743 Chapter 743: Spatial Travel


    Only a few minutes had passed, but the battle was already over. Long Chen was standing on his Spirit Eagle while the other Spirit Beasts were flying away. They were carrying the bodies of the Zu Clan Members on their back.

    "The beasts seem to be running away from the city. I don't think they'll go back to the Zu Clan. With no one to control them, they'll probably fly to some forest," Long Chen muttered as he watched the beasts flying away.

    He turned back and continued on his path.

    As he was flying above the city, he again sat down on the Spirit Eagle and started resting. While he was resting, he suddenly remembered something.

    "Ah, why didn't I think of this. They weren't believing me. I could've shown them the Dragon Squad Badge and proven that I had a high position," he thought as he slapped his forehead.

    Long Chen had just realized that he didn't have to kill at all.

    " Oh well, at least I got to see the effects of my Flaming Ice Sword this way. And I can't say that they didn't entirely deserve it," Long Chen muttered as he shook his head.

    Soon, he crossed the city. Fortunately, no one stopped him this time.

    The rest of the journey remained uneventful until a similar thing happened again, but this time, it was the guards who asked him for gold coins as an entry fee.

    This time he used a different method, though. He showed them his Dragon Squad Badge, which was enough to scare them. The guards apologized to Long Chen and allowed him to pass.

    "This went much smoother. I should really think of all the possible ways I can solve problems before jumping head first," Long Chen muttered as he sighed.

    He continued on his way and reached the Lingua City. Duan Lifeng was the City Master of this place, and he has the Thousand Eyes Spectre War Spirit. This was the first city that Long Chen had arrived to when he had entered the Sunai Kingdom. City Master Dian Lifeng was also the person who had brought Long Chen to the King of Sunai, making it easier for Long Chen to do what he wanted.

    As Long Chen was passing above the City Master's Palace, he couldn't help but look down. He found Duan Lifeng sitting in his garden, looking up.

    "This guy is pretty scary. He probably found out that I entered his City," Long Chen muttered. He didn't let his true thoughts show on his face. He smiled as he waved his hand a little. Duan Lifeng smiled in return, but he didn't stand up or wave his hand.

    Long Chen passed the Lingua City as well. After he got in the middle of the Border and the Lingua City, he stopped the beast. He didn't want to go to the border and meet Wu Xun. He knew that he would be asked a lot of questions if he did that, but he still needed to be here since he needed to bring someone with him.

    The War had almost reached the Border of two kingdoms, and the Border Town of Aksha Kingdom was at risk. He had decided to bring Mi Liayi out of the town and to settle her in some safe town on his way as he continued along.

    After everything was over, he could get her back.

    He made the Spirit Eagle land on the ground and got off of it.

    After making sure that no one was nearby, he stood up.

    His eyes changed color from their usual golden color to a starry dark color.

    The space surrounding him started becoming unstable as spatial cracks started developing around him.

    A Spatial Portal opened in front of him that seemed to be like a door. Previously the Spatial Portals were of a Spatial Crack Shape, but after achieving a breakthrough in his comprehension the last time, he was able to make a proper door shaped Portal.

    He stepped inside the Spatial Portal.

    Another Door shaped Portal opened in the small room where Mi Liayi was staying.

    Long Chen stepped out of the portal only to find the room entirely empty. The Portal disappeared behind him as soon as he stepped out.

    "Where is she?" He muttered as he looked around the room, but he didn't find her anywhere. He was about to walk towards the bathroom, but he stopped as he heard the sound of water falling.

    "So she's bathing," he muttered as he turned back. He went back to the bed and sat on it as he started waiting for Mi Liayi to come out.

    After a few minutes, Mi Liayi finally came out of the bathroom. She was fully dressed, but her hair was still wet. She was drying her hair with a towel.

    "You're back!"

    She was frozen in place as she saw Long Chen back. A beautiful smile appeared on her face that seemed to be somewhat relieved as well.

    It had been a long time since she last saw him. She was very worried about Long Chen's safety, but finally, she finally put her worries to sleep.

    "Mother," Long Chen said as he stood up.

    Mi Liayi walked towards Long Chen and hugged him tightly. "I'm so glad you're safe!"

    "What would happen to me? I promised you I'd be back soon. It just took a little longer for some reason. Anyway, I'm here to take you with me this time," Long Chen told her.

    "Hmm," Mi Liayi nodded her head.

    " Anyway, how's the situation in the town? Any unrest?" Long Chen asked Mi Liayi as he walked towards the window and looked outside. He could see a lot more guards on the street.

    "There has been some unrest indeed. Someone killed the Royal Tutor in the Royal capital. People say that it's the work of the Dragon Squad. From what I heard, the King is really furious, and he declared a war. The Army from the Royal City is already here. They have arrived yesterday. They have been staying here. Most of the commission is caused by them as the Sunai Kingdom hasn't even started attacking yet," Mi Liayi explained to Long Chen.

    "What commotion? Isn't the eldest Prince doing anything?" Long Chen inquired as he frowned.

    "Some things like fighting in the bar and a few skirmishes with the Citizens. The Eldest Prince is trying his best to maintain peace," Mi Liayi replied.

    "Interesting. Anyway, nothing to do with us. Let's leave," Long Chen muttered as he again started using his Space Law.

    The Door Shaped Spatial Portal again appeared in front of him.

    "W-what's that?" Mi Liayi asked in shock as she stepped back. She didn't understand how something like this find appeared in front of her. She could see sand and sky on the other side of this portal instead of the wall of the room.

    "That's the ability of my War Spirit. It will take us outside this city," Long Chen muttered as he smirked. He likes this stuff about the War Spirits. Even though he couldn't use it himself, he could explain all of his abilities with a simple excuse that it was his War Spirits ability.

    "This could be a War Spirit ability? Amazing," Mi Liayi exclaimed with a look of disbelief on her face.

    She hadn't heard of something like this, but then again, she had never heard of a war spirit like this either, so she didn't know what made sense and what didn't.

    "Here," Long Chen muttered as he reached out his hand. "If you're still worried about this, hold my hand. We'll enter together."

    Mi Liayi looked at Long Chen's hand for a brief second before she reached out her hand and held his hand.

    Long Chen walked towards the Spatial Portal with Mi Liayi. Both of them entered the Spatial Portal together with hand in hand.
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