739 Chapter 739: Flaming Ice

    "Oh, A Sword that can heal itself. It's pretty good," Long Chen muttered as he nodded his head.

    'It's good, but if that's all it can do, it's not much," he thought, but he didn't let his emotions show on his face.

    "As for the price, it's only Three thousand Gold Coins," the Shop Owner said.

    Long Chen nodded his head as he moved over to the next weapon.

    The next weapon was also a Sword, but it looked a little strange. The blade of the sword seemed like it was made of some blue crystal that was semi-transparent. The hilt of the sword, on the other hand, seemed to be made of some red crystal.

    "What's the story behind this sword?" Long Chen asked the shop owner.

    "That Sword? That's one of our best weapons. It's called the Flaming Ice Sword. It's made by joining the flaming Crystal and the rare ice crystals. Those materials are almost impossible to find nowadays, so this sword is one of a kind. The chances of another sword appearing like this are almost impossible," the Shop Owner said.

    "Is there anything else about this sword except it being made from precious materials?" Long Chen inquired. He was less curious about the materials it was made from and more about its effects.

    "The Effects of this Flaming Ice Sword are also incredible. You know how difficult it can be to make something from Ice and Fire crystals since fire and ice oppose each other.  The wounds created by this sword get the same chaotic energy. Those wounds are impossible to heal. No healing material can heal the wounds of this sword," the shop owner said.

    "Also, if the wound is deep, there's a slight chance that the one who was inflicted with the wounds of this sword can get poisoned. The Flaming Ice Poison will ravage the body of the person if that person suffers this effect. This poison will slowly suck the life force of the person. The Person won't only feel the pain from the poison, but he'll grow old at twice the speed until they take the poison out of their body," he continued.

    "Amazing. This sword is pretty good. The offensive effects are incredible. How much is it worth?" Long Chen inquired.

    "The Sword costs only Hundred Thousand Gold Coins," the shop owner replied.

    'What the heck? He dares to call Hundred Thousand Gold Coins only? Dragon Squad members get only five hundred gold coin allowance every month, which is already so lavish, and this sword is two hundred times more expensive and he calls or only?' Long Chen thought as he looked at the man.

    He wanted to curse the man out loud, but he controlled himself.

    He only had five hundred gold coins, and he couldn't buy it, but he wasn't looking at the expensive swords to buy them either. He was here for another reason entirely.

    " This sword is pretty good and only costs a Hundred Thousand Gold Coins. Not bad," Long Chen said calmly as he nodded his head.

    The Shop Owner was somewhat surprised that Long Chen didn't even flinch at the price of the sword. He was now more certain that Long Chen was from some rich family.

    "Yes, Yes. It's very cheap. Would you like to purchase the sword?" The Shop Owner inquired.

    " Not really. I don't like the combination of red and blue," Long Chen muttered as he shook his hand.

    He moved over to the next weapon, which was a spear.

    "Are you interested in spears?" The Shop Owner asked Long Chen.

    "Maybe. I can use multiple weapons. If it's something that I find worthy, I don't care which weapon it is," Long Chen muttered as he picked up the spear and waved it in his hands.

    "Light and sturdy. Tell me more about it," he told the shop owner as he put the spear back.

    "It's a spear that was recently made. Our Artificers just finished making it yesterday. It is made from Obilisk Ore. I'm sure you know that Obilisk Ore is known for being an unbreakable item that is tough to make anything with, but our Artificers worked day and night on it. They managed to make a spear with Obilisk Ore," the Shop Owner said.

    " It's light, sturdy, and it's unbreakable. It is said to be able to penetrate anything," He continued.

    "Sounds good," Long Chen muttered. "How much is it worth?"

    "Only Sixty thousand Gold Coins," the shop owner answered.

    Long Chen moved over to the next weapon.

    Just like this, the search continued. One after another, Long Chen inquired about all the weapons in the shop to find the perfect weapon for himself. He was shown all kinds of weapons, including bows as well. Almost all the weapons here were more expensive than a thousand gold coins. As for the most expensive weapon here, it was still the Flaming Ice Sword.

    "This is the last Weapon here. It's only Seven Thousand Gold Coins," The Shop Owner said as he explained about the knife that was in Long Chen's hand.

    "It's nice as well. You have some really great weapons here, but nothing attracted my attention. I'll have to go back and think about which weapon I find less boring to use. I'll be back to get something," Long Chen told the shop owner as he gave an excuse for not buying anything. He placed the knife back.

    "Ah, that's perfectly fine. Take your time and think about what you want. You can come to us at any time," the Shop Owner said to Long Chen.

    "Yeah. I'll take my leave," Long Chen walked towards the stairs and went upstairs.

    The Shop Owner stayed back as he sighed. He was still hopeful that Long Chen would come back and buy something.

    He sighed as he went upstairs as well.

    Long Chen stepped out of the shop and went away.

    "So, which weapon are you going to steal?"

    As Long Chen was walking away, he suddenly heard some words.

    "Xun, why do you think I'll steal?" Long Chen inquired as he chuckled.

    "Do you think I don't know you? It was obvious. You didn't have any money, and still, you are asking about all those weapons and their prices. It was obvious you were trying to find the best weapon to steal," Xun told Long Chen.

    "Hahaha, Hey, you can't blame me. I would've bought the items if they weren't so expensive. Also, I did warn him in the end that I'll be back to get something. If he's clever, he can do something," Long Chen muttered as he smiled wryly.

    "Hah, he would have to be a god to know that you can Teleport in his basement and steal anything since you've already seen the basement and fulfilled all the criteria to Teleport there," Xun said as she rolled her eyes. "So, which weapon are you getting?"

    "The Flaming Ice Sword is nice. It's the most expensive, and its effects are the best as well. I'll be taking that," Long Chen said as he smiled innocently.

    "Before that, let's spend five hundred gold coins that I do have. I do need to get ready to leave after all," Long Chen muttered as he stepped towards a clothing shop.

    He entered the clothing shop and went to the shopkeeper. He bought clothes of good quality. He chose mostly dark clothes that could blend easily in darkness. The clothes only cost him five gold coins, so he still had plenty of money left.

    Next, he walked to a restaurant to have a tasty dinner since it was probably his last night here. Everywhere he went, he was treated with respect because of his Dragon Squad robes. He ate to his heart's content before he left. He walked back towards the Weapon Shop, ready to take the thing he wanted. The Weapon that was going to be his in the upcoming battles.
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