747 Chapter 747: Im Sorry

    "I've booked the room for 2 Months. You should be able to stay here in comfort," he said to Mi Liayi as he closed the door.

    He walked closer to her.

    " Here's some money in case of an emergency. This should be enough for your spending here for a year," he told her as he handed her a pouch.

    "Are you leaving right now?" Mi Liayi asked him as she glanced at the pouch.

    " Yeah, I need to leave now. The time is of the essence for me. I need to get there as soon as I can so that I can be back faster," Long Chen said as he smiled innocently.

    He had to leave this place and find the Sword of Time. That was more important. As for Mi Liayi, he wasn't even his real mother. Leaving her here where she could stay safe was the best option he found.

    He left the room without wasting much time after a few light conversations and making sure that everything was prepared.

    He left the hotel and took a round around the neighborhood to get an understanding of the situation in this place, to make sure that everything was fine here.

    After spending ten minutes looking around, he decided that there was nothing strange in this place. He called his Spirit Eagle and left the City on it.


    "Xun, are you there? Come on! Stop hiding! Where are you even hiding? You should've at least told me that you were going to be busy," Long Chen asked Xun as he flew on his Spirit Eagle and left the Kingdom as well.

    Throughout the way, he had been trying to make Xun talk, but she wasn't appearing or replying anything.

    "Where is she? Did she leave me alone on this trial? This little girl can be so troublesome sometimes, but she's pretty helpful at other times," He muttered as he sighed.

    He sat down and started cultivating as the Spirit Eagle continued flying. Now that he didn't have Mi Liayi with him, he didn't need to worry about stopping at regular intervals so she could eat. As for him, he could easily go days without eating, which saved him.

    While Long Chen had stopped thinking about Xun, Xun was still inside the Bloodline Temple.

    She had left the room, which had the mysterious mirror inside.

    She was now standing in the main hall of the Bloodline Temple.

    She gazed at the five doors which Long Chen had to choose from when he was selecting a door for the Third Trial.

    She opened the door which Long Chen had selected and entered inside.


    "Where are we?"

    Long Chen was just about to start Cultivation when he heard Xun's voice.

    He opened his eyes slowly.

    "So you finally decided to appear. Where were you all this while?" Long Chen inquired as he smiled wryly.

    Xun appeared in front of him.

    "I was dealing with some work in the Bloodline Temple," Xun replied casually.

    Long Chen observed Xun's face, and his mind was instantly attracted by Xun's eyes. A concerned expression surrounded his face.

    "Xun? Were you crying for some reason?" he asked Xun in a gentle tone. "Did something happen?"

    "Ah, nothing. Why would I be crying, you idiot. I'm perfectly fine. It's just your hallucination," Xun replied as she shook her head. She turned back so that Long Chen couldn't see her face.

    "Hmm? Why were your eyes this red then? Why does it seem like you were crying?" Long Chen asked again as he stood up.

    He walked closer to Xun and placed his head on her forehead.

    "You know, If there are any problems that you're facing, you can tell me. I don't know if I would be able to help you or not, but sharing would be helpful indeed. You see me talking about my concerns, don't you? It does help and makes me feel better. Try it. I'm here to listen," He told Xun in a caring tone as he sighed.

    Xun didn't know why, but she felt bad as she heard his words. She felt irritated, but she didn't express anything. An angered look briefly appeared on her face, which instantly disappeared. Long Chen didn't see anything since her back was facing him.

    "I don't you; it's nothing. I'm a Spirit of the Ring. Can spirits even cry? We can't, you idiot," Xun replied sarcastically.

    "Who says you can't cry? You can smile, you can laugh, and you can even get angry. Who says you can't cry then?" Long Chen replied in a calm tone. He didn't get annoyed, but he was more concerned.

    Xun turned back as she smiled innocently.

    "It's nothing. As I said, I wasn't crying. Maybe it seems that way. Anyway, where are we?" She said as she moved back just enough to get Long Chen's hands off her head.

    Long Chen glanced at her and nodded his head. "If you say so."

    "We're getting near our destination. If the Sword of time is where I believe it to be, there are only two days left before we're at that place," He informed Xun.

    "Oh, that's good," Xun said as she nodded her head.

    " If you managed to get the Sword of Time, it would be really good," She added as she smiled. There was a strange smile on her face that made her seem even more excited to get the Sword of Time.

    "Yeah, It's a god grade weapon after all. Even though I will never use its power to go back in time since I don't want to be wiped from existence, I can still use it. A god grade weapon is not a God Grade Weapon for only their abilities after all," Long Chen muttered as he smiled.

    He walked back and sat down.

    "Since you're back, you can keep an eye on the way. I won't have to split my focus in seeing my surroundings while cultivating," Long Chen said as he shook his head.

    He closed his eyes without waiting for her response and started cultivating.

    "The Power of the Sword of Time. It can be a good welcoming gift for him," She muttered in an inaudible tone as she glanced towards the sky.

    'I've waited for so long. Soon, it will be the time when you return to me,' She right as she sighed.

    'The world will finally remember you again. The world will finally tremble again. The world will finally bow again,' She thought as she sat down on the Spirit Eagle.

    She glanced back and observed Long Chen's face for a brief moment before she stopped.

    "I'm sorry. That's how it's supposed to be," She muttered.

    He sighed as she laid down on the back of the Spirit Eagle and covered her eyes with her hands.

    Long Chen kept cultivating as the spirit eagle kept flying. Along the way, he didn't have to stop his Cultivation for any reason. There were no obstructions along the way, and the route he was following didn't need to go through any cities, so he was free and didn't need to interact with the city guard. Without any interruption, he continued on his way when he was suddenly woken up by Xun.

    "Get up. We're near the City," Xun told Long Chen as she shook his shoulders.

    "We are?" Long Chen inquired as he slowly opened his eyes.

    "Ah, right. It should be the time. We're right on schedule. Just a little longer, and the Sword of Time will be in my hand," Long Chen said as he smiled.

    "Don't celebrate too soon. Get the Sword of Time first. According to that book, that story was from twenty years ago. Anything could happen in twenty years," Xun told Long Chen as she sighed.
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