740 Chapter 740: Thef

    Long Chen walked in the direction of the weapon shop, but he didn't stop there; instead, he continued walking away. He only stopped in an alleyway approximately two hundred meters away from the shop.

    After making sure that no one was nearby, he got ready to leave. His eyes changed color and became starry black from their original color. The space surrounding Long Chen soon became unstable as he disappeared.

    Long Chen appeared in the underground location of Weapon Shop. He had already activated shadow transformation as soon as he appeared there, just to make sure that he wouldn't be seen in case someone was nearby in the hall. Long Chen was amazed to see that

    Fortunately, no one was nearby. The entire place was completely empty. It was dark there as the doors on the stairs were closed.

    "Free reign," Long Chen muttered as he smirked.

    He walked over to the Flaming Ice Sword and took that sword off the walls. As soon as he held the sword, he was amazed to see how good it felt. He felt like the sword was neither too cold in his hands nor too hot. It was just the perfect temperature.

    He thought that it would be hot since he was holding the hilt that was made from Flaming Crystal, but it didn't seem that way. It seemed like the Ice crystal balanced it out perfectly.

    He held the sword in his hand and appreciated its looks for a brief second before he placed it inside the scabbard. He had bought the scabbard in the market previously since he didn't want to expose the sword after leaving this place. The scabbard also had a leather material attached to it that hid the hilt of the sword as well.

    "Never thought I'd be holding another scabbard so soon. These things are only useful until I don't get my storage ring back," Long Chen muttered as he walked over to the other side of the hall.

    There was a Golden knife hanging on the wall. He picked up the knife and placed it inside his clothing before he Teleported back.

    The knife he picked was called the Knife Of Kun Li. It was said to pierce its target no matter how far it was thrown from. It could not be stopped using hands and could only be stopped with weapons.

    Long Chen found himself back at the isolated alley that was void of people. He held the scabbard in his hand and walked towards the main road.

    He mixed with the crowd and went back towards the Royal Palace since he was done with his outer rendezvous.

    As he was going back, he decided to check back at the Army Ground once again to see how the preparation was going.

    He entered the army grounds and looked around. Most of the people were getting ready, while some were already in casual clothing and were looking like proper Cultivators and not soldiers at all.

    "Preparation seems to be going well," Long Chen muttered as he turned back and started walking away.

    "Wait right there!"

    While Long Chen was walking away, he heard a shout from behind.

    He stopped as he turned back since he recognized the voice of the person who was calling him out.

    "Do you need something, General Hu?" Long Chen inquired as he glanced back at General Hu. He knew that General Hu was probably trying to create trouble, but he still asked the question just to be sure.

    " Yes, I do! If you think you can show off in front of Master Wu and leave, then you're wrong. You want the authority to rule over my soldiers; you need to prove that you're worthy! Fight me and win! Only then can I give you the authority!" General Hu told Long Chen. His voice was so loud that almost everyone heard him. They all started looking towards Long Chen, wondering how he was going to react to this.

    'He's again showing off. If the snake monarch were here, that guy would've been crying from words. No matter how hard I try, I can't be as shameless as Snake Monarch in bragging and showoff,' Long Chen thought. He didn't show his weak side, though. He stood proudly, looking at General Hu.

    "My dear General Hu, aren't you overestimating your position here? I have the same authority as you here, which was granted to me by His Majesty. I don't know what you think of yourself, but you're definitely not the King. I don't think I need your permission for anything. I've been granted all the permission I need by the King himself. If you have any problem with that, you can go cry to him," Long Chen let out as he turned back and started leaving.

    "I said you couldn't leave without fighting!" General Hu thundered as he started running after Long Chen.

    "He's an idiot, isn't he?" Long Chen muttered as he smiled wryly. Soon, General Hu reached near Long Chen. He reached out his hand to hold Long Chen's hand, but he found that Long Chen had disappeared from in front of his eyes.

    "What the..." he exclaimed in confusion, but he suddenly felt someone push him. He fell down on his face.

    "Didn't someone tell you that attacking someone from behind isn't the act of a brave Warrior?" Long Chen said to the man who was lying on the ground, but he suddenly remembered that he had done that same. The other warriors were looking at him with wry smiles on their faces.

    "It's only fair to do that if someone did that to you but doing it unprovoked, do not really have no manners? Just remember that I simply pushed you. If I were an enemy, it wouldn't be a simple push. You would've been dead by now. Know your limits. The King is more wise than you. He knows what he has, and he can see talent. You should trust his vision," Long Chen replied as he started walking away.

    General Hu stood up and watched Long Chen leave, but he didn't do anything.

    He just lowered his head as he sighed. He has realized that it was his defeat. If Long Chen were really an enemy, he would have had a knife in his hand. It would've been a backstab, and he would've been dead. He knew that he was defeated, and he was defeated in front of everyone.

    He turned back.

    "What are you all looking at? Get to work. We have a lot of preparation to do before it's time to leave tomorrow," He shouted at the soldiers.


    Long Chen went back to the palace and entered inside.

    He walked back to his room, closed the door before he sat on the bed.

    He placed the scabbard on his bed. He brought the Golden Knife out of his pocket and placed it near the need.

    " Now, We have good weapons as well. Everything is prepared," Long Chen muttered as he sat on the bed.

    "When are you going to search for the Sword of Time?" Xun asked Long Chen as she appeared beside him.

    "Tomorrow," Long Chen replied as he smiled.

    "Tomorrow? Aren't you leaving for the North of the Aksha Kingdom with the army? Are you leaving them alone?" Xun inquired in confusion.

    "No, you idiot. Didn't you see the map?" Long Chen asked as he smiled wryly.

    He placed the map on the bed and unfolded it.

    "The town that we need to reach to get the Sword of Time according to that mystery is here! And to go to the north of the Aksha kingdom, we'll be taking this route. You understand now?" He said as he pointed towards the map.

    "Ah, so it's in the way. That's clever," Xun let out as she smiled.

    "Yup. That's why I chose this route," Long Chen said as he chuckled.
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