742 Chapter 742: The Fee

    Long Chen sat on the Spirit Eagle, which started flying away from the Royal City of Sunai Kingdom and in the direction of Aksha Kingdom.

    The journey was going to take a few days on the Spirit Eagle, which gave Long Chen enough time to cultivate along the way.

    He cultivated throughout the journey and didn't stop for even a moment. He was still inside the Sunai Kingdom, so the journey should've been easy and peaceful for him, but that wasn't so. Even though he wasn't in enemy territory, he did face a few trouble along the way.

    As Long Chen was flying above what seemed like a big city of the Sunai Kingdom, he found an obstruction along the way.

    There were a few flying beasts coming in his direction. There were humans on top of the Flying beasts. All of them were wearing a similar color of robes, which had a fox Symbol on them. Even though Long Chen didn't know what this fox Symbol represented, it was obvious that these people were from the same organization.

    Long Chen made his Spirit Eagle move sideways to allow the beasts to pass by him. Usually, he wouldn't have moved sideways to let anyone pass, but at this moment, he didn't bother with that. He was in a hurry. He didn't want to spend even a single second more in this spirit world than he had to.

    Strangely enough, as Long Chen moved his Spirit Eagle sideways, the others also moved their Spirit Beasts in the same direction. Long Chen realized that these people weren't looking to get past him. They were either trying to stop him for whatever reason, or they were trying to pick a fight with him.

    Long Chen slowed down his Spiritual Eagle until it came to a full halt.

    The others also stopped their beasts just about ten meters ahead of him.

    "Do you guys need something?" Long Chen inquired.

    "What kind of question is that? Are you new to this city? Don't you know that this is that area of our Zu Clan? You need to pay us money to use our airspace. Hurry up and give us a Hundred Gold Coins," one of the men told Long Chen as he folded his arms near his chest and looked down at Long Chen.

    "Why should I pay you? This entire land and the air belongs to His Majesty, the King. Are you saying that you people are the King?" Long Chen inquired as he smiled.

    "Stop trying to change our words! Of course, we aren't the King, but our Zu Clan is a loyal subordinate of His Majesty and the most powerful Clan of this city. Stop trying to annoy me and pay us the money. If you have no money, then you can't use our airspace. Get down on the ground and travel through the city on foot," the man replied.

    "Are you the leader of this little squad? What's your name?" Long Chen inquired.

    "My name is Zu Lai," the man replied to Long Chen as he nodded his head proudly.

    "So You are from the Zu Clan. Listen, kid; I don't have time to play around. I don't have money to pay you either. Move aside and let me leave. There is no such thing as the cost of travel through your airspace. I traveled from here with my teammates a few days ago. Step aside," Long Chen told the man as he shook his head.

    "Stop lying! Everyone knows that only the High Ranking people of the Royal City who travel on the Dark Spirit Horses and the leaders of various cities can pass through this place without having to pay anything. I've seen the images of all the city leaders. You're not one of them. As for your beast, even though a Spirit Eagle Beast is a good beast, it's definitely not a Dark Spirit Horse," Zu Lai told Long Chen as he snorted.

    "Look, kid, I have a Dark Spirit Horse back in the Royal City. I'm not using that for certain reasons. Step aside and let me pass. I'm on an important mission from His Majesty," Long Chen told the man as he frowned.

    "Hahaha, you think I'll believe that? You have a Dark Spirit Horse? No one who has a Dark Spirit Horse will travel on a Spirit Eagle. And you're on a mission from His Majesty? Hah, if that's the truth, then I'm the ruler of the heavens," Zu Lai said as he laughed out loud.

    "As for being assigned an important mission by the King? Do you take me for a fool? There's no way someone with an important mission and a high position would be told to travel on a slow beast when he could use the faster Dark Spirit Horses. Your lies are not going to work on people that know the inner workings of the Kingdom, idiot," Zu Lai said.

    "Zu Lai," Long Chen let out abruptly.

    "What?" Zu Lai inquired.

    "You're an Idiot!" Long Chen said as he rolled his eyes.

    "Move aside and let me pass before I get angry, and you start regretting your decision," he continued.

    " You Bastard! You dare threaten me? It's obvious you aren't going to pay us! You still could've chosen to respectfully go down and travel on foot, but you decided to oppose the authority of the Zu Clan and mock us! We're confiscating your Spirit Beast and taking it for the clan. You can take it back by paying Five Hundred Gold Coins in the future," Zu Lai told Long Chen as he glared at Long Chen.

    "Go and take his Spirit Eagle!" He told his men.

    Around five people started flying towards Long Chen in their Spirit Beasts.

    "Raise your hands and let them take you down so they could take the Spirit Eagle. If it resists, we'll be forced to take serious measures. You wouldn't want to fall to your death, would you?" Zu Li inquired with an amused smile on his face.

    "You idiot! Stop messing around. I will count to three. If you don't step aside and let me pass, you won't be standing on the fourth second," Long Chen said to Zu Lai.

    "Oh? Three seconds? Guys, don't do anything. Let him finish his count. I want to see his face turning red in shame when his bluff is caught," Zu Lai said as he mockingly looked at Long Chen.


    Long Chen started the counting.


    As he continued, Zu Lai looked at him with a mocking smile on his face.


    Soon, Long Chen finished the count.

    "That's three. Now wha-" Zu Lai was speaking something when his mouth closed. A golden Knife had penetrated his neck. His neck was bleeding, and he was unable to breathe. He dropped down on his beast as his eyes lost their light. Blood kept coming out of his neck.

    Long Chen appeared near Zu Lai on top of his Spirit Beast. He pulled out the knife from his neck and wiped the blood on the knife with Zu Lai's clothes.

    "So, are you guys going to run away to bring others or stay here and die?" he asked the other five people that were still left.

    "You Bastard! You killed him!" The others seemed to be furious. In their eyes, Long Chen had shamelessly sneak attacked Zu Lai. They didn't want to run away without getting Long Chen and their revenge.

    They pulled out their weapons and pointed them towards Long Chen.

    Long Chen smiled as he reached his hand towards his back.

    "I didn't think I'd be using it so soon," he muttered as he held the red hilt of his sword and pulled it out of its scabbard.
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