756 Chapter 756: It Can do this?

    He could see the Spirit Eagle flying in reverse. It seemed less like flying and more as if the Spirit Eagle was retracing it's steps in reverse and going in reverse towards the Royal City.

    It soon entered the Royal City.

    He looked around, trying to understand what was happening, but not only the Spirit Eagle, he also saw humans on the Streets, walking in reverse.

    It was as if he was watching everything happen in rewind, and only he could move.

    "Xun, do you see it as well?" he asked Xun to get her opinion on it, but Xun didn't reply. Even after asking again, he didn't get a response.

    The Spirit Eagle landed in front of the Royal Palace.

    "What the heck? My body isn't in my control!" He exclaimed as he realized that he had gone down the Spirit Eagle without willing to. It was as if his feet were walking on their own. He was retracing his steps.

    The Spirit Eagle moved away.

    He found himself standing in the same spot where he was standing when he threw away.

    His hand moved on its own as he watched the old rusted sword flying through the air and coming back in his hand, retracing the same trajectory that he had followed when he threw the sword.

    As the Sword was back in his hand, he finally gained the control of his body.

    He also noticed that people had stopped walking in reverse. They were now moving more normally.

    'Xun, where the hell did you disappear again?' Long Chen thought as he smiled wryly. He didn't know why, but Xun hadn't replied to him all this while.

    "Where will I disappear? I'm right here. What happened to you suddenly?" Xun asked Long Chen.

    "What do you mean what happened to me? Don't tell me you didn't see the world moving in reverse and all the strange things that happened?" Long Chen asked Xun.

    "What are you talking about? Don't tell me this sword is really cursed, and you're really seeing illusions?" Xun inquired in confusion.

    "Wait, you really didn't see it? I threw the sword away and got on the Spirit Eagle. I had left the City when everything started going in reverse, and the Spirit Eagle returned to here. The Sword flew back in my hand. Don't tell me you saw none of it," Long Chen said in an annoyed tone. "You're definitely messing with me now. There's no way you wouldn't have seen it."

    "I-i really didn't see it. You just stepped out of the Palace after receiving the sword before you started talking like this," Xun told Long Chen.

    "Wait, so nothing happened after that? I didn't leave the Royal City and come back? No! I can't believe that. It wasn't an illusion! This was definitely real. For you to not know anything, does this mean I'm back in the time before I threw the sword away?" Long Chen muttered as he looked at the rusted sword.

    "Reversing time? An actual rewind? This sounds like something a real Sword of Time can do. Could it be that this rusted sword is a Real Sword of Time?" he wondered.

    "If what you're saying is true, then this could be the case. It's either that or a person who knows Law of Time is here, and he's messing with you. The chances of that happening are even less, though. It might be the real Sword of Time. The story of the forgotten boy coming back in time and now this, I'm mostly sure that this rusted sword is actually the Sword of Time," Xun answered Long Chen as she appeared in front of Long Chen and started looking at the Sword of Time even more carefully. "It definitely doesn't look the part, though, but looks can be deceiving."

    "The Sword of Time?" Long Chen muttered as he looked at the Black rusted sword.

    He mumbled something as if he was talking to himself before he pulled out the Flute of Summoning and summoned the Spirit Eagle once again.

    The Spirit Eagle landed in front of Long Chen.

    He climbed on the Spirit Eagle and left the Royal City.

    He didn't go too far, though. He was only a few kilometers away before he made the Spirit Eagle land in front of the pond.

    " Let's see how powerful it actually is," Getting off the Spirit Eagle, Long Chen muttered.

    Standing in front of the pond, he got into a Sword Stance with the Sword of Time in his hand.

    "Seven Forms of Saint Sword- Seventh Form: Eternal Death!" He muttered as he forced his Qi inside the rusted black sword and swung it.


    "What the **? Nothing happened! Even a normal useless sword artifact should be able to release the Qi with this Martial Skill even if it doesn't make the attack any more powerful. This sword, on the other hand, sucked my Qi and didn't release anything! Is this really a real artifact?" He muttered as he frowned.

    He was expecting to see a powerful attack, but even the wind didn't move with the Swing of his sword. It was like everything was useless.

    He tried again. He wanted to make sure that he didn't do anything wrong the first time, but even the second time, the result was the same. His attack didn't work.

    He tried three more times before he threw away the sword behind in frustration.

    After taking a deep breath and calming down a little, he looked back to get back the sarod. It didn't matter if the sword could attack or not. As long as it was a real Sword of Time, it was a treasure to hold.

    He had thrown the sword behind him without looking back, but now that he was looking back to find the Sword, his mouth was open wide.

    He could see the sword approximately two hundred meters away from him. The Sword had managed to Travel so far away just from a casual through, but that wasn't the part that shocked him.

    What really shocked him was the fact that there happened to be trees in between him and the sword, but the trees were cut in half. The thick and tall trees were lying on the ground as they were cut in half. It wasn't like that for one tree but for over twenty trees that were standing tall in between the place where he was standing and the spot where his Sword was currently lying.

    The Sword had managed to cut twenty-five trees in half when he had casually thrown it. Not only that but there also happened to be a giant boulder there. That was also cut in half.

    "What the actual heck?" Long Chen exclaimed as he saw the sight before him.

    "The strength of a God Grade Weapon..." Xun muttered softly.

    He walked over to the sword and picked it up again before he walked to a different tree and gently swung it. The tree was cut in half too, right before his eyes. Next, he walked over to the boulder that was already cut in half and sliced with it. The Boulder was once again easily cut. The Sword was cutting things like they were butter.

    "Could this be that the Sword can't use Qi for attacks, but it uses brute strength to gain its title as a God Grade Weapon?" Long Chen muttered as he looked at the Sword, but his gaze was different now. He was looking at this rusted sword like it was an actual treasure that he owned now.

    "Trees and boulders are easy to cut. Even Heaven Grade Artifacts can do it. Try cutting the Flaming Ice Sword with it to see if it's actually special or not," Xun told Long Chen.
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