the door.

    He looked to his left and found Xun sitting there.

    "Thanks for staying up for me," he told Xun as he patted her head. "I feel so refreshed now. Sleep really does miracles."

    Long Chen walked towards the doors of his room.

    He opened the door and found the Eunuch standing there.

    "His Majesty has sent me to bring you to him," the Eunuch said.

    "Oh? Sure," Long Chen said as he stepped outside the room.

    He followed the Eunuch to the Great Hall.

    As Long Chen entered the great hall, he found it to be similar to how it was when he first entered it. There were ministers of the Kingdom, there were the Dragon Squad Members, and there was the King, sitting on his throne.

    He stepped forward and greeted the King.

    "We called you here to inform you that we have discussed the plan you suggested with others, and they all agree that it's a good plan. We are going to go forward with it. The Army formations are completed. The Armies are prepared as well. The First Army will be leaving for borders today, and the soldiers of the Second Army will start departing separately tomorrow," the King informed Long Chen.

    "I also want to inform you that you will be leading the Second Army along with General Lai Hu. Both of you will have equal authority, so I hope the two of you can help each other in overcoming all the shortfalls of each other. Wu Xun will introduce you to General Hu. You should meet and get to know each other today since you'll be leaving tomorrow," The King finished.

    "General Hu and I will be the leader? What about Master Wu Xun?" Long Chen inquired as he glanced at Wu Xun. Even though he had already guessed the answer, he still pretended to be ignorant.

    "Wu Xun and the others will be taking care of the main border. We can't send everyone for the second assault and have our border breached. They'll be helping the first army," the King said.

    "Also, the Aksha Kingdom will find it suspicious if they don't see me there. They'll be even more alert. We can't let them get a hint that something is wrong," Wu Xun chimed in.

    The King talked a little more about the upcoming war before he told everyone to leave.


    Long Chen was walking with Wu Xun in the long hallways of the Royal Palace.

    " I heard that you expressed your desires to be the Aksha King and asked for the throne as your reward?" Wu Xun chuckled as he glanced at Long Chen.

    "Yeah. He didn't say he will fulfill my wish, but he did say he'll think about it," Long Chen said as he sighed.

    " He wants to see your performance. That's why he made you the leader of the second assault team. If your performance is good, I believe he'll let you be the Puppet King," Wu Xun explained.

    "Puppet King?" Long Chen inquired with a frown.

    "Oh, that's just a term we use for the Kings that are under the control of others. Like weak kings who don't have any strength and only listen to orders or the Kings that are subordinates of the other Kings and do what they're told," Wu Xun said.

    " Oh, that's true. I'll be the Puppet King since His Majesty rules everything. I'll be happy being the Puppet King," Long Chen replied as he smiled.

    Even though he was showing his innocent side in the open, on the inside, he was already laughing at the right of people thinking that they could keep him as a puppet.

    Wu Xun didn't find anything strange in Long Chen's behavior.

    He took Long Chen outside the Royal Place and into a giant dome where the army soldiers seemed to be preparing and practicing.

    "Wang Jian, You need to look a little more Cultivator-like. You still look like a warrior. Untie your hair and wear an older looking robe. We're leaving tomorrow, and I don't want anyone to make mistakes and get caught. Go back and try again!"

    Long Chen saw a white-haired middle-aged man talking to someone who seemed like a young soldier.

    "That's General Hu. He will be taking care of the Army with you. He's a little too serious and can't see anyone taking things lightly and putting things in jeopardy. He is also a little too loud, so you might have to bear with him a little," Wu Xun said as he smiled wryly.

    "General Hu," Wu Xun called out as he reached near the white-haired man.

    "Master Wu, What are you doing here?" General Hu inquired.

    " I brought Long Chen here to meet you on His Majesty's commands. The two of you will be taking care of the assault, after all. It's better you two know each other," Wu Xun said.

    General Hu looked at Long Chen in surprise.

    "He's Long Chen? But he's a Kid! What was His Majesty thinking when he gave this kid an equal authority to mine?" he asked out loud as he looked down at Long Chen.

    "Little Kid, I know you've been told that you'll be leading the army, but you're still inexperienced. Let me handle everything alone. You don't have to worry about anything," General Hu said as he rolled his eyes.

    Long Chen wasn't sure if General Hu was mocking him or he was really that arrogant.

    He realized that he could deal with this situation in two ways. With a calm head or with anger.

    'Oh, right. Purple Mist Spirit is known to wake up with Showoff. It can be a good opportunity to wake it up. Is he showing off? I'll be an even bigger showoff,' Long Chen thought as he suddenly realized what he read yesterday about waking up War Spirits
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