750 Chapter 750: The Change

    "Tell me where the sword is," Long Chen said again as he looked into the old man's eyes.

    "He took it," With a deep sigh, the man answered.

    There seemed to be sadness in his old eyes.

    Long Chen couldn't help but facepalm himself. It seemed as if Xun had actually jinxed himself and what she said worked.

    "Who took it? Who has the sword?" Long Chen asked.

    He still didn't lose hope, though. It was a God Grade Sword of Time, after all. As long as there was a trail to follow, he was going to be fine. It was not impossible to get the sword as long as he knew where it was.

    "You found out about me from the book of mystery, didn't you?" the man inquired.

    "Yes," Long Chen replied.

    "That book's writer was the one who took the sword. He said that he liked it and he wanted to have it. He convinced me that if I gave him the Sword, he would make sure that my truth comes out to the public and everyone starts believing me. He said that was the best way to find my grandson," the old man replied again as his eyes lowered in sadness.

    "But all it got me in return was mockery and insult from people all around the world. After the book came out, things only got worse," he replied.

    "So that writer has the Sword. Do you know where he was from and where I can find him?" Long Chen inquired in confusion.

    "Of course I know. Everyone knows where he lives; he's the little brother of our King, after all. That's why I couldn't do anything after all this happened," the old man said as he sighed.

    "The little brother of the King, huh. He lives in the Royal Palace?" Long Chen inquired.

    "Yeah. Our King only has one brother who is very dear to him. The King dotes on him too much and lets him do whatever he wants. That's why he didn't stop him from becoming a writer," the old man replied.

    "Alright. I'll find him and get the sword from him. I'll make sure that every soul is free," With a calm look on his face, he stood up and said.

    He was not much upset now as he knew where the sword was. As for the Royal City, it was just ahead on his path, so he didn't need to take a detour for the sword.

    "One last thing.  What is the name of that man?" Long Chen inquired.

    "His name is Li Yi Xui," Answered the old man, gazing at Long Chen.

    "That's all I need. I'm leaving now," Long Chen said as he turned back and started leaving.

    "Please! Please free the soul of my grandson. I'll be forever grateful," the old man pleated Long Chen as he watched him leave.

    "Don't worry. I'll get what I want," Long Chen answered vaguely before he left the small house.

    He left the town and used the Spirit Summoning Flute to call the Spirit Eagle.


    The Spirit Eagle came flying and landed in front of Long Chen.

    He climbed on the Spirit Eagle, which began flying.

    "See? The results of being too optimistic," A pearl of laughter resounded in the air as Xun appeared beside Long Chen.

    "So what? It's still not bad. I'll just go to the Royal Palace and take the sword of time from this Li Yi Xui; it's still as easy as it can be,* Long Chen replied casually, without a hint of disappointment.

    "Don't you dare jinx it again, or I'll make you kiss me throughout the journey."

    Xun opened her lips to say anything, but before he could say something, Long Chen spoke instead, making Xun immediately close her mouth.

    "On a different topic,  can I ask you something?" Long Chen inquired.

    "Yeah," Xun replied casually.

    " This Bloodline Temple, what exactly is it. It takes so many decisions and handles everything. Does it have a Spirit too? Is it a living entity?" Long Chen inquired, stunning Xun.

    Xun blankly looked at Long Chen for a brief moment before she opened her cherry lips and said, " Why do you ask that?"

    "I just feel like it. Just like you're the Spirit of the Ancient Ring, there should be one for the Bloodline Temple too. If not, how can it take all these decisions? Can something be like this and do so much without having someone or something to think for itself?" Long Chen asked in confusion.

    "The bloodline temple doesn't have any Spirit. Don't think too much. It's just random thoughts. It was created by my master; how can a mere mortal understand it's secrets. You don't know what's possible or not for my master. He created the Bloodline Temple for the inheritor, and he arranged everything. It doesn't need a Spirit to handle itself," Xun answered in a straightforward manner.

    "If you say so. I must be wrong in that case," Long Chen muttered as he smiled.

    He opened the map to confirm the direction of the Royal City once again and to see exactly how much time he would need to get there.

    "Just like I assumed, it would only be an hour before we get there. No wasting time this time. I don't have patience. It's straight to the Palace this time. It's the weakest kingdom in the surrounding anyway. Even their strongest Warrior is weaker than the Royal Tutor. I should be fine," Long Chen muttered as if he was talking to himself.

    "Don't you dare say something," He instantly said as he realized that this was generally the time when Xun raised the red flags for him through his words.

    "Hmph," Xun rolled his eyes as she closed her lips that she had opened to speak something.

    " Keep an eye on the journey. I'll get back to Cultivation," Long Chen replied as he sighed.

    He knew the importance of strength here. No amount of strength was ever enough. The stronger he became, the better his chances of success were going to be. He knew that, and he didn't leave any chance to cultivate. He was already an Eighth Stage Gold Realm Cultivator, which was shocking even to him since it had been only a few months since he had started Cultivating from scratch with this new body.

    In just a month, he was stronger than he was in the real world after Cultivation for over a year. Most of the credit went to the body that had such amazing Cultivators speed that even shocked him, while the rest of the credit went to his Cultivation knowledge that he had accumulated throughout the years and his Cultivation Skill.

    The day turned into a night and nights into a day as Long Chen continued traveling without rest. He was so immersed in Cultivation that he didn't open his eyes even once. He was sure that Xun was going to tell him if something was wrong and he needed to wake up.

    Soon, two days passed away, and it was the third day since Long Chen had last talked to the old man.

    "There it is," Xun muttered as she saw a city straight ahead. She placed her hand on Long Chen's shoulder and started walking him up.

    "Get up. We're there," She said as she continued jerking Long Chen's body.

    Long Chen slowly opened his eyes and looked ahead.

    "Oh, we're there already," He muttered as he stretched his arms. "I didn't realize that it has already been three days. Time passed so fast in Cultivation."

    "The city is pretty beautiful, I must say. So much greenery. Even though it looks less lavish, it does seem peaceful," Long Chen replied as he saw the city ahead.
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