754 Chapter 754: Tes

    "I can't! If I tell you that you can give the sword to the previous owner and that the sword will take him as owner instantly, removing your curse, then you'll give it back to me! I don't want the curse back!" Long Chen said as he hesitantly stepped back.

    "Please let me leave!" he turned back to leave, but the guards were blocking the entrance. "I don't want to get the sword back! Just let me go! I don't want to suffer again. I've already suffered enough!"

    "Hahaha, So that's what it was! It takes time to select new owners, but as the old owners were already selected previously, it takes them back instantly," Li Yi Hui laughed out loud as if he had found a way to escape.

    Long Chen turned back after finding no way to escape.

    "Please let me go. I don't want the curse back! I just got rid of it and managed to come back home. I don't want to have to leave for the freezing land," Long Chen said to the man with a cry-like expression.

    That's when a spatial portal appeared in front of Li Yi Hui out of nowhere.

    Li Yi Hui looked at the Portal with an incredulous look on his face. In the blink of an eye, a phoenix stepped out of the portal.

    The Phoenix flew towards the top as it screeched before coming down. It flew in the direction of Li Yi Hui.

    "Guards! Protect me! Protect me from this vicious beast!" Li Yi Hui screamed like a kid as he started running towards the nearest guard. The guards, on the other hand, looked at him in confusion since they couldn't see anything.

    "Your Highness, there is nothing there. You must be having another illusion!" the guard told Li Yi Hui.

    "A-another Illusion?" Li Yi Hui muttered as he looked back only to see that the phoenix and the portal weren't there.

    "Oh no, I can't let this continue. These hallucinations must stop! I don't care what you say! You must take that sword and go far away from me. If I saw you again, I'll have you killed!" the man told Long Chen as he wiped the sweat off of his face.

    "You two, come with me to my room. The rest of you should keep an eye on him until I return. Don't let him escape, or none of you will love to see tomorrow," Li Yi Hui thundered as he started walking towards the exit of the room.

    He left the place with two guards, leaving Long Chen and the others inside the room.

    "That was interesting. I thought you said you'll sneak inside and steal the sword. Why did you decide to do it this way?" Xun asked Long Chen.

    ' It seemed much easier since I didn't know where the sword was kept. If it were right, I wouldn't be able to meet this idiot, and I would have no choice but to go with the sneak and kill to get to my goals, but it's the day, and I can't use Shadow Transformation. Also, I wanted to test if it was achievable. Fear is a powerful weapon after all,' Long Chen replied to Xun through his thoughts as he waited for the man to return.

    He was wondering how the Sword of Time was actually going to be. In a few moments, he was going to be holding a God Grade Weapon. That thought excited him. The strongest weapon a person could possess, the stuff of legends, was going to be in his hands in a few moments.

    'The Sword of Time... that in itself could be a worthy reward for the trial on its own, but I'll probably get even more after I succeed. I wonder how it looks. Even Xun didn't tell me how the sword looks. It must be pretty cool looking,' Long Chen thought as he glanced towards the door.

    "Don't even think about running away. You will regret it if you even tried to escape," Noticing him looking towards the door, the guards misunderstood his intention. They warned him straight away.

    Long Chen sighed in regret as he nodded his head as a show.

    'Idiots. Why would I run away? I'm about to get the world's strongest weapon in my hand in a few minutes. Only an Idiot would run away from this,' Long Chen thought as he kept his head down.

    Soon, the noise of the door opening fell in his ears. He raised his gaze and noticed that Li Yi Hui had returned. There was a sword in his hand.

    The Sword seemed to be made entirely of gold. There were diamond-like objects attached to the sword's blade, making it look even more precious.

    Long Chen was happy looking at the sword. The Sword of Time looked so amazing. He wasn't the least bit disappointed looking at the sword, but he didn't leave his character. He had to stay in character to not bring any suspicions on him.

    "Here, take your sword!" Li Yi Hui said as he raised his hand to give the sword to Long Chen, but Long Chen didn't take the sword.

    "Do you think I'm stupid?" Long Chen replied in an annoyed tone as he looked into the man's eyes.

    He was about to continue talking and say that he wasn't going to take this cursed sword. He wanted to take the sword after a little back and forth, but before he could even continue, the man started laughing.

    "I guess I was worrying for no reason. You're not a fake. You knew that this wasn't a real sword. Don't worry; I don't think that you're stupid. I was just testing to see if you could recognize the fake sword," Li Yi Hui said to Long Chen, making Long Chen stunned.

    'The Fuck? Why didn't I think of this? He was scared, but that doesn't mean he wouldn't be cautious. He actually brought a fake Sword to test me? It looks like I'm indeed fortunate that he misunderstood my words and thought that I was angry because he showed me the fake Sword. If he didn't, I would've had a way out other than by killing a few people here. I still wouldn't have received the sword, though,' Long Chen thought as he breathed in relief but kept his blank expression.

    Looking towards the door, Li Yi Hui commanded, " Bring the real sword!"

    The door opened again, and a guard stepped inside. The guard was carrying what seemed like a heavy sword with both his hands.
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