746 Chapter 746: Cleansing

    " I would have, but looking at all the bodies of the people and the fact that you were trying to do the same to us, I won't. You deserve one thing. Death!" Long Chen muttered as he swung his sword, killing the old lady in one strike.

    "You already got the taste for human flesh. Do you think I would overlook that? This whole town is an abomination. None of you deserves to get out," he let out as he sighed.

    He turned back and walked towards Mi Liayi.

    "Sit here, I'll be right back," He told Mi Liayi as he patted her shoulder.

    He opened the door and stepped out of the restaurant.

    As soon as he stepped out, he saw over ten people standing nearby, looking towards the restaurant. All ten of them were shocked as soon as they saw Long Chen come out of the restaurant.

    "Why is he still not dead! Is that old lady letting him go? Fuck! One less person means less food! What is she thinking!"

    "Maybe the kid gave up on the woman who was with him and ran outside? She's probably focusing on the woman! Whatever happens, we can't let this kid escape!"

    The ten people started discussing amongst themselves. None of them knew that Long Chen could hear them even though he was standing at some distance.

    "Wait a minute! That sword in his hand! Why does it look like it's covered in blood?" one of the ten people suddenly exclaimed as he noticed the dropping blood on Long Chen's sword.

    Long Chen looked towards the man and grinned like a Devil. He disappeared from his position.

    Everyone was shocked where Long Chen went and if what they saw was an illusion when Long Chen appeared behind them.

    "It looks like it's covered in blood because it is covered in blood."

    Those were the last words that man heard before a sword penetrated his heart from behind. He coughed out a mouthful of blood and fell down on his knees as soon as Long Chen pulled out his sword.

    The others finally found Long Chen and turned to him.

    "He's he-" one of them screamed as he pointed towards Long Chen, but before he could finish his words, a Golden Knife penetrated his throat, killing him on the spot.

    The people didn't have any heavy weapons, but all of them had knives with them. They pulled out their knives as they ran towards Long Chen.

    "Die for us!" they screamed as they ran after Long Chen, but instead of running away, Long Chen stood still.

    His eyes changed their color and became misty, as if there was fog inside his eyes.

    The eight people that were about to attack him froze in their place as their faces turned pale.

    They could see that the person standing in front of them wasn't Long Chen, but it was something else. There was a Giant Black Tiger standing in front of them. The Tiger had Red Wings. The men turned to run away, but they saw that they were surrounded by giant black-winged tigers.

    They dropped down to their knees and started crying in fear. Some of them even wet their pants

    "P-please don't kill us!"

    They started begging from the beasts, unaware that it was only an illusion that was created for them by Long Chen. While they were begging the tigers, Long Chen walked closer to them quite comfortably and sliced their head off.

    One after another, he kept slicing the head of the humans. Soon, all eight of them were dead.

    Long Chen's eyes return to their normal color.

    "Heavenly Demon Wings," he muttered as four beautiful wings appeared behind his back. He started flying above the town with the help of his Heavenly Demon Wings. He also used his Divine Sense to search through the places to see if there was anyone living.

    Along the way, he did see a group of people eating a dead person. It seemed like they had just killed the old guy, and now they were eating him.

    He came down on the ground and started killing them without thinking.

    Just like that, he searched the whole town but didn't find anyone else. He came back to the small restaurant and took Mi Liayi with him.

    "Apparently, we chose the wrong place to stay. Hopefully, the next place won't have something like this," Long Chen muttered as he smiled wryly.

    He called for the Spirit Eagle that had flown away using his Spirit Summoning Flute.


    The Spirit Eagle came flying and landed before Long Chen.

    He got on it with Mi Liayi and made it fly. The Spirit Eagle flew into the sky.

    The Spirit Eagle took them to the next town, which was surprisingly a little too far away from the town of cannibals.

    "The closest town is still so far away. No wonder not many people traveled through that town or found something strange," Long Chen muttered as he looked at the map in his hand.

    "We should be there soon," he added as he heard the grumbling of Mi Liayi's stomach.

    Soon, they reached the next town. Long Chen made the beat go down again. Fortunately, this town was a little more crowded, and it seemed normal. He didn't find anything to be suspicious about. He went into a restaurant and ate with Mi Liayi before leaving the place.

    They didn't spend much time here since Long Chen wanted to save as much time as he could so he could have more time to search for the Sword of Time. He did have a thought of finding a small house here where Mi Liayi could stay since the town seemed peaceful, but he didn't. No matter how far this town was from the previous kingdom, it still was the neighboring town. He didn't want to leave Mi Liayi here.

    Their journey continued, and in a few days, they crossed the kingdom and entered the next kingdom on their path.

    Long Chen was getting more and more excited as he was getting closer to the town where the Sword of Time was. The town was in the next kingdom.

    The current kingdom was called the Kingdom of FeiWu. It was also called the Kingdom of peace since the beginning of this Kingdom; it never fought anyone. The Kingdom always avoided conflicts and maintained a good relationship with the three Kingdoms it shared a relationship with.

    "This should be a perfect place for you to stay in the meantime. There is no risk of war in this kingdom, and the Royal City should be safe as well. I gave you enough money for you to spend a year in hotels here without having to do anything, not that I'll leave you here for a year. I'll be back as soon as I can," Long Chen told Mi Liayi as he reached near the Royal City of FeiWu Kingdom.

    He lowered the beast near the Royal City as he needed to go through the security.

    He was asked a few questions, like where he was from and what his purpose was in coming to this town. After speaking a few well thought out lies, he was allowed to enter.

    "That was easy," Long Chen muttered as he entered the town.

    He landed near a hotel and booked a room for a single person for two months.

    The Receptionist couldn't help but smile as she winked at Long Chen. As Long Chen booked a room for one, she thought that Mi Liayi was his lover. Mi Liayi looked very young, which again fueled her misunderstanding

    Long Chen understood what she was thinking, but he decided not to bother with whatever she thought.

    He took Mi Liayi to the room.
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