748 Chapter 748: Old to Young

    "I know. I'm just being optimistic, you idiot. Stop being so negative all the time," Long Chen said as he rolled his eyes.

    Every time he was optimistic about the future, Xun always showed him the reality and talked about the things that could go wrong. He knew that she was right, but still, he found it annoying sometimes.

    "I'm not negative. I'm just telling you to keep your expectations low," Xun replied.

    She glanced at Long Chen's face.

    "The lower your expectations are, the less disappointed you will be when things go against your expectations, and believe me when I say this. There will be things that will go against your expectations," she said in full seriousness.

    "What about you? Can I at least be optimistic about you, or will you still say the same thing that I shouldn't expect too much?" Long Chen inquired jokingly.

    " Me? I'm different. You can always trust me," Xun said as she turned back so that her back was facing Long Chen.

    Long Chen didn't know why, but he felt like there was something wrong in her words. He just couldn't put his finger on what he found to be wrong.

    "Let's just get there and see for ourselves. I'm sure I'll find the Sword," Long Chen muttered as he lowered his Spirit Eagle on the ground right outside the town. He had read in the book that the town was very backward and it was scared of people that came from flying beasts. He didn't want to scare them for no reason.

    He got off of the Spirit Eagle and landed on the ground.

    He turned back and looked at the Spirit Eagle. He patted its head.

    "Go have some fun little friend. I'll call you when I need you," he said before he turned back and started walking away.

    The Spirit Eagle spread its wings and started flying away.

    Long Chen walked towards the unguarded entrance of the town and entered it. Xun was flying beside Long Chen as he entered the town.

    As he walked inside the town for a little while, and saw an old man standing in front of a house.

    He walked towards the old man.

    "Hello, I'm here to meet Mr. Sui Han. Do you know where I can find him?" He asked the old man.

    " Sui Han? Where are you from, and why are you looking for him?" The old man asked Long Chen suspiciously.

    "I'm looking for him because I have something important to discuss with him. I can only tell him," Long Chen replied.

    "Hmph, Go straight and take the first left. The third house on your left will be his," the old man said as he rolled his eyes.

    "Sure. Thanks for the help, old man," Long Chen replied casually as he walked away.

    He soon reached the house that he was told about. It seemed like an old house that was not in any good condition. In fact, it was in the worst condition in this block.

    "This must be his house. It looks run down. Exactly like how it's supposed to be," Long Chen said as he sighed.

    He walked towards the door and knocked on it.

    Soon, the door was opened by someone.

    He saw a middle-aged woman standing in front of him.

    'Hmm? Did the old man marry?' Long Chen wondered as he looked at the woman.

    " Stop gawking at me and tell me what you need," the middle-aged man asked Long Chen.

    " Ah, sorry. I'm here to meet Mr. Sui Han. Can I meet him?" Long Chen inquired.

    "Why do you want to meet him? How do you even know him? I don't think he goes out of the just much," the woman inquired as she looked at Long Chen suspiciously.

    "I have something to talk to him about. It's really important. I can only tell him," Long Chen said, shaking his head.

    "You're not a thief, are you?" the lady asked Long Chen as she took a step back.

    "I'm not. I'm from a well-off family, and I have plenty of money. I don't need to steal. On the other hand, even if I had to steal, why would I choose this run-down house. There are many better houses nearby," Long Chen said as he innocently raised his hand.

    The woman looked at him for a brief moment before she nodded her head.

    "Come on inside," She said as she gestured for Long Chen to follow her.

    Long Chen smiled as he followed after her. He was so close to getting the Sword of Time.

    As he entered the house, he saw a small wooden bed. There was a young 14-15-year-old boy sleeping on the bed.

    The woman walked up to the kid and started walking him up.

    "Ah, can you call Mr. Sui Han here first? I'm in a hurry," Long Chen inquired as he saw her trying to wake the kid. He felt like she could have done that later as well.

    "Let him wake up first. How can you talk to him if he doesn't wake up?" the woman asked Long Chen sarcastically.

    "This kid is Sui Han?" Long Chen blurted out loud in shock.

    " You're not a mad person, are you? You're here to meet him. Of course, he's Sui Han," the woman replied as she looked at Long Chen as if he was mad.

    "Ah? How did he turn into a kid from an old man?" Long Chen asked as he frowned.

    'Xun? Did the sword of time have this effect as well?' he asked Xun through his thoughts.

    "How would I know! I just know that it can help people go back in time, but if it's the Sword Of Time that rules over the Time, it should be able to do this as well. Age is highly dependent on time, after all, so theoretically, it's possible," Xun said as she frowned as well.

    "What kid from an old man? Are you calling my son an old man? You're here to mock him because he looks older while still being twelve, don't you? You guys don't have anything better to do than to mock my son! After I stopped sending him outside, you guys started coming here to mock him? Get out right now!" the middle-aged woman thundered as she pointed her finger at Long Chen.

    Long Chen looked at the woman blankly before he hit his head. He realized what was going on now.

    "Ah, you misunderstand me. I came to this town to look for Sui Han, who should be older than eighty now. I asked someone for an address, and he told me about this house. It is a mixup. There must be two Sui Hans in this town," he explained as he smiled wryly.

    The woman heard his explanation and calmed down.

    "Oh? You're looking for Old Man Sui? The first house on the right when he entered the town is his," the woman answered Long Chen.

    "The first house on the left? Isn't that..." Long Chen muttered as he remembered the old man standing in front of the house on the right.

    "Was he Sui Han? That man fooled me," he muttered as he smiled wryly.

    "Just to make sure that Sui Han has long white hair and no beard?" he asked the middle-aged woman to make sure that the man was indeed Sui Han.

    "Yes, that's right," the old lady said as she nodded her head.

    "Thanks for the help," Long Chen said as he turned back and left the house.

    He cracked his knuckles as he walked back towards the entrance of the city.

    "That old man fooled me even after I told him that I was looking for him!" he muttered in frustration.
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