738 Chapter 738: Seperation

    "Kid, you heard me, right? I'm incharge of everything. You can just sit and relax while we take over the Aksha Kingdom," General Hu told Long Chen as he saw him not replying.

    Long Chen was still thinking that he could utilize this situation to show off and wake up his Spirit.

    "You must be General Hu, right?" Long Chen inquired casually. He didn't even look at General Hu for more than a second before he started looking around the field as if he was bored.

    "I am G-" General Hu was about to say something but his words were cut off by Long Chen.

    "Shh, I'm talking now. As a General, You should never cut off someone in the middle," Long Chen chimed in.

    "Anyway, General Hu, you were saying that I should let you take care of this mission. I would like to offer you the same conditions. Sit back and watch me finish the job for you," he continued.

    "You Idi-"

    General Hu was again trying to say something as his face turned red in anger, but Long Chen again cut him off.

    "You still don't learn, do you?" Long Chen said.

    "You said you don't understand why His Majesty chose me? Let me answer those questions for you. General Hu, the person you're calling a kid, killed the Second Strongest person in the Kingdom of Aksha, who was just below the King in authority. If we were to go by contributions, just this single achievement is more than what you have probably done in your entire life,* Long Chen said proudly as he took a step forward and looked straight into General Hu's eyes.

    Wu Xun was standing back, watching everything with a simple smile on his face. He was surprised to see that Long Chen was being so intimidating. He didn't do anything, though. He was enjoying General Hu getting the taste of his own medicine. He was already having a hard time to control himself from laughing.

    "Y-you!" General Hu struggled to find words to express himself as he heard Long Chen's bragging.

    "Shhh, That's right for today. We're leaving tomorrow so prepare everything. As a General, you need to do the most work not to get recognized. Think about yourself and choose your attire first. We'll be leaving early tomorrow morning. Make sure that everything is ready," Long Chen said as he turned back.

    "Let's leave. I've met General Hu, and I have faith in him. I'm sure that General Hu can take care of everything," he said to Wu Xun as he started walking away, leaving the stunned General Hu behind.

    Wu Xun smiled wryly as he followed after Long Chen.

    "That was an interesting approach. Don't you think you did a little too much, though? General Hu is pretty loyal, so he wouldn't do anything to put the mission in jeopardy, but you should still be careful from now on," Wu Xun said to Long Chen as he caught up to him.

    "Not really. This will just make him work even harder to show off in front of the army and to try to get more achievements. It's not that bad. As for me, I'll be fine," Long Chen answered.

    "Well, I thought you'll be spending the rest of the day forming a plan of action, but you put that all on him. What will you do for the rest of the day?" Wu Xun inquired.

    "The plan of action? It's simple and the same as I told His Majesty. I'm sure General Hu knows about it. The main plan of action will be shared after we reach the north. Until then, I don't want to disclose too much," Long Chen muttered.

    " As for the rest of the day, I was thinking about going around the city. I've been thinking about shopping a little," Long Chen said.

    "Oh, right. You do need more things. You've been in the same clothing since I first met you. Ah, that reminds me. I forgot to give you your reward for joining the Dragon Squad. Your badge is ready. Here," Wu Xun said as he hit his forehead gently.

    He gave a silver badge to Long Chen.

    "This badge is your proof. It shows that you're really a part of our Dragon Squad. You can also use this badge to buy anything up to the value of Five Hundred Gold Coins every month. The bill will be borne by us. Just show this badge to the shop owner, and he'll arrange everything," Wu Xun told Long Chen.

    "That's good. I was thinking about asking for money. Now I don't need to," Long Chen muttered as he smiled wryly.

    "Are you coming with me?" he asked Wu Xun.

    "No. I can't come yet. I need to leave in a few hours. The Dragon Squad Members are going to the border to make sure that the preparations are good. The Border is our first priority after all," Wu Xun said as he shook his head.

    "Ah, alright. Goodbye," Long Chen said, nodding his head.

    "The next time we'll meet will probably be after you take over the capital. Best of luck," Wu Xun told Long Chen as he chuckled. "I'm taking my leave now."

    Wu Xun departed, leaving Long Chen behind.

    "The next time we meet, huh," Long Chen muttered as he watched the distant back of Wu Xun.

    "The next time we meet, I'm sure there won't be a smile on your face," He let out as he sighed. He turned away and went in the direction of the central market.

    Long Chen reached the market and went into the weapon shop to see what kind of weapons he could purchase.

    "Ah, Dragon Squad. What can I show you, Young Master?" The Shop Owner came to greet Long Chen since he was already in his Dragon Robes.

    "I want weapons. Show me your best Swords," Long Chen told the man. He was maintaining his solemn visage as if he was a Young Master of some big clan since he was still following the idea of waking up his War Spirit with show off.

    "Of Course. Please follow me. I'll take you to our most precious swords," the shop owner said as he started walking towards the stairs that were going down.

    Long Chen followed behind and went downstairs as well.

    After going down the stairs for over five minutes, Long Chen found himself in an underground hall that seemed beautiful. It seemed to be made entirely of silver with designs made of gold. There were all kinds of weapons placed near the walls. Some were even hung on the walls.

    "These are our best weapons. These weapons are the work of thousands of hours of hard work of our expert Artificers. You can see for yourself which one you like," The Shop Owner told Long Chen with a fawning smile on his face.

    Long Chen walked over to the front wall and touched the sword that was hanging on the wall.

    "Ah, This is the Defining Slaughter. It's a Sword made around a hundred years ago. It was made by three High Ranking Artificers that worked on this single project. I wasn't alive at that time, but from what I heard, it took them three months to create this sword. If we don't take the time it took them to try and fail until they succeeded, this Sword took two years of hard work," The Shop Owner told Long Chen.

    "How much is it worth? What's its specialty?" Long Chen inquired from the shop owner.

    "This sword is unbreakable. It can get damaged, but you can heal the sword by slaughtering people. The more you kill, the more this sword heals until it's in its best condition. That's why it was named, Defining Slaughter," the Shop Owner replied.
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